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24.) Keep a golf club around for cleaning under furniture or scraping out lost items under couches.
Increasingly, we are becoming aware of the need to care for the environment and the importance of recycling and sustainability. Actually, some of the artwork on this blog reminds me of Scrapfest, which is an event we sponsor here in Lansing. Actually, my apologies, golf clubs are considered shredder scrap, which aren’t baled, but sent to the mill as is.
If the clubs are no older than 10 years, please consider donating to an organization like mine that refurbishes the clubs and sends them to youth programs.
If you use golf clubs with a steel shaft for the memorial you are building, they will likely rust. A space saving display that holds up to 288 clubs, It is versatile enough to also hold utility wedges, umbrellas, putters, ball retrievers or 16 complete club sets.

Item will be finished with your choice of stain and completed with a high gloss laquer finish. Item will be finished with your choice of stain and completed with a high gloss lacquer finish. We have over 100 antique categories, including antique jewelry, antique furniture, antique toys, Asian antiques and many, many more! We have photos and a description in the Community Involvement section of our website if you’re interested in checking them out.
The golf clubs aren’t sent as is, but rather crushed and processed first before being sent to a mill.
I made a 400 piece club donation to the local school for the deaf as a way to insure that all club sizes would find instant use. On the other hand, if you’re able to use golf clubs with an aluminum head and a graphite shaft, you should be fine.

My other neighbor and I just got into an argument about the reuse of golf clubs and according to her there is nothing else to be done. That said, we definitely buy golf clubs for scrap value from anyone who brings them in to our plant to sell. Now my mission is to find how to recycle and repurpose cut golf balls that are left behind to distract golfers on every course out there. We’re obviously a long way from California, but just to let people know who read this blog, your local scrap processing company will be more than happy to buy your clubs from you if you feel reuse is no longer an option.

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