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If you ever wanted to ride your Harley-Davidson to the golf course, get the Milwaukee Golf Caddy – a golf bag designed to carry your golf clubs on your Harley. I don’t know how big the market for that is, but wouldn’t it be better to get a motorcycle trailer? With its vibrant red and white signature colors, and that famous nose and mustache beaming up from the bottom, this Super Mario Golf Caddy Bag will certainly tell your fellow golfers which Nintendo character you like. It also says "Here We Go!" on the front to get you in the mood for a round or two, while check out the two Toads and the famous Super Mario logo along the shoulder strap.
The neoprene storage pocket, reinforced handles, large zipper opening and durable synthetic leather construction ensure the Practice Caddy never misses a day on the course.

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Just check out the heaps of details, from Super Star zippers to game item print and even the large "M" that decorates the side of the bag.
It's fully practical too, with nine storage spaces and pockets, and six separate slots for your clubs.

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