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Push-drawer mechanisms and hidden air circulation are all part of the considered AV solution.
Unique audio-visual unit with thick, chunky panels designed to both conceal and display an entertainment system. Crafted from Victorian Ash, this unique angular bookshelf makes an excellent storage solution. Beautifully intricate 'Chippendale' style piece of the Georgian, mid-18th century English period. Hand crafted dining table and chairs made from Victorian Ash with a dark chocolate, matt finish.

Hand crafted from the finest American Walnut, this bed design has distinctive tear drop shaped legs. Antique-white bedroom suite consisting of two tallboy chest of drawers and two bedside tables.
Shelves with ornate faces, and a considered use of blackwood and granite forms a luxury kitchen.
Simple yet sophisticated cupboard system with a high-gloss polyester finish and European style corners. The ideal budget kitchen option a€“ this renovation combines a modern high-gloss finish with glass doors for a fresh, new look.

With the arrival of good weather and sunny days, each of us like to enjoy on the sun, and as it was still cold outside, glazed rooms are an ideal place for relaxing without fear of colds. Search These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only.

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