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Store two golf bags with clubs and two pair of shoes in one compact place with the Golf Club Rack. This Pro Badminton Set from Spalding ($80) comes with everything you need to play — four high-quality rackets, three shuttlecocks, a deluxe net, poles, stakes, court marking kit, and a carry bag with wheels. Poker is everywhere, and if you host games often, you can really get a house advantage with Custom Clay Poker Chips ($1 each) from Poker Chips Online. Volkswagen Golf VII has been officially revealed at this years Paris Motor Show 2012 and thanks to autoevolution, we are looking at the live photos from the show. Pick plastic storage bins ~ Cardboard boxes, no matter how strong, bend and dent with frequent use and eventually succumb to dampness. Keep it at your fingertips ~ Assemble a quick-fix kit consisting of a hammer, screwdriver, nails and screws and keep it near the door to the house so you can access it easily for quick fixes. Now back to those golf clubs… The standing organizer above would be at home in any well-appointed garage, or this wall-mounted system could turn your golf bags into a piece of interesting art.
Did you know that proper storage and well maintained golf clubs may even improve your game?

The solution is here in the form of the Garage Door Golf Practice Net from Nick's Net Works ($200). Oh, and if your friends tell you that badminton is for losers, blow their minds with this fact: badminton is the fastest sport in the world with shuttles reaching speeds of more than 200 miles per hour. Discard items that haven’t been used within two years. Once you know which items that will live in your garage, begin grouping them into categories. Waterproof containers protect their contents better, seal tighter, and are easy to carry or move. Made of sturdy solid steel construction and a durable epoxy finish.Easy wall installation with provided hardware.
It installs on the backside of the garage door, so it stays out of the way until you unhook it and let it fall to the floor. If you find yourself using your garage as if it were a public storage unit, here are some organizational tips. If you want the project to go quickly, with a minimum of  disruption to your regular  routine, hire an expert or round up a team of helpers.

Only after this step will you know the correct sizes and types of containers or bins to buy to store your things in.
His recommendation: Is to avoid keeping your clubs in the trunk of your car, for any length of time, the temperature changes and  jostling can cause damage. It charges your phone up to three times faster than a USB charger and gives you 2 extra hours of extra battery life — and does it in a size that's easy to fit in your pocket. Now all you have to worry about is your wicked slice making it past the net and smashing something in the garage. Thino's microchip-based sensor system figures out how fast your device can be charged and provides the optimal charge. The "Swiss Army Knife" of chargers also features a double-sided locking mechanism that ensures the cable never unlocks by accident and it won't get tangled.

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