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This is a perfect post for January gardening, when the weather is cold and nasty, the wind is howling and you can sit inside with a cup of coffee or hot tea and read about what inspires garden designers.
Public Gardens. Botanic gardens, wildflower centers and conservatories are great places to see a wide variety of plants in real gardens designed to educate and inspire.
I love that all of the posts every month on the Roundtable are so individual and different. One of the best ways I’ve used my Lady Bird Johnson membership is to get in to Botanical Gardens across the country.
It will always be a mystery to me how until now I missed this lovely shout out to me and Urban Gardens–especially since you Jenny were the first person to comment on my blog when it launched more than 4 years ago. Sign up for my monthly newsletter — I promise never to spam you, sell or loan your email address, or otherwise annoy you.
Indoor Plant Decor, written by Jenny Peterson with co-author Kylee Baumle, can be yours now! Garden designers countrywide know Mediatek based in Hadlow, Kent as the place to go for all their printing requirements. For many years we have been dealing with students doing garden design diplomas and degrees from various educational institutes countrywide and the service we provide ensures that once qualified they keep coming back.
We are able to print from PDF, JPEG, TIFF and PSD files, we can scan in your hand rendered plans and print them onto a variety of media and we are able to help you with the printing of your presentations. Local garden design companies and students can pop in to our premises in Hadlow nr Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells in Kent and we will be sure to offer you friendly advice based on the experience we have gained over the years, a competitive price (student discount applies) and quick turnaround. So if you are looking for a professional way to present your design to your clients, Mediatek can help you by printing your document on A3 on a paper of your choice and we can bind it using either comb, wire or a heat binding process which enables you to use a hard cover. We can print your “mood boards” using photographic paper and then mount them onto 5mm foam board enabling you to give your client a fabulous visual display of the plants and flowers you intend to utilise. Once you have secured that all important contract, talk to us about printing your plans onto polymeric paper or we can laminate them.
Not a punishment for speeeling errors in my homework, or a flagellated Scandinavian loosening of the pores in the sauna but sleeping beauties from Stone Lane Gardens  have arrived. We have all seen white Betula utilis (Himalayan birches) in fancy office block car parks, show gardens, designer magazines or public gardens. Yes trees are great, but in most cases we plant for posterity and enjoy the labours of those before us.
From recent seed collections in China and the Himalayas we now have access to trees with a wider range of colours. In the latest planting we are planting groves to subtly shift in colour from orange through to red and then to pink to back a large pond. Part of our increasing even work we made these planter for Let’s Rent opening office party.

If your still reading here is a garden we go to regularly and this year i think we have won. The sound of the waterfall masks traffic noise while the fountains provide a calmer setting. The need for some white noise to drown out the sound of a nearby train lead to the design of this pool in this 40sqm courtyard.
Whilst the waterfall masks the traffic noise, the 3 small fountains provide a calmer setting.
In such a small space it is important to use simplicity and strong lines to create a flow from the house as well as back in. I always travel to the plants nursery to choose the plants by hand – too see them, appreciate them, experiment and learn. Actually, today in Austin Texas, it’s an enviable 68 degrees and sunny — and I just planted more veggies in my garden just a couple of days ago. Many of these places also offer classes in horticulture, sustainability, native plants and designing, so be sure to get on their email list. And here to inspire you further are my colleagues from the Garden Designers Roundtable — take a few minutes to check out their blogposts on inspiration in the garden. Like you, I feel lucky to live and garden in Austin, where there’s so much inspiration to be found in other garden bloggers, tours, and, for me, the Wildflower Center. My favorite magazine these days is Gardens Illustrated — pure eye candy from England. And, can’t let this opportunity go by without a HUGE thank you for the shout out to Fine Foliage- HUGS!! We can help garden designers across the whole of the UK with any printing requirements they have. If you have not, then start looking as you move about the internet or the built environment and you shall see them.
These pictures below were taken at the the national collection and my supplier ‘s garden, Stone Lane. The colour scheme utilises shades of slate to maximise the small space, contrasting dramatically with the Ipe hardwood. When we met in early spring, the clients had just returned from a holiday in Bali and were looking for garden designers that could tackle their space in an inventive way.
Inevitably, though, we are all inspired by what we see in our friends’ gardens — the bed layout, a cool way to use stock tanks, a gorgeous tea house, a charming potting area. But I expect that inspiration is available everywhere, no matter where you live, if you just take the time to really LOOK. All excellent ideas, Jenny — and I particularly agree with yearly membership in your local public garden.

No matter where in the country you are, you can email us with your documents and we will print and send to you via courier, generally with a 24hr turnaround. Please call us at Mediatek on 01732 850086 to chat with us about what you would like and how we can help. The trees photographed below are 7-12 years from planting and will reach their best around 25 years. I have spoken to those who have seen forests of these trees in the wild and I can onvly enviously imagine that it must be one of natures grandest sites. Some interesting projects going on in Cheltenham, Oxford and London which means we will be able to update the landscaping project’s page soon.
Some interesting project going on which means we will be able to update the landscaping project’s page soon. These centers typically operate on shoestring budgets and depend upon their memberships to continue inspiring the public. I have been forever grateful to have you as my first intro to the blogosphere and still feel honored to be in your company. Lovely bark in the winter, an open and not too spreading a canopy and roots not so demanding that they prevent the growth of all but nettles underneath them making them perfect for the garden.
So i thought the best i could do would be to add some photo’s from recent travels and work. There were lots of wood artefacts in the house and as I love this material, by the time I passed through the kitchen it was fairly obvious what needed to be done. The plants were collected from 3 different nurseries, trunks cleaned, canopies thinned and ramps built in the garden to be able to lift the very heavy specimens into the high raised beds. First, the display gardens are incredible — but remember to view them as inspiration, not as a literal translation of what to do in your own garden.
My favorites in the Austin area are the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Zilker Botanical Garden. When the compass indicated a southwest facing garden it was anticipated that a lot of exotic and unusual plants could be used in this sheltered haven. Make note of plant trends like succulents, materials like rock or concrete, patterns such as checkerboards or spirals, and color combinations that you may not have previously considered. Ideal for large projects where plans need to be taken all over site and used by numerous people. After the display gardens, be sure to check out the vendors’ booths for new garden art, books and tools before heading over to the sessions to hear garden designers, authors and speakers talk about everything under the sun.

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