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Use scaffolding, ladders, or other support structure to place the shelf at the desired height with one long end flush to the wall. Test the shelf for load bearing by placing at least your own body weight worth of cinder blocks or other item. If you have high ceilings in your work area consider hanging the shelf higher and installing a wood ladder.
If the inside wall of the work area is wood framed, consider installing a couple more 4'' hex screws through the shelf and into the wall.
If installing the shelf in the garage make sure that you can drive in under it before finishing the project. Garage workshops have evolved from cramped spaces with workbenches piled high to well-planned environments with multiple work surfaces and storage options.
Building garage shelves is a project that not only adds value to the home but provides a handy area for storage.
SafeRacks Storage provides overhead ceiling mounted storage racks and systems for your garage storage and organizational needs. Light-Duty lift – If you have a small-sized garage then this leading innovation is just for you.
Are you setting up an exercise paradise in your garage and would like to see the available flooring options? When it comes to plan your garage project, you might need a really great consideration about your garage plans.
3 Bonanza transactionsVerified phone number This seller has registered and verified their phone number with Bonanza. Seller has no reviews This seller has not yet established a history of customer service and delivery at Bonanza. Overhead Ceiling Storage Rack Hanging Garage Shelf Organization System Shelves added to cart. I would like to put in a 32? shelf around the perimeter approximately 4 feet from the ceiling. My question is, does anyone know of some plans or have suggestions for an approximate 32? shelf that I could attach to the walls?

The idea of supporting the shelf from the ceiling is doable and lots of folks here have done just this.
You could try to lengthen them by putting a 2x2 on top and then bolting through from the shelf all the way through the bracket. I used wire closet shelving attached at the wall and secured and leveled at the front with wire cable suspended from j-hooks in the ceiling rafters. I get nervous about anything that is screwed into wood where the load is in tension with the threads (top plate, eye hook) as opposed to being in sheer (lags through the frame into wall studs). I used 2X4 through the ceiling to the 2x4 joists to support the ends, the rest supporder to a ledger to the wall. Whereas traditional shelving leaves a footprint and takes up valuable floor space with its support legs, hanging shelves get their support from the ceiling and cannot be stumbled over or cumbersome. Starting in the same corner, attach the brace to the 2x4 section with a 4'' hex screw so that one edge of the brace faces the block and the other side faces the area where the shelf will be.
Starting with one brace, bend it (at the base) a few inches out of perpendicular and away from the wall and attach to the shelf with 4'' hex screws. Here's an idea for using the space below your garage ceiling for storage without taking up valuable floor space. It is one of the best hanging garage storage systems and offer perfect solutions to situations where there is not enough space to park anything else aside from the car. Alternatively, do you already have a gym but hate the sound of your weights banging on the concrete slab and even denting it? You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Most trusses are 24" centers and if you go the perimeter of the garage you may miss some trusse, plus the plywood sheets come in 4' widths so that would be the best for 24" shelves.
It may be best to penitrate the ceiling Sheetrock with a Simpson strong tie bracket to attach your 2x4's. By bending the brace slightly, gravity will push the shelf tight to the wall and the shelf will not wobble.
It makes the most of the overhead space above your garage floor to hoist relatively large items like snowmobiles, golf carts, lawnmowers or motorbikes.

Well, whatever your garage options, the paint is really important to be considered, because it will give a chic ambience in your garage environment. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. This makes less ceiling pinitrations then a 2x4 and anchoring is better done from the sides than from toe nailing. Determine where at least one corner of the shelf will end (against a wall) and make a mark on the ceiling for it. Using a level to make sure the shelf is perfectly even and connect the other three braces in the same way. You can acquire Hanging Garage Shelf guide and view the latest Choices of Hanging Garage Storage You Can Find for Garage in here. Installing the platform is easy but you will need basic tools like a drill driver, bits, tape measure, hammer, hacksaw, wrench and level.
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Measure 8' along the length of the room from each of these two marks and place marks as well.
Place each of the shorter sections in between the 8' boards so that the center of the ends matches the marks on the long sections. Center your 2x4 sections over your mark so that they cover at least 2 ceiling joists and attach with the 4'' hex head wood screws. Place the other two 45'' sections at each end so that they are flush with the ends of the long sections.
Place a 4x8 sheet of plywood over the frame, make sure that each corner is square and attach with 1.5'' wood screws.

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