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Long time readers may recall our tiny, yet adorable kitchen in Old Town Alexandria.  We worked very hard to make a small space feel big, and I loved some of the things we did there so much that I decided to bring them with us all the way to Seattle!
Essentially being able to hang our pantry on the wall gives us so much more space in our limited cabinets!  Plus, aren’t the ball jars just so pretty? On the far side of the kitchen, my diploma hangs proudly to remind me that I should never feel intimidated to try something new – both in cooking and in life. I love having the big raised island that looks out into the rest of our space, so when I am cooking I don’t feel like I am separated from what’s happening in the house.
In just three shorts weeks of living here I have already decided that I will never go back to an electric stove.  It will be one of my house hunting deal breakers when we look to buy something next year!
It’s nice to have my cookbooks handy and close-by, and I’m glad we found something that fits the space so well.
One of my favorite things that we have is this refurbished trunk from the 1800’s that we picked up at the King Street farmers market.
Once the rest of our house is complete, I’ll make sure to share that as well.  Hopefully the nursery will be next! Love all the jars in the kitchen… once nesting kicks in, I want to do that to our pantry.
I am laughing thinking about how you will soon be child proofing everything in that house very soon, especially the sofa table with the breakables and cookbooks.
One suggestion, though: have you considered unplugging your kitchen appliances when not in use?

I love the jars and am hoping I have room for some in my new kitchen in which I insisted on having a gas stove, double sink, and big island!
Every time I see the dining table, it seems like the space was made for that thing – i love the size of it, and yes, I can imagine how heavy it is. Your new space looks just like you’ve always lived there – Seattle is the best! I love what you have done with your place, and have no idea how you keep your home so spotless! I’m so excited because my (first) apartment I’m moving to in July has a GAS stove!!
I love those Grundtal shelves for all your dried goods – if I end up staying in San Francisco for another year I will have to invest in some :) They would be the perfect way to maximize storage space in my tiny studio kitchen! Are your Ball jars the 64 oz wide mouth canning jars, the 32 oz regular mouth canning jars, or the 1 gallon decorative jars for dry storage?
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner. Only problem is our just-reading six year old, saying our neighborhood: WALL-FORD-ing, Mommy? I was lucky enough to be given my in-laws old set but I’d love something more modern like that! I didnt comment on the last post but I absolutely love the your posts about all of your changes.

It’s a pretty rare occurance for me to be home and not be either sleeping, resting on the couch, or cooking. The naked bike ride was the selling point ;) My close friends just moved to Ballard so we got to visit the area, I love it! I just moved into a new place, so glad to see you like the Ikea shelves, as that is what I am thinking about doing.
I hope you havent lost readers over such a silly thing but I guess if they are just here for reciepes that might have an effect! Once our stove goes (which it has to right) I plan on trying to convince the hubby to do whatever we have to do to convert it.
You can fit more people, and there’d be less time scrounging up chairs from all over the house when we have more people over. Unflatpack operate accross the UK30 other products in the same category: Previous Hemnes 2 drawer chest changing table Brusali 3 drawer chest assembly Brusali 4 drawer chest assembly Stockholm 4 drawer chest Assembly Birkeland 2 drawer chest Assembly Birkeland 3 drawer chest assembly Birkeland 6 drawer chest assembly Brimnes 3 drawer chest assembly Brimnes 4 drawer tall chest assembly Brimnes 4 drawer chest assembly Kullen 2 drawer chest Kullen 3 drawer chest assembly Austmarka 3 drawer chest Rast 3 drawer chest Tarva 3 drawer chest assembly Tarva 5 drawer chest assembly Tarva 6 drawer chest assembly Fjell 4 drawer chest assembly IKEA PS 2012 Chest of drawers + add-on unit MANDAL 4 drawer chest assembly Mandal 6 drawer chest assembly Nyvoll 2 drawer chest assembly Nyvoll 3 drawer chest assembly Nyvoll 6 drawer chest assembly SVEIO 2 drawer chest assembly SVEIO 5 drawer chest assembly Hoppen 4 drawer chest assembly Hoppen 6 drawer chest assembly Hoppen 8 drawer chest assembly Koppang 3 drawer chest assembly. My Tristan would prefer to live in a cave, if possible, so I’m always fighting to keep the blinds and curtains open in our house! I love how quickly it heats up and how exact you can get with the temp you want your food or pan to be.

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