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You are trying to come up with hypotheses about a problem or issue that you might want to test  later in a quantitative survey.
You already conducted a quantitative survey and would like to get some qualitative data to help interpret your results. You want to learn about how individuals and groups talk about a particular issue or product. How does a residents' involvement in the neighborhood storytelling network influence the action they take to deal with community problems?
Ellen Sarkisian provided a complete guide for both faculty and students on Working in Groups for Harvard University.
According to Sarkisian, there are many benefits that come from working in groups and it helps to communicate those benefits to the students who may be skeptical about the value of group projects. First of all, if you get the chance to choose your group members, be sure to choose based on ability, not based on friendship. There’s always one in every group – the slacker who seems to think that a group project gives them license to goof off and ride on everyone else’s efforts. When dealing with a slacker, Bremen recommends that you regroup and reestablish who is doing what.

Bremen sees no need to go to the professor for help unless the slacker is grappling with a genuine life issue. Step number one on the list is to create a team charter that outlines the group goals, methods of communication, schedule for group meetings, conflict resolution and a “kick-out” clause stating what will happen if a member doesn’t perform. Finally the writer suggested, “Refrain from gossiping about other members and try to help one another as much as you can. When a project is successful people tend to remember the positives and remember how the team communicated and collaborated effectively. This Collaborative Project Management guide provides insight into how to effectively collaborate on projects and manage them effectively from initiation to closing. Focus Groups work best when there are between 6 and 10 participants, and when they last between 60 and 90 minutes. Focus Groups depend on a skilled moderator - you should write and practice with a moderator guide in advance.
Whether it’s writing a research paper, a research project or any other assignments where you have to work with others, surviving the experience can be challenging. Tasks will need to be reassigned so that everything is covered and members must claim accountability for their part.

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Here are a few tips and ideas on how you can survive and even thrive in your next group project.
Thinking back to group projects I did in college, Projects which received a poor grade immediately make me think of the reasons why, as opposed to what I learned from that project. Henry Ford said that “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”.  This eBook provides a process for intelligent collaboration.
While your friend may be smart, if her schedule includes two jobs and kids, she may not be the best candidate.

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