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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Real Sliding Hardware is bringing the barn door inside with easy-to-assemble, customizable used to create sliding barn doors.
Classic flat track finishes (Left to Right): Brushed Stainless Steel, Unfinished, Glacier Gray, Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Sienna Rust. Hammered flat track finishes (Left to Right): Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Sienna Rust, and Unfinished (Raw steel). Horseshoe flat track finishes (Left to Right): Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Sienna Rust, and Unfinished (Raw steel). We picked up the sliding track hardware at Sabel Steel Wholesale here in Montgomery, Alabama. The grand total for everything (an 8′ track, 3 hangers, 2 brackets, a pair of wheels, and 2 end caps) came to $85 after tax. I don’t know how you can keep your mind on anything when you are thinking about your little one. Your door is gorgeous–I have a very plain-Jane pocket door but what I LOVE is the functionality of it. I was wondering if it’s possible to lock the sliding door either from the outside or inside. Funny thing–I live in Sweetwater, TN and love all our antique stores and frequent them often! I have a sneaky suspicion that you know that one of those cuties in the picture is your cutie! Just wanted to pop by and say that I’ve spent the past 2 hours wandering on your blog – your home is beyond lovely and I love the feel of it all!

I enjoy writing and taking pictures, and adding pages to this place whenever inspiration strikes.
With sleek architectural proportions, durable finishes, and high-quality ball bearings, this barn door hardware is built to last. A great choice for interior barn doors on bedrooms or bathrooms, Hush Wheels™ feature high-density plastic with all the strength of steel, but none of the noise.
Evoking feelings of elegance, the classic steel straps fasten to the face of the door, the top of the hanger wrapping gracefully over the wheel.
These hangers affix to the top of the door, lending visual appeal with its unique architecture.
These sporty no-fuss hangers glide effortlessly along the track, their form reminiscent of the dawn of modernism.
Available for Single sliding, Biparting, and Bypassing applications - Exterior or Interior. It came from an antique shop in Sweetwater, Tennessee courtesy of my friend Lucy, and we are absolutely loving it! Not bad considering most of the sliding hardware I’ve seen online is between $200-$400. That said, this room will become my office in the next couple of years, so it will probably stay open most of the time. The door does slide open and closed very easily though. I need such hardware and could get to Sabel’s, but I need the hardware in Phoenix AZ. I am curious to what Lorie asked…did you have to put some extra support in the wall beings the door has GOT to be super heavy!!! The door isn’t as heavy as it looks, but the guys did use pretty big bolts and secured them into the studs behind the drywall.

With the rise of energy-conscious consumers choosing to live in smaller, sustainable environments, maximizing floor space is more important than ever. We had a custom barn door built for the doorway to our basement… it’s 10ft tall and I love it! I have places that would benefit greatly from this, but alas I don’t have the wall space next to the doors. Right now, our house only has the two bedrooms, but we’ve got some room to build, so that’ll be fun! Sliding barn doors are excellent space-saving solutions for pantries, laundry rooms, master bathrooms, or any interior space where every square foot matters.
For a more traditional look, our customers prefer a simple Black or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. The only thing left to do is mount a small caster, horizontally, onto the base board behind the door so that nothing scrapes against the door frame.
I was up to my eyeballs in caulk and paint while Brian the Carpenter and Kevin were installing it together so I didn’t catch much of that process.
Sliding barn doors were once a necessity on the farm but today are being repurposed to create beautiful living spaces. Not only is a barn door the perfect way to save space, but the harmonious blend of the old and new creates an excellent conversation piece in any home.
The ultra-quiet rollers and ball bearing wheels make sliding large, heavy doors extremely easy, with little to no effort at all.

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