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But nevertheless it resulted in a beautiful deck table that can comfortably sit up to 16 people. We read on this subject and appears that people recommend staining the red cedar to extend its life – yes, even if it is cedar.
So she went on and bought the most expensive Australian Timber Oil (for decks, railings, stairs and outdoor furniture) natural look made by Cabot, stained it, etc. Not to leave on a bitter note, we really enjoy the table despite the stains – very big and gorgeous! So – if I come and build you one of these tables, can you pay me in food like Cynthia from your awesome Greek creations?? My friend, I would cook up some Greek food for you anytime you decide to come up for a drive!
I am thinking that you could scale the original down if you transpose it onto a CAD program (like Autocad or similar). To address those concerns we have built another hexagonal table and completely rewrote the prose with new drawings, explanations, photos and a video clip. The lumber used for the seat and tabletop boards, in the cutting list below is 2x6 stock. Make up both the table top support upper frame (d, d1, d2) and the seat support lower frame (c, c1, c2), on flat ground using the materials in the cutting list above. The center of both frames should be fixed as shown in drawing below, and the end outer points of the frames (6 each frame) should be equal distances apart. Nail two metal strap plates to the top side and to the underside of both frames (8 strap plates in all).

Place packers or blocks under the seat frame until the seat frame sits at the appropriate height. This page is dedicated to the DIYers that have completed a buildeazy project and have sent us a picture of the finished product accompanied by a story or comment . Commercial Picnic Tables for sale include outdoor commercial and public picnic table areas for outdoor recreation, schools and leisure areas in our National and Local Parks.
Polywood Furniture Sale on Polywood Recycled plastic deck furniture gives outdoor deck and patio furniture at a new low price.
School outdoor furniture for sale includes school outdoor furniture like picnic tables, bike racks, Logo benches and trash cans, portable bleachers and pool furniture. Apartment outdoor furniture for sale offers apartment picnic tables, pool furniture, trash cans, pet waste stations, outdoor grills and benches commercially made.
Corporate outdoor furniture includes benches, picnic tables, bike racks, planter and bleachers.
Municipal outdoor furniture for sale to public municipalities are Street benches, Picnic tables, pool furniture, pet waste stations and public trash cans. Once your quote list is finished, enter your name and email and submit the quote directly to us.
We now offer the convenience of acquiring your outdoor furniture through a cost-effective leasing program. This Children's size picnic table is a smaller version of our most popular recycled plastic picnic table. I have just finished using the Cabot oil in Jarrah Brown on a teak bench and am NOW reading this and feeling a little nervous!

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The 60 degree angle will have to be cut with a handsaw, as miter saws will not do such a cut. Hundreds of woodworking patterns for furniture, cabinets, workbench, picnic table and Also, plans for building your own picnic tables that you can buy, Attractive octagon -shaped picnic table is just the right size for children. BBQ Grills make grilling safe and fun at public city parks and state parks and campgrounds for outdoor cookouts. Dogipot pet waste stations are the best pet waste stations for pet poop dog litter pick up.
When browsing products, just use the Add to quote button to add your items to your quote list. Our heavy duty recycled plastic picnic tables are safe for children as they do not splinter or peel. The instructions I got off ebay have pretty good instructions although you will have to tweak with the dimensions a little, specially when you close the angle. It would be cool to see a picture with people seated, because I have a feeling it is a lot bigger than what it looks like! But, in any case, the table is still a fine piece of outdoor furniture and you should be proud of your handiwork!

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