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Your best online source for the finest quality wood doors and prices to fit any size budget. We're proud to be Catholic and hope this ministry helps to bring you closer to God and one another. A favourite feature of Victorian homes was stained glass of all kinds as it was a way to individualise and personalise a residence. This art form relies entirely on daylight in order to truly enjoy the effect that the leaded glass patterns can make on the observer, mixing numerous colours and designs or offering easily identifiable items like flowers, animals, and the like. The stained glass was originally made by combining and melting sand, lime, and potash, which could then be coloured by adding different metallic oxides for various colours. As a focal point in a Victorian home and also found in public buildings during this time period, stained glass windows and stained glass inserts in doors were often considered extravagant and ornate in their designs, often serving as a way to designate a person’s wealth and social status as those in lower social classes could not afford such embellishments to their residences. There are numerous ways to incorporate the Victorian style of stained glass into your home. It can be difficult to find old exterior or interior doors with stained glass inserts that can be restored, so it might be an idea to work with a company who can create a reproduction door with customised stained glass that will complement your Victorian exterior and interior features.
Be sure to visit our gallery of stained glass designs that emulate the Victorian style and have all been handmade to order and to current building codes with hand-set glass as well as leaded and soldered sections to hold these beautiful creations together. Extensive testing by leading institutes around the world has shown the performance of Accoya timber to offer outstanding durability. We design and make bespoke wooden doors for a range of properties, including homes, banks, schools and office buildings. Our company is run by Michael and Daniel, a father and son partnership with over fifty years experience in woodworking between them.
Our team design and manufacture traditional front doors in a range of styles for clients across the UK. All of our traditional doors are bespoke, designed and handcrafted in our Nottingham workshop using high quality solid timber. Whether you’ve spotted a door in our gallery (above) or you have a unique, specific design in mind, get in touch with us today.
Our traditional front doors are made-to-measure in our Nottingham workshop, so each one is unique.

Each traditional front door is designed and manufactured by hand in our Nottingham workshop by skilled British craftsmen who have decades of experience and thoroughly understand the science of timber.
Using time-honoured techniques, we go to extraordinary lengths to create each bespoke door.
Call us today on 01159 588 755 to discuss your door or click here to send our team an email. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Oak Exterior Doors made from 100% Solid Oak, the perfect finishing touch to welcome people to your home.
There is no manmade material than can compare to the natural patterns, texture, tones and beauty of wood. If your order total is more than £400, we'll deliver it to you absolutely free of charge. We know the frustration, your doors look perfect for the first year, but a season or two later and the wood has done what wood can often do - it changes. You won't be able to wipe the smile of your carpenters face when he sees the quality of our doors and how easy they are to hang! With our Price Promise, we’ll match any genuine online price as well as giving you an added discount of your total order value. Our quality meranti wooden doors make your dreams come true while opening up your house to invite visitors. There was a wide range of designs and features that made this a stunning aspect of Victorian exterior style and Victorian interior style as part of doors and windows. Not only do the colours create an incredible effect, but there are also often textures within the glass that enhance the artwork. Other processes later allowed for sheets of this glass to be made with a surface layer of colour that would then be framed with lead and melded together. Stained glass panels were often found in picture windows as well as part of foyers, bathrooms, and staircases. You can opt for a classic geometric design with clear architectural glass or you can add as much colour as you want, depending upon whether you are incorporating items like flowers or animals.

It adds just the right amount of character and warmth, but when you are buying a natural product like oak, you want to be sure it will last.
Just a small thank you for buying with us but more importantly to enable you to spend on achieving your desired finish within your home.
Which is why we are proud to have invested many years work into developing a collection of doors made from sustainably sourced oak, ensuring that not only will our products last for generations but the forests will too.
All you have to do is find a like for like product in the same size and colour with a comparable guarantee.
Ensuring the correct measurements and sizing, choosing the correct style for your home and selecting the right treatments and furniture is not a simple process. Whether you require enhanced security or a decorative touch,  our extensive range of styles and timbers mean we can help you design the perfect gates for your home or business.
This article provides some characteristics and features of stained glass windows done in the Victorian style so you can add this to your list of restoration projects for your Victorian home.
Often, those that could afford such decor items would use them in large numbers as the Victorian home was noted for its cluttered look. Often, you can find stained glass in corner window panels that further enhance the effect of the stained glass design by allowing the light to hit each window from multiple angles. Our solid oak doors are handmade by skilled door specialists to the highest standards from nothing but 100% solid oak. We have built the best possible structure and can recommend the finest treatments and guidance to help keep your door warp free. Our solid construction allows far greater trimming than engineered doors making fitting fast and simple.

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