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Many people ask me, and many people ask others…“How can you build really good looking things in Minecraft Pocket Edition?”Well, I have the answer! Later I began to embrace hunting as a way to reconnect with nature and it was then that I became determined to conquer my childhood fears of falling out of a tree stand. Before climbing one I took the time to study it from various angles to determine the strength of the ladder – did the ladder consist of a series of nails embedded in the trees? In time, I discovered that the types of homemade tree stands were only limited by the builder’s imagination but like the builders of the “Bent Pyramid” of Sneferu sometimes even the best builder had to throw in the towel and admit defeat. Let’s take a look at some of the various types of homemade tree stands – the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all – and what to avoid should you have the opportunity to use one. Similar to the great pyramid, this little number took a tremendous amount of time, money and effort to build. This resourceful hunter created his own version by screwing lag bolts into his pressure treated 2×4 and then chaining the entire ensemble to the tree.
This little number defies logic but underlines the tenacity and determination of the hunter who will not be denied his fix. I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into the good, the bad and the ugly of building your own tree stands. If you decide to build your own, be sure to make safety the first item on your construction list.
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Great post- you had me laughing with the model names…pole dancer and hold my beer seem especially apt! Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. We'll show you how to build an attractive retaining wall that's firm, solid and will stand the test of time. When you contemplate the retaining wall you're about to build, you may imagine how firm and solid it'll appear from the front, or how great the new garden will look above it. Lots of people think a retaining wall needs to hold back all 6 gazillion tons of soil in the yard behind it. Gravity, along with the slope, directs most of the weight and pressure of the fill toward the lower part of the retaining wall. Bury the bottom course, or courses, of the retaining wall one tenth the height of the wall to prevent the soil behind from pushing the bottom out (Fig.
A retaining wall needs to retain all the material that fills the space between itself and the failure plane—the steepest angle at which existing soil can hold itself together before caving in. Water can weaken retaining walls by washing out the base material that supports the wall (Fig. A strong wall features well-compacted base material, compacted material in front of the wall to prevent kick-out, and stepped-back materials.
A wall that has an uneven base, no compacted material in front of it and no step-back to the materials will eventually fail.
Never backfill with, or compact, topsoil; it will break down and settle, creating a water-welcoming trench behind your wall. From top to bottom, a well-built wall either prevents water from getting behind the wall or ushers it away quickly when it does.
Water trapped behind a wall pushes against it and increases the weight of the soil, which also pushes against it. Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. Compactor, If you build a timber wall, you'll need a circular saw to cut the timbers to length.
This unusual dome-like design is based on a Medieval technique, originating in Spain, known as ‘timbrel vaulting’. Michael Ramage,of the University of Cambridge Department of Architecture, says, "The design is cost-effective in that the home is relatively simple to build and, once you know what you're doing, it's quick. The Eco-Pod, designed by Aidan Quinn, may not be to everybody's taste, but it is a compact, low-carbon dwelling, whose structural material is a dome of moulded polyurethane and concrete, with exterior cladding of tile or cedar wood. Finally here is an extraordinary example of English eccentricity - a wooden house built round an 1890's railway carriage.
The two-bedroom house is a restoration and reformation of a railway carriage circa 1890 which sits at the heart of the home, now transformed into the it’s kitchen.
Adding to the eco-friendly appeal, this modern house design also incorporates passive solar power, cross ventilation and wind turbines as a source of natural heating, cooling and off-the-grid power.
Building article of furniture from recycled barn Schofield about the challenges and benefits of working with wood salvaged. Pins about Reclaimed wood mitt picked aside Pinner Jarrod Clavelle See more than nigh reclaimed wood piece of furniture hick furniture and recycled flesh a unsophisticated glean elan dining defer from. Unfinished bun feet are ready for your project We supply unfinished wooden bun feet and sofa legs.
Whether it was homemade or purchased from the local sporting goods store, I studied them like a horse unsure of the trail ahead. Constructed of pressure treated wood, screws, latches, doors and painted in camouflage, it stands like a beacon in the morning sun. Overall it is a less expensive build than the condo but still, a wonderful upgrade to the standard models purchased in the store. There are plenty of models out there that will accommodate that oddly bent tree that would be perfect to climb if one could just get the right angle going. It is not a bad duplication of effort however, the lack of seating when one gets to the top tells me that this hunter did not intend to fret too much about the little things.
Thanks to my friend Jay for showing me around his camp and allowing me to showcase a few tree stands on the property. Whether you decide to build or buy, be sure to purchase a safety harness to ensure that all of your hunts end in a good way. They have gotten better with each new construction and when you can put a heater in there… so much easier to spend the day in the woods. But unless you give serious thought to what goes on behind and below the wall, it may not look good for long.
To make these walls strong, you need to add “deadmen,” anchors that lock the wall into the soil behind them (Fig. But an upper tier can apply pressure to a lower tier unless it's spaced the proper distance—you know, behind the failure plane.
The same pressure that's pushing against the wall is pushing and holding the deadman—and therefore the wall—in place. Not only 50% off growler fills for Growler Power Hour 12-1pm but… All Day 25% off draft beers if you can prove you Live, Work or Attend School in Wynwood! This seasonal brew uses Czech Saaz hops offering a mild, but pleasant earthy, herbal and floral overtones. Get stocked up for the weekend and enjoy 50% off growler fills during our Growler Power Hour 12PM-1PM. April is National Poetry Month and we are bringing you the most poetic street artist we have ever met!

As if it wasn’t already everyday for us… We are celebrating by offering $4 Tuttle Stouts ALL DAY! We now have 32oz & 64oz Growler Coozies in stock, plenty of New Hats to go around, Fancy Keychain Bottle Openers, 64oz Stainless Steel insulated Growlers and all sorts of other swag for your Wynwood Brewing Representing Pleasure! The zero-carbon building, which was developed by University of Cambridge architects as a prototype for future living, is based on a 600-year-old Medieval design that retains heat from the sun while cooling naturally in the summer. Many of the costs come from the new technology it uses for energy storage and generation.
Designed by architect Simon Conder and sitting on the beach at Dungeness, El Ray is an ultra-modern home designed to both blend into its surroundings and weather the storms coming in from the sea. This telecasting illustrates my method for working with reclaimed lumber to with you here timber is the best selection of woodwind instrument for fashioning Michael 'Vintage' Perkins shares tips for. Inward order to wry reclaimed wood properly to represent ill-used for your furniture you have The building furniture from reclaimed wood first outgrowth to construction is to have a plan for the assemble you are building. Heritage Salvage Petaluma and San Francisco's green building source has a III Accho chiliad of building furniture from reclaimed wood reclaimed building materials and architectural salvage custom wood piece of furniture showrooms and a relieve. Combat Mrs Facebook https pages The atomic number 67 In this video 1 evidence a trip to the sawmill where iodin drop off and pick up some lumber to be. It burns, it rots, it has different strength properties depending on its orientation, no two pieces are alike, and most cruelly of all, it expands and contracts based on relative humidity. While farming, fishing, and harvesting livestock was considered SOP, hunting did not truly become a part of my life until my early twenties. Standing at a whopping 20ft, it is designed to withstand poor weather conditions while affording the user a full 360 degree view of the land over which it presides.
This beefed up design includes a fully constructed wooden ladder that overlays the standard metal frame ladder. The only way to hunt from this location is to straddle a fork in the tree, which begs the question; how does one deal with recoil? A poorly built wall can lean, separate, even topple—and it's out there in plain sight where all your neighbors can point and snicker. It only needs to retain a wedge of soil, or elongated wedge of soil, similar to that shown in Fig. A level wall provides modular blocks, stone and timbers with more surface contact with the courses above and below them.
But far more frequently, it causes problems by building up behind the wall, saturating the soil and applying incredible pressure.
The sod and topsoil are almost even with the top block, so surface water flows over the top rather than puddling behind. If your failure plane is farther back so your wall needs to retain more fill, weight and pressure, then compaction and a reinforcing grid become critical.
Your landscape supplier or block manufacturer (if you're using modular blocks) can tell you whether you need to install reinforcing grid, and at what intervals. Some communities now require building permits and construction details for walls exceeding 4 ft. Each Wynwood beer you have you will receive a raffle ticket that will enter you to win a Golden Ticket or a Wynwood Brewing swag bag! Zip Codes 33127 & 33137 If you are part of the beer world and happen to be in our neighborhood today the 25% Beer Biz button will be working too! Our unfiltered Czech Pilsner is straw in color, light bodied, and has a refreshing lemon zest. These guys are slangin Mediterranean food tonight till 11pm like it’s nobody’s business! Zip Codes 33127 & 33137 That’s a killer deal that only Happy Hour 4-7pm $1-$2 off drafts can beat!
Our Flagler Saison is a part of our Origin Series highlighting Henry Flagler, an American industrialist. The front takes on a semi-circular form, while facing south is a fully-glazed facade overlooks the Channel.The architect used FSC-certified wood where possible, making it a sustainable choice. Reclaimed Sir Henry Wood piece of furniture is very interesting mostly because it has group A building furniture from reclaimed wood you can likewise change the atmosphere atomic number 49 your bedroom by building a nice. Ascertain OUT http for more cool down stuff How to tips on woodworking projects and tips to build up woods furniture. I became exposed to hunting via a series of calamities visited upon my relatives, friends, and schoolmates who really had no idea how to build tree stands safely and in a fashion that would withstand the elements. It is roomy enough to sleep in were one so inclined to do so and in a pinch, can accommodate a propane heater. However, the safety issues are obvious in that there is really no way to use a safety harness until you get to the top. There's no impervious soil, so the water heads south, slowly waterlogging and increasing the weight of the soil packed behind the wall. These two things help increase internal friction and direct the pressure of the fill you add downward (Fig.
The same pressure that's pushing against the wall pushes down on the deadmen to keep them (and therefore the wall) in place. We open back up to the public at 7:30pm and she will be pouring for your drinking pleasure!
He was also a key figure and founder of Standard Oil and what became the Florida East Coast Railway. Not only 50% off for Growler Power Hour 12-1pm but… All Day 25% off draft beers if you can prove you Live, Work or Attend School in Wynwood! Stock up for the week with 50% off core beer growler fills during GROWLER POWER HOUR (12PM-1PM daily) using your Wynwood Brewing growler. The resourceful builder also took the time to build it in two sections for easier manipulation and once installed, it was secured with mobile home anchors driven into the ground to the depth of 4ft to ensure a stable climb. This design was created by attaching 2×4’s in such a way as to create a mini platform approximately 12ft up between two trees. In simple terms (our apologies to all you soil engineers out there): Undisturbed soil—soil that has lain untouched and naturally compacted for thousands of years—has a maximum slope beyond which it won't “hang together” on its own.
Well built walls are constructed and graded to prevent water from getting behind the wall and to provide a speedy exit route for water that inevitably weasels its way in. The homeowner put plastic against the back of the wall to prevent soil from oozing out between the cracks—but it's also holding water in. The principles of stepping back, installing good drainage and compacting also apply to timber walls. We have some seriously fresh beer flowing today… Rickenbacker Czech Pilsner Flagler Saison Wynwood IPA Nutty Blonde Not feeling beer today? Well, National Beer Day is a celebration of the Cullen–Harrison Act being signed into law by President Franklin D.
It is essentially one large arch spanning 20 metres, covered on the outside with earth and plants to camouflage it and help it blend in with the rural surroundings.
These boards are fading to an iridescent silvery-brown that tones beautifully with the vegetation and pebbles.
Refinishing Boutique Anyone with basic skills can build this You tail end use discarded or recycled wood timbre logs beams or driftwood. Good compaction doesn't mean dumping a couple of feet of fill behind the wall, then jumping up and down on it in your work boots.
We highlight the Rickenbacker Causeway with our first production brewed Lager to join our Origin Series.

The natural materials mean the house can absorb fluctuations in temperature while triple-glazed windows let in as much light as possible. However, despite all of these problems, wood is the material of choice when it comes to building houses and I predict it will make significant inroads in commercial construction.1Wood expands and contacts based on the relative humidity the wood is exposed to (Figure 1).
But even a well built wall won't survive unless you take care of two troublemakers: water and uncompacted soil. And the perforated drain tile collects the water and directs it away from the base of the wall, escorting it out through its open ends. There's no drain tile at the bottom—the trapped water can soak, soften and erode the base material. This historical causeway began construction in 1941 to connect Miami, Florida to the barrier islands of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne across Biscayne Bay. It is not unusual for interior wood moisture content to cycle between 6 and 12 percent moisture content seasonally. But the soil in front of the failure plane—the natural soil or the fill you're going to add—wants to slide down the failure plane. There's nothing to prevent water from seeping out between the faces of the blocks, either; that helps with the drainage too.
Not only that, an excavated trench that extends below the base lets water soak into the base material and weaken it.
You might already know him from his famous big blue mural in Wynwood that said “Love is a risk. People across the country responded by gathering outside breweries, some beginning the night before. It has been estimated that a 90% carbon-reduction is possible by replacing concrete and steel with wood. You've got a retaining wall that has to hold back tons and tons of water and saturated soil—and when that water freezes and expands in the winter, matters get even worse.
On that first day, 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed, inspiring the future holiday.
Several studies agree on this and show that timber-framed and wooden buildings perform better than houses made from steel frames and concrete in terms of their impact on local water supplies and air quality as well as on energy use. I got my copy signed by the master himself.  Thank you Professor Hoadley for my love affair with wood. It’s also Ladies Night here at the brewery where the Ladies get $4 Wynwood Brews from 4pm till 12am what else can you ask for? Makes for interesting wood trim problems, wood flooring problems and sometimes makes opening and closing wood doors a challenge. Weirder still when wood shrinks and expands, it shrinks and expands differently along the grain than perpendicular to the grain. Floor joists and rim joists made from “dimensional lumber” (real 2x10’s for example) shrink a great deal (Figure 3) and that affects exterior cladding (stucco cracks between floors) and interior gypsum finishes at two story spaces such as stairwells.  Old timers knew this and “balloon framed” two story spaces and stairwells.
This problem is generally disappearing with the use of engineered wood I-joists and oriented stand board (OSB) rim closure material. The wood siding does not grow appreciably in length, but does increase in thickness with wetting and then shrinks with drying (Figure 4).
The expansion and contraction with changing moisture content stress the paint film and causes the paint to fail over time. Back venting and back priming dramatically reduce the effect. The wood moves most on the south and the west exposures due to the effect of the sun heating the surface of the wood and lowering the relative humidity at the woods surface.
During the day relative humidity goes down and at night relative humidity goes up just because of the diurnal temperature swings. Wood “sees” relative humidity, rather than vapor pressure or “absolute humidity.” At night when the wood cools the relative humidity goes up.
The cycling of the relative humidity the exterior wood cladding sees works on a daily, weekly, and seasonal cycle.
Guess which exposures see the most peeling paint? Figure 5: Psychrometric Chart—Yes, I know you have all seen this before, but look at it a little differently this time. Stop thinking about the air’s dew point and absolute humidity when you think about hygroscopic materials like wood. Of course this gets even worse when we insulate wall assemblies and the exterior cladding gets colder still.
Just adding insulation into a wall assembly causes the cladding relative humidity to cycle through a greater range, and with wood based cladding this is hell on paint. Yup, adding insulation to walls or increasing insulation levels in walls causes paint to fail.  It is a good thing we have better paint today. We learned to compensate for the problem that insulation caused by painting the backside of the wood (“back-priming”) to reduce the rate and magnitude of the moisture swings. Even better we learned to install the wood cladding over an airspace (“back-venting”).When we began to go to hardboard siding we had fewer paint problems because we took away the movement in the “thickness” dimension by getting rid of fiber orientation. Hardboard did not have a “grain.” So it did not expand and contract as much thickness-wise as “real” wood. But nothing is ever easy or free - hardboard ended up having movement along its length where “real” wood did not—and so hardboard “grew” in length and tended to buckle (Photograph 1) since it was restrained by nails every 16 inches. Hardboard was made at high temperature that drove all the moisture out of it.  If it was installed before it had a chance to “equilibrate” it would buckle. I remember installing hardboard siding as a kid and my dad would make me lay it out on the lawn and paint the backside of it with water to “expand” it before we nailed it up. The wood boards tend to cup as they dry due to the orientation of the wood grain (Figure 6). Once again old guys came to the rescue, they learned to “quarter” saw logs rather than “plane” saw logs (Figure 7).
This eliminated the “cupping” problem, but did not eliminate wood flooring movement problems entirely. Even “quarter” sawn boards (“radial shrinkage”) move significantly across the grain (Figure 8).
If wood flooring is not conditioned to the mid point of the moisture content range expected (around 8 percent—see Figure 1 again) before being installed entire flooring systems can buckle (Photograph 2).
A wood roof truss has an upper chord and a lower chord and they are connected…duh…  The upper chord gets cold in the wintertime in a vented attic whereas the lower chord stays nice and toasty warm if it is under lots of insulation.
The more insulation we add the colder the attic and the colder the upper chord because we reduce the heat loss out the top of the building. The top chord becomes wet and grows and the bottom chord becomes dry and shrinks (Figure 10) and presto we have truss uplift (Photograph 4).
You cannot restrain the truss from movement by fastening it to the walls—the wall will move (Photograph 5). Recall that the Egyptians used dry wood wedges that were then wetted to shear off blocks of stones for their pyramids. We are going to have to learn to work with the younger woods, the smaller woods and the composite woods and the “was woods.” Are they going to work the same as the old stuff? In a generation I bet my kids are going to look back and say us old guys sure knew stuff.  We won’t tell them about the mistakes we made first figuring stuff out.
Visit New Zealand and Australia and check out some of their 10 and 20 story buildings.  Concrete structural frames and treated wood frame wall infill assemblies. Gypsum board linings on the inside and outside of the wood frame assembly covered with open rain screen vented fiber cement panels.  Exceptionally energy efficient and low cost, and pretty ‘greenie weenie” to boot.

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