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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Three (3) years from the date of purchase on all structural frame components; including platform, seat post, and frame. Satisfactory proof of purchase, serial number and the date of purchase are always required. Motor: In cases where there is an increase in the operational noise level, the warranty does not apply. Service: Warranty service can be performed by EV Rider, LLC or by an authorized EV Rider, LLC service facility. Batteries: Batteries carry a limited warranty which is subject to a stringent wear and tear clause.
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Customise your scooter and make it suitable for your needs with our range of scooter accessories and equipment. You will be the envy of your mates every time you play a round, even on the toughest and roughest of courses. Pack includes; 100% waterproof universal fit Standard Scooter Storage Cover, a spacious Deluxe Scooter Bag, protection for your electronics with a Scooter Control Panel Cover and seat protection with a Scooter Seat Cover Select Scooter cover size. Attaches to the rear of your scooter with a universal 25mm fitting suitable for most scooters. You can even drive with it for short distances and still see your controls but take particular care. Simply drive the scooter onto the metal base plate and pull the heavy duty, fully waterproofed metal framed structure over the scooter.
Has a clear pocket to display cylinder details and another pocket to hold a mask.H 59cm, C 38cm.

It allows the user to carry things which do not fit into a normal mobility  scooter bag. 15 degree maximum.Loop handle bars offer comfortable finger or thumb throttle operationFully adjustable contoured seat with simple operation of slide, back rest tilt and swivel mechanisms. It’s ideal for carrying shopping, rollators, triwalkers, wheelchairs, hampers, golf clubs, luggage and lots more!

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