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Clubs that are used to play professional golf are specially designed to hit the ball towards and into the hole. Before buying golf clubs, one must be acquainted with the terms for the various parts of an iron club. Wood clubs, which are used to hit the ball long distances, have large, thick heads and relatively little loft on the faces. Before buying a set of golf clubs, the player should first experiment with different makes and types. Every golf store allows its customers to test its clubs in a special place known as the hitting area.
The buyer should stand straight up with his feet close together, holding the number nine iron firmly at a right angle.
The CourseThe nine hole course with an eighteen hole par of 68 has proved over the years to have been a test to the best golfers in the country. You’ve just arrived in Myrtle Beach for your long awaited trip to one of the great golf destinations on the planet. And then you find out the airline sent your golf clubs to Pittsburgh.  Or your teenage son pulled your clubs out of the car last week and didn’t put them back in.  Heck, maybe you have so much luggage that you did not have room in the car for your golf clubs!
First when looking for Myrtle Beach golf club rentals, you can always just rent clubs at the golf course you’ll be playing at. Of course, this is the Grand Strand we’re talking about, where golf is king, so you can even find Myrtle Beach golf club rentals at the airport!
Lesson of the day:  Don’t worry if you find yourself in the Grand Strand ready to hit the links and you don’t have your clubs.  There are plenty of places for Myrtle Beach golf club rentals – after all, no one should have to miss a round simply because you don’t have your clubs!

Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Eagle Nest Golf Club is a public 18-hole Myrtle Beach golf course, where the first 15 holes prepare the golfers for the challenging final three.
Myrtle Beach South Carolina GolfMyrtle Beach golf courses are pristine, challenging and fun to play and with more than 100 golf courses in the area, why not play more than one?
Some clubs are better for this purpose than others, which is why the best professional golf players choose them for tournament play. The head consists of four parts—the toe, the sole, the heel and the face, which is the marked section. A professional golfer can use up to fourteen during a round, usually four woods, nine irons and a putter. They are numbered two thru nine (the number one iron has been largely replaced by the number four wood, though some players still use it) in order of decreasing angles—-the lower the angle, the greater the loft the club gives the ball.
The length of the shaft is one of the main factors to consider, for it affects how the club feels in the player’s hands. The majority of clubs made in recent years are weighted by their perimeter; their hitting area is larger than that of older golf clubs, so that there is less chance that a shot will go astray. As he gains experience, developing his own unique style of play and learning what his own personal preferences are, then he can start to go for the more costly clubs. The player knows that he has found the right club of each type for himself when the difference between the longest and shortest distance is lowest. Brilliant, scenic and diverse golf courses, molded by the great golf course architects await you.

Before your blood pressure shoots to dangerous levels and you start to sweat, keep in mind that you can always rent a set of golf clubs. Martins Golf and Tennis Superstore is located on Highway 17 in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, and is a place many golfers will go to rent clubs. At Myrtle Beach International Airport, you can head over to Prime Time Golf, where there are clubs available for ladies and for either right- or left-handed swingers. Most clubs will fit a player of average height; the buyer who is exceptionally tall should ask the storekeeper if there are any that would be good for him. The testing process should be repeated with several sets, but not more than two on the same day, as the results will be erratic. At Martin’s, you can rent a set for around $25 a day, and they have right- and left-handed clubs available, with all the most popular clubs on hand.
Iron clubs are used when the ball either has a poor lie or does not need to be shot very far.
The clubs you want will be at the pro shop, waiting to be put on your cart or carried up the fairway.
And unlike the course, you can use the clubs as much as possible while you have them rented.
The downside is price, as courses can charge up to $50 for clubs, and that’s just for 18 holes.

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