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I built one of these at the beginning of the year, Unfortunately I was unable to located a surplus crate anywhere within reasonable driving distance so I made mine from scratch using measurements I found on some obscure website somewhere.
PSA: If you are reading this, please do the following three things so we might preserve the freedoms we have left. Now my photography equipment consisted of an IPHONE 4, so the pics are not as crisp as what you see above.
I took these bolts, that fit the threads of the inside of the inert grenades, and cut the bolt head off. Last Spring I purchased a crate of Mosin Nagant rifles from Classic Firearms with the intention of converting the crate to a coffee table. I completely stripped off the original lead-based paint and primed with red oxide primer followed by a coat of paint color matched to the original color.
The glass is .5 inch and the LED lights I purchased on Ebay - powered by a 12 VDC battery concealed in the crate. I have an order in on a Cyrillic stencil set from Russia to remark the crate with the original lettering.
Judging from the last shoot I think we are the wrong group to ask about sighting in Mosins haha.

Hello all I am a complete novice in the woodworking world and need to be pointed in the right direction. I instantly wanted to make one and called all my local gun and sport shops trying to find a crate but they're long gone. No knows where you are because you did not add your location to your profile so it's hard to suggest a place. In your shoes, I might look online (ebay or where ever) and find plans that are close to what you have in mind.
I hear you can rent Kareem Abdul Jabbar to come and sit in a glass case in his Lakers uniform for a few hours whenever you're entertaining.
Are you looking for your own spot to hang out while the wife is watching Dancing with the Stars? I’m glad to see someones tried it and even made a build guide for us to follow in case we wanted to create our own man cave coffee table. But it is your choice and a little welding would change them into a novelty from a potentially lethal thing for your own family. A majority of the products we review are purchased by ourselves, however a few items are provided free of charge.

I then sanded the surface until the oxide started to show in spots and down to bare wood in others to give it a worn look. So I got in touch with Bryan at AIM and acquired some mosin crates and Laminate Stock M44s. For the wood, I let it sit in the hot sun and wiped off the cosmoline as it came out of the stocks.
Check out the build of this sweet Mosin Nagant crate coffee table over at the AIM Surplus Blog. I considered painting the whole crate and attempting to stencil the markings back on, but that just seemed like a lot of work.

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