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To avert disasters arising from not igniting the burner after turning the gas on, a tiny burner is placed near the main burner. Flame failure device: To safeguard against gas stove related accidents, many modern stoves have a thermocouple based flame failure device, which keeps detecting the burner temperature. Toughened glass cook top burner- Padmini, Prestige, Bajaj, Kaff, Sunflame, Inalsa, Kailash etc. Gas stoves are the most popular option worldwide because they withstand the rigours of all types of cooking.
Poovisha, this is so helpful, and it am wondering if you might be the person who knows where one can get a more complete list of cooking ranges available in India. Undoubtedly, it is the most popularly used stove in India even when electric stoves have closely tailed their versatility. This pilot light keeps burning steadily throughout and when the gas is turned on, it ignites the main burner.

One can directly turn the knob to the desired flame size as the ignition is efficient enough to quickly light the burner. If the gas is turned on and the burner is unlit or the flame is blown away, the thermocouple cools down and triggers the safety valve of the gas supply to close, thus cutting off the gas.
The ones which are not sealed have drip trays that fit around the burner to collect drips if any. I hope you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of gas stoves when compared to electric stoves. It contains a thermocouple, photoresistor and a mercury sensor to detect and identify flame on the burner. The only disadvantage here is that there is only a short time to light the burner after turning on the gas, which makes it tricky for many users.
Most kitchens function with a combination of both electric and gas cook tops to get the best out of both.

Though most of us already know a lot about gas stoves, a few features have been incorporated in modern gas stoves to make them easier and safer to use. Pilot light in a gas stove continually keeps consuming gas, though only a small amount at a time. Even if the flame is extinguished by a gust of wind, this feature lights up the burner automatically.
Do look out for my blog on a few more factors you have to consider while buying a kitchen stove.

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