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If you are interested in purchasing additional or replacement garage door opener accessories, please contact your local Genie dealer or retailer. Control and monitor the status of your garage door from anywhere using your smart device with Genie's Aladdin Connect. 3-Function Wall Console for use with ReliaG 800 and all legacy units.Not for use with ReliaG 600. Two great American brands, Genie and Interstate Batteries®, come together to help ensure your garage door opener works when the power does not! Backwards compatible with all Genie residential openers that use a sensor system on any door size. An Emergency Release Kit used to open the door from the outside in case of a power failure. We are experiencing unexpected network issues that have temporarily closed our Call Center.
The Close Confirm Remote tells you if your door is closed or not after pushing the remotes button. The SilentMax 1000 provides intelligent design for the homeowner that wants quiet performance with superior design and maximum convenience. Please tell us about your Genie experience to help us continue to produce the best products for customers just like you!

Quiet operation: The DC motor and belt drive allow for quiet, smooth operation and soft start and soft stop.
Two-Bulb Lighting System: Two 100 Watt bulb lighting system provides added convenience and safety.
Auto Seek Dual Frequency: System will automatically seek either the 315 or 390 MHz frequency produced by a remote, helping to ensure the opener will respond regardless of nearby frequency interference. Superior encryption technology (also known as rolling codes) that prevents piracy of the radio signal that opens your garage door by continually seeking a new code from billions of combinations. Genie openers and accessories are Intellicode® compatible providing state-of-the-art security for your home with maximum convenience. Includes Programming Instructions, safety features, maintenance, trouble-shooting, one-piece door tips, and warranty. The added door lock mechanism help when the family goes on vacation as it provides no access once turned on, even when the key code is entered.
This page displays Genie Compatible screw drive rail extension kits, Genie Compatible Garage Door Opener screw drive wire clips, excelerator rail extention kits, excelerator wire clips, Genie Compatible chain glide rail extention kits, Genie Compatible chain glide wire clips, Genie Compatible belt drive rail extention kits, Genie Compatible insulated staples, Genie Compatible release cords and knobs, Genie Compatible do-kit vaults, Genie Compatible keylocks, Genie Compatible electrical wire, Genie Compatible insulated staples, Genie Compatible garage door screw drive lubricants, Genie Compatible garage door maintenance packs, Genie Compatible universal monitors, Genie Compatible perfect stop parking systems, Genie Compatible garage door heavy duty light bulbs, Genie Compatible low headroom kits, Genie Compatible brackets, and Genie Compatible woods surge protectors that are for sale, in stock, and ready to ship. No part of this site can be reproduced in any form or by any means, photocopying, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of 1st Garage Door Openers Inc.
Sure-Lock mode allows you to lock-out the keypad and remotes for extra security at night or while on vacation; newly designed switch helps prevent unintended activation of the lock-out feature.

Please tell us about your Genie experience to help us continue to produce the best openers & accessories for customers just like you! Went to Home Depot and looked over what they had and thought this SilentMax 1000 sounded like it would work fine for my application.
We had an installer through home depot install it on a garage without a previously installed opener, he was done in about 45 minutes.
I’ve had chain drives, screw drives and tape drives but never a belt drive but thought it should quiet with a belt.
I like this product so much I replaced my other builder grade opener with another one of these Genie's. Brand names of Garage Door openers are registered trade names of the respective entities and are only used for reference. So if you worry about not hearing the door open in the middle of the night, this thing is probably gonna make you worry a lot more. A nice feature that should have been implemented years ago is the front facing light bulbs.

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