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Several weeks ago, Tony Cucchiara, the Brooklyn College professor who is in charge of our archives organization and preservation, found a cache of 25 Green-Wood maps in one of our storage rooms.
So, if you’ve done the math, you already know that this is the 100th anniversary of the issuance of these maps. To ensure that you have your map framed in time for Christmas, you must order no later than Wednesday, December 14th. To the best of my knowledge as the longtime Green-Wood historian, these maps do not exist anywhere else. The map's lower right hand corner, showing the work yard off Fourth Avenue near 34th Street.

These maps are all the same and they are spectacular: dating 1911, they have wonderful details and graphics. Note the detailed labeling of the various locations: the roads, the paths, and areas including Chestnut Hill, Forest Ridge, Lawn-Girt Hill. If you want one, as a gift to the Green-Wood lover in your life, or for the Green-Wood enthusiast in you, this is your chance.
Note the blacksmith shop, the scrimshaw plant (the paving system in use at the time), the stone crusher, and more. Also note the pinpointing of the final resting places of many of the famous: Pierrepont (Henry E.

As an amateur naturalist and birdwatcher of Green-Wood Cemetery for decades and an Official Historic Fund Tour Guide, I have walked through every area noted on the map. Pierrepont, the primary mover behind Green-Wood, is interred atop a hill, near the recently-restored brownstone monument by Richard Upjohn), Packer (William Packer, for whom the Packer Institute in Brooklyn Heights is named), and Peter Schermerhorn (who developed Schermerhorn Row on landfill in what is now the South Street Seaport). I collect memorabilia about Green-Wood, so this would be perfect for my collection, especially as I love authentic old maps.

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