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A two day course learning the skills and techniques of green woodworking, with an emphasis on contemporary design and detailing.
Peter Lanyon lives on the edge of Dartmoor and runs course from various venues including his workshop on the beautiful South Devon coast.
Teaching green wood furniture making has long been an important part of Peter's life, he regularly teaches green woodwork to children and it is a delight to see their excitement at splitting a log and creating something beautiful. To enquire about the next available dates for this two day Greenwood Furniture Making course, please email or telephone using the details above. This was a really fun weekend and we came away with two tables that could fit together or be used apart and we are very proud of them.
Peter and the team operate a very warm, friendly and relaxed operation and are very open with the skills and techniques required for a beginner; keen to give you extra tips whenever possible.
The course is still at the forefront of our minds weeks after completing the course and has given us the confidence to try things at home. I'd recommend this course to anyone, an insightful and inspiring look at green wood working. I attended Peters two day introduction course last weekend and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with an interest in wood.
I've just been on the weekend introduction to green wood furniture and have come away with a small table that I am incredibly proud to say I made myself! The course was a great practical intro - we were splitting wood within the first half hour and Peter was always on hand with useful advice and tips. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and we're very pleased with the pair of tables we made now standing proudly in our living room. What ever your experience of other areas of woodworking you would find this course worthwhile and useful.
I surprised myself by coming away with a green wood stool that I am proud of, and isn't wonky! Just attended the 2 day Introduction To Green Woodworking Course (March 2015) and it was brilliant.
Just spent two excellent days with Peter Lanyon, learning how to make a stool out of green wood. As someone who runs a training company, I can only hope that my delegates feel as positive about the courses we run? Good because it took as read that all participants wanted to be there and wanted to achieve something - thus we hit the ground running. This is more than a course in woodworking, the venue is lovely, the workshop is tucked away deep in the Devon countryside, the tools were plentiful and great quality and locally sourced wood a joy to work with.
I had an enjoyable weekend on this busy course,turning a tree trunk into a piece of furniture I love.
Peter was an excellent tutor, very sympathetic with those that had no knowledge at all yet able to instruct those who had some knowledge as well. I have just completed a two day course with Peter at the Old Kennels and love the small table that I made.
I bought my husband the Introduction to Green Woodworking course for his birthday, but couldn't resist doing it myself too! This course was not only thoroughly enjoyable, but was also a key factor in my decision making in relation to my future career. Peters relaxed and informative style of teaching green woodworking is both enjoyable and rewarding.
As a complete novice at woodworking this course was absolutely brilliant, Peters relaxed and supportive teaching style had me using both traditional and power tools (eek!) with confidence. I was amazed at how we all as a group were able to produce such a beautiful collection of stools and tables, even people with no previous woodworking experience !
I really couldn't recommend this course enought, it has given me the knowledge and skills to continue Green Woodworking on my own.
All in all I can wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who is in two minds as to whether to sign up for a course or not, to go for it. This is one of the most satisfying green wood projects and the course is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners alike. This course next runs from from 4th to the 9th of April in my wonderful heated workshop near the sea.
Ambrose Vevers, One of last year's course participants made an excellent video of the 6 days.
Duration: 4 days Mon 6th Feb 2017, Fee: ?240 If you have neglected hedges on your land, or just want to aquire the knowledge and skills in this ancient craft? Come along to our Volunteer day  to find out how you can learn this traditional skill for free.
We no longer offer this course due to the difficulty of finding suitable projects to build.
Take a look at the new Student Blog from the students on the 6 month Woodland Skills course. Subscribe to our mailing list if you would like to be kept up to date with events and courses. MembershipJoin us as a Member and help us educate more students who want to sustainably manage our neglected woodlands, for all our futures. A coracle is one of the most ancient boat designs, only a few small technical steps more advanced than a raft. During this week-long course you will be able to construct your own coracle using willows for the framework and thin canvas for the skin, and hew your own paddle if time allows. The group will be small, only four people maximum, to allow for individual tuition in the weaving and binding of the hull and gunwall of your craft.

A canvas and bitumin covering provides a waterproof skin where animal skin would have been used in prehistory.
Richard King trained as a biologist specialising in environmental science and this led him to understand the importance of eco-sustainable industries. This craft course provider has been awarded Bronze status for receiving 1 or more 5 ratings from previous students. The Students' Choice award ensures that course providers get recognised for their efforts in the teaching and practice of UK craft. They also allow tutors to gain valuable feedback on their courses and for new students to find the course that's right for them. Starting with a fresh cut log you will learn how to cleave the wood with a froe and wedges, then shape it on the shaving horse with drawknife and spokeshave.
The whole experience was better than I had hoped for a weekend of creativity for my 16 year old son and I. Peter and Garv were helpful and knowledgable, and with their instruction you come away with a really unique, beautiful and personal piece of furniture that you've built from scratch. The setting is idyllic, you will learn a huge amount and you will have enormous fun doing it. Having promised myself this treat some time ago - I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and I've got the bug now. With absolutely no skills or experience with any woodwork or tools, there is no one more shocked than me to find I have a beautiful table that fits perfectly in my living room! Peter has a relaxed teaching style which worked tremendously well with a group of inexperienced green woodworkers and enabled all of the participants to leave having made something to be be proud of.
It was a busy, but highly creative weekend and there is something genuinely relaxing about working with wood.
The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed and it was suprising how quickly I felt at home with the techniques under Peters guidance.
It was brilliant to get away from the rat race, (no mobile signal) and create something beautiful. The days are quite fast paced in order to fit it all in but Peter is brilliant at explaining each step and giving an understanding of how wood behaves.
Peter explains each stage very lucidly and is very supportive throughout and the course is well paced so you have time to learn the different techniques as you work through each stage of the process. Peter is patient and managed to support all of us with the intricacies of making our own stool.
The hands on approach, the level of expertise, the positive attitudes and helpfulness of Peter and Jav, made it both enjoyable and educational. Peters softly spoken instruction and vast experience guided us all to create something practical, beautiful and very personal. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and came away inspired with our lovely interlocking tables. All tools and wood was provided to make the course as easy for new learners as possible and Peter was ably assisted by his keen helper. We were blessed with good weather that allowed outdoor working, which together with the other people on the course, Peter's calm instructions and a great location combined to make it a fantastic course.
Peter and his team of Kath and Jarv were all very approachable, patient and helpful, explaining each step in detail and then giving advice and help as we went along.
Peter was very patient and, despite becoming a father a few days before, gave us his full attention.
I had completed a furniture making course at college but had lost my enthusiasm for woodwork.
On the 2 day course that I attended, Peter guided us through the process of choosing our wood, shaping it, and constructing it into wonderful green wood furniture. It really was fantastic, as well as learning a whole range of skills, and spending the weekend with a great bunch of people, I made and finished a beautiful stool.
I had a fabulous time learning some of the techniques needed to work with un-seasoned wood.
Participants should ensure that they bring sturdy boots, warm outdoor clothing, your own food and loads of enthusiasm. You will learn how to split and shape green wood using hand tools, a cleaving break and a shave horse.
We will start by collecting materials and then take them to the workshop and dye various colours on yarn and fleece.  Explanations as you go along with notes to take away. Our instructor will give you step by step instruction on turning a piece of branch wood into a functional spoon that can be used for cooking, eating, serving – the choice is yours.
However one of our ex instructors Jamie Miller has started a Cooperative called  Ty Pren  which besides building a variety of stunning designs also runs courses which we are delighted to endorse. Please enquire about the fees for shared room occupancy as well as non-residential rates (tuition only).
This technique also has a long history and is favoured by many coracle fishermen who continue the tradition, keeping these skills alive. Needless to say coracles take a bit of getting used to so be prepared for a dunking just in case!
To end the course with a piece of furniture we now use at home is more than I could have hoped for. There was quite a pace to the course to get everything done but the group was really nice, the atmosphere convivial & all set in a great location. I've ordered my left-handed axe (who knew!) and a froe and will be on the case for Japanese saw and drawknife shortly. There is a great balance between supportive guidance, and encouragement to take ownership and work your own project.

The two days were very hands on with a good group dynamic and on top of it all in a lovely part of the world.
I made a rustic stool using sweet chestnut and oak, could not believe the beautiful authentic result.
Peter Lanyon enthuses you with his own passion for green woodworking and his teaching style is hands on with lots of support and coaching.
Wide availability of tools to use and due to the process, on delay in completing the project.
It was a great way to spend the weekend .The group were a fun enthusiastic mix of people and it fascinating to see how we all managed to produce such different and delightful pieces of furniture . The small group size means you get all the help you need and Peter makes sure that the finished product is the best it can be while still being your personal design. It was really helpful Peter saying what we needed to have achieved in each half-day as that kept the pace steady. The process itself of making something from green wood is so simple - we loved using the different tools and are hoping to buy some ourselves. Peter showed me a different and all together more exciting form of woodworking (green woodworking) and since I completed the course I have had no doubt that my future lies with green woodworking. A great course which I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning about green woodworking and developing a new skill. Peter really took the time to get to know everyone on the course and to really think about what our individual needs were.
Peter was a great teacher, allowing everyone to learn at their own pace, with humour, kindness and patience.. He was always happy to go the extra mile to enable individuals to achieve their desired finished article and his knowledge, skill, professionalism and manner would be difficult to match. During the course you will learn to split wood, and shape it using draw knife and spoke shaves. The understanding of the basic skills can then lead to simple furniture making or producing your own gate or carving a spoon. The shave horse is an ingenious device for working hands free on various greenwood work pieces. They were used for fishing in estuaries or for floating commercially produced timber down river. Use of contrasting timbers, and sculpted free-form table tops or seats are all available options, depending on your skill level and confidence. Peter's quiet and authoritative delivery with conviction, skill, experience and encouragement is a great way to learn. Therefore people with more background than I had also seemed fulfilled and challenged to the right degree. A lot to cover in two days but everyone went home with a piece to be proud of which should last years. I thought I was not going to finish my stool but realised that the other course members were behind in other ways! Hopefully I should be able to get some freshly felled Ash soon, and then I can make a stool without Peters guidance. The course was taught in a lovely rural setting in a relaxed way by Peter with help from Jarv and Kath, who were both very helpful.
The course was run in a relaxed but effective manner, and Peter was very approachable if assistance was required. He made all of us feel relaxed and free to work at our own speed, learning the best ways to use the tools provided as we went. Learn how to use a bill hook – the iron age tool that is still the best for the job today. Peter's ongoing work explores the use of locally grown and sustainably harvested coppice and green woods, combining these with other materials to create contemporary furniture from what is considered a traditional craft. In addition, it seemed like we all supported each other, which made for a very social experience.
Enjoyed starting from scatch with a chestnut branch converted to the wooden legs using a variety of traditional tools. I learned about different kinds of wood, used loads of tools I'd never seen before and feel quite inspired by the whole experience. If there was one thing I had to improve it would be having enough charged drill batteries, as this was something our group seemed to go through pretty quickly! No question was deemed to silly or basic and we all felt comfortable to ask for his advice when we wanted to.
Coppicing maintains the root system of the tree, allowing it to regenerate quickly, and encourages proper woodland biodiversity.
Peter took time to demonstrate the different fabrication stages and was supportive and attentive throughout, ably assisted by Jarve, his trusty volunteer. Whilst £120 may seem like a lot of money for 2 days, after carrying out some market research I discovered that the pricing is more than reasonable and I am delighted that I was there to complete the course. I made a beautiful side table, which has pride if place in my home now, and is a daily reminder of the fun time I spent at Growers. Peter has a lot of knowledge to give and I am keeping my ears pricked for further opportunities that he has to offer. Jo and Charlie who run Growers Organics were wonderfully hospitable too and were a Joy to get to know.

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