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With proper care, you will be able to keep your Italian garden furniture beautiful for many years to come and extend it durability. Italian garden furniture is made for the Mediterranean climate marked by hot and dry summers and mild winters which is why your Italian furniture is jeopardized the most by bad weather such as frequent rain and cold winters. Another type of garden furniture which requires virtually no care is stone garden furniture. Metal garden furniture is a popular choice as well because it is sturdy and very durable, however, it requires protection from the natural elements. There is, however, one type of wood which successfully competes with materials such as stone and stainless steel a€“ teak. A collection of chairs, armchairs and stools made of steel cataphoresis treated for outdoor uses. A series of rounded seating elements with soft lines realized with materials suitable for outdoor uses.
If your outdoor furniture is made of teak wood, you do not have to keep it in storage sometimes. As we also know it, teak wood is made of natural sources and is completely renewable unlike plastics and VOCs.
Now, learning on the entire advantages, we cannot but fall in love to teak wood as material for our outdoor furniture. How to care for your Italian garden furniture depends on several factors, in the first place your climate and the material of which it is made.
But this does not necessarily mean that you will have to move it indoors every time it rains. The example mentioned above a€“ stainless steel virtually requires no care because it is naturally resistant against the effects of the weather and natural elements.

Stone is naturally resistant to the effects of the weather and other natural elements as well. You most likely already know that metal is prone to corrosion which is why you should protect it against moisture and water with anti-corrosion products. It is a natural material just like stone and blends perfectly with the natural environment.
It is not as durable as stone for instance but it is naturally resistant to moisture, intense UV radiation as well as termites. For your pool area, when you need a relaxing time and want to chill out with a cold refreshing drink why don't you enjoy this time with the help of our modern outdoor deck and patio furniture? Modern outdoor collection made of outdoor chairs, ottomans, tables and sofas for your patio or pool area. The natural character of this wood is already great so it will endure on hard situation and treatment. If you have large teak wood table along with the chairs, and all people are sitting there eating and maybe treating it wrong, it will stay strong.
You will enjoy looking at the natural lines on the wood and how the warm color make a perfect combination on your backyard.
Caring for a wooden garden furniture for instance is very different from caring for garden furniture made of stainless steel. The level and type of protection your Italian garden furniture requires primarily depend on the material of which it is made. If your Italian garden furniture is made of stainless steel, you do not have to worry about rain and cold causing damage to it. Teak garden furniture does not require any protective coatings and can be left outdoors all year round.

Structure color maybe white, dark gray, moka, cyan whilte the top can be wood top in different finishes (for indoor use) or outdoor tops such as high pressure laminate in different finishes, mirrored finished top and more. Gorgeous design made of an electronically cleaned 304 stainless steel structure and hand woven synthetic fibre cover available in multicolor brown or multicolor orange. If you are looking for a new total look for your garden, patio or pool outdoor areas this is a beautiful collection of dining outdoor chairs which can be combined with modern outdoor dining tables and seating furniture.
It is not just about how nice to have a set of outdoor furniture in your backyard, but also how people enjoy the advantages of teak wood as their outdoor furniture material. You can leave it outdoors all year round regardless of your climate and it will remain just as new for many years to come. Most types of woods do not withstand harsh weather conditions particularly well and can be affected by termites which is why they require proper protection, while some should be stored indoors during the winter. Some people treat it with teak oil once per year to retain its golden colour, however, you can also leave it to a€?agea€? because it will last up to three decades regardless if treated with teak oil or not. For indoor use you can choose a flamed brushed oak top in 9 different finishes, while for outdoor use you can choose between a high pressure laminate top in different colors or three different marbles top. High back chair, armchairs and high back armchair with 304 stainless steel structure glossy finished and synthetic fibre seat and back suitable for outdoor use. Modern Italian design for your outdoor spaces available in multicolor orange or multicolor brown. With this collection you can create a completed seating area for your outdoor spring and summer days.

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