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This entry was posted by admin on November 23, 2012 at 10:35 am, and is filed under Creative Ideas. You can see the empty lobby has been transformed into a Christmas environment inside Imperial Palace Hotel Miri. The 4 Star Hotel in Miri City, Meritz Hotel has a beautiful elegant decoration at its lobby. Known as a must-visit destination for tourists shopping around Miri, many retails in Bintang Megamall Miri are having Christmas sales and Christmas decorations.
Warming up the Christmas season with Beautiful and environmental friendly Christmas tree made with used bottles.
A knitted version of large “Turkey Hat” with two tasty looking drumsticks which was designed by FredFlare will keep your head warm in a cold room.

This Christmas parade was held with the participation of all churches in Miri as one of the signature events to celebrate the upcoming Christmas. From food, unused items to everything that can be used, here are 11 beautiful Christmas tree ideas to inspire your Xmas handmade decor, so that you won’t run out of creative ideas during this Christmas preparation.
Set this picture as your Christmas Wallpaper in your computer PC desktop and mobile tablets to see how cool it is. Look at the huge Gingerbread house, Christmas tree and snowman with a red colour background, totally dressed up in holiday mode.
There are dozens installation of artistically decorated Christmas trees throughout the hotel. It’s surprising just how Grand Palace Hotel in Miri City did a beautiful recycled Christmas tree.

The huge tree has twinkle & shinning lights and a little blue star at the top associated with the celebration of Christmas at Miri City Fan in Miri Sarawak.
The parade successfully promised to gather bigger crowds on 3rd December 2011, bringing bright and colourful night views to the whole main street in Miri City.
Yes and the best things, real travelers and locals will enjoy the decorations, taking some nice Xmas photos. Besides, the Christmas decorations feature festive snow artworks on the entrance glass of this hotel, the designs are perfect for the season.

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