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Wood Slicer Resaw Bandsaw Blades Highland Woodworking, What kind band blades resawing? Come build your own Windsor chair during this 7-day event, plus take home the skills to build many more. Highland Woodworking Gift Certificates An awesome present that's always appreciated by just about any woodworker anywhere. Visit Our Store If you live near Atlanta, or are just passing through, we invite you to visit and leisurely browse our amazing retail store.
To wrap things up for July, he explores something he calls "the gestalt" of good furniture design. While limited supplies last, add convenient light wherever you need it with this outstanding deal on our Steel City magnetic work light. This month's SketchUp column shows you how to use SketchUp for basic woodworking and joinery modeling. This great value in a longbed 8" jointer is finally in stock and available for immediate shipment! The latest new plan bundle in Charles Brock's series of Maloof-inspired furniture is coming available July 15, 2010. We had a great response to Howard Van Valzah's safety tip last month, and now we want more! The SawStop PCS is a world class precision piece of woodworking machinery based just on its own merits as a tablesaw. This month we are featuring a variety of woodworking projects made by Michael Oliver, who has a very unique design philosophy that he describes in detail from the design process to the actual build.
We invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your carving along with captions and a brief history and description of your carvings.
This month we are featuring a beautiful carved mirror frame made by Gary Herlinger, who was inspired by the carvings of Grinling Gibbons at Windsor Castle. This month Jim has a tip on replacing hole punches with drill holes as well as a money-saving tip involving trash diving for goose lamps. The MicroDial Tapering Jig by Micro Jig has several different uses including tapering, jointing, and straightening the edges of boards.
This month we've got a safety tip and story on why you shouldn't wear gloves while using a table saw. Our Leigh Dovetail Jigs and Frame Mortise and Tenon Jigs will turn your shop into a cabinet factory. Charles Brock has singled out the specific tools he uses when building his sculptured chairs and listed them in one place for easy selection by woodworkers undertaking this challenging project.
For this popular monthly column, we invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your woodworking shop along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking. This month, Steve discusses his wish for a Tool Tune-Up squad that would be on call for when you need your tools fixed (think Geek Squad).
Our blogger, Terry Chapman, just discovered Pinterest and how it is a great online tool for organizing future projects, wish lists, and more.
In Working Wood 1 & 2, Paul Sellers has produced an excellent guide to woodworking with hand tools. Scrub planes with their open throats and convex blades are designed to remove a lot of stock quickly. First up, we are featuring Shenandoah Tool Works based out of Delaplane, Virginia and owned by Jeff Fleisher and Norm Reid.
This beautiful tool with Padauk handle crafted by the artisan toolmakers at Shenandoah Tool Works is as beautiful as it is functional. Ideal for starting and drilling holes, the awl's shaft is hand forged and twisted from 01 steel hardened to R62. The tip is sharpened for starting and boring holes which the square shank then widens through repeated twisting.
Woodpeckers newest OneTIME Tool is the ideal solution for squaring the Festool MFT guide rail and fence.
With so much to do in the shop, and so little of the structure that guides professionals, it is difficult to chose and complete projects with good economic inputs or results. Highland has just become one of a small number of stocking dealers authorized to sell SawStop's Industrial Cabinet Saw online nationwide within the 48 states. This is the original SawStop model designed for continuous heavy duty operation in an industrial environment. Please keep reminding people that prevention is much better than treating the health problem afterwards!
SOME SALE QUANTITIES MAY SELL OUT and become delayed or unavailable at the advertised price.

For this popular monthly column, we invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of your woodworking shop along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking.
Triton's super popular Multi-Stand offers better features and far more versatility than standard work supports. A couple of months ago we had a question about how best to mount a heavy snap-on machinist's vise to a workbench. Get our versatile 10-piece template guide set (a $55 value) FREE as part of our Triton Router package deal. Responding to readers' requests for this long-out-of-print first issue of Fine Woodworking magazine, the Taunton Press has authorized a special limited-edition reprint that is exactly as charter subscribers experienced it in 1975.
This special collector's edition includes all the same articles, ads, materials, and information as the original, providing an extraordinary look back in time. Get face-to-face instruction from the worlda€™s best woodworkers such as Roy Underhill, Curtis Buchanan, David Marks, Christopher Schwarz and more! Marc Spagnuolo, the Wood Whisperer, will share his woodworking wisdom during an all-day class at Highland Woodworking on Sunday, May 2. Beginning with his favorite power tool accessory (a sharp hand tool), Marc will explore numerous ways to achieve added efficiency, accuracy and fun in your woodworking shop.
US PHOTOS of your woodworking shop along with captions and a brief description of your woodworking.
This month's SketchUp column shows you how you can use SketchUp to design a draftsman's table. Just wanted to let you know I received your new leather shop apron that is on sale right now and LOVE IT!! I needed one that could see hard service in the shop and this unit will do the job and then some. And all day long you can see ongoing demos by Marc Spagnuolo, well known around the cyberworld as the Wood Whisperer.
Rocker Studio Online, a special website that caters to budding Maloof-inspired rocking chair builders. However while limited supplies last, a special purchase allows us to offer the Earlex HV5000 Spray Station for only $269.99. This month we have two beautiful Shaker-style projects built by woody hobbyist, Anthony DiSabatino, who used wood salvaged from his in-laws' 1860's barn.
This month we've got Erno Szentgyorgyi and his custom hand carved pieces and unique architectural elements, as well as his high-ceilinged shop designed especially for his larger pieces.
In this month's "Tips From Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop", Jim Randolph offers some tips on the repurposing of your old worn out t-shirts and "other" clothing items for finishing applicators.
Question:   I'm looking at your throat plates but was wondering if what you're selling will fit my Craftsman Saw? To prep the finish for the final coat or to just "get the trash out", wet sanding is the key to success. This month, Steve has some tips on preparing and getting ready for an outstanding winter full of great projects, enjoyable shop time and a passel of fun.
Join us in Atlanta for Jeff Miller's upcoming Designing and Building Chairs Class Nov 2-3, 2013.
By using Extreme Pumpkin Carving as the guide for your pumpkin carvings, you will have people stopped-in-their-tracks with these outstanding designs.You can accomplish these projects with regular household knives or your woodcarving tools.
More than merely a reference for dedicated turners, this book is designed to help both beginners and advanced turners improve their skills and broaden the range of projects they tackle at the lathe, by presenting a carefully crafted combination of how to advice and interesting, engaging projects.
This newest version of Kreg's pocket hole jig has 6 brand new features that will help significantly speed up your cabinet joinery production as well as increase its versatility.
As with all their other tools, Festool has reinvented the power jigsaw to make the Carvex the finest jigsaw on the planet. We are pleased to offer Benchcrafted vises, the finest workbench hardware made anywhere, along with detailed plans for building your own Roubo-style workbench. For this new column, we find out the innovative ways for woodworkers to do their craft without a shop. For this new monthly column, we invite you to SEND US PHOTOS of the work you have managed to make without a shop, along with captions and a brief history and description of your woodworking.
Mirka's innovative 'net' sanding concept is unlike any other sandpaper on the market today. Errors regarding pricing and specifications are subject to correction.Some items may sell out and become delayed or unavailable at the advertised price.
We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. Jeff Fleisher explains the set-up of the jig as well as some of its uses and why it is a great addition to your workshop!

Our good friends Morton, David, Matt & Steve demonstrate some of our most popular products for your benefit in these tours. Steve has also completed his 5S Compliant Clamp Rack project and discusses its design and benefits. In this article he discusses the processes he went through and the tools that helped him along the way. At Highland Woodworking, we have a variety of vendors who put a lot of time and effort in handcrafting each of their tools that might one day end up in your workshop.
Shenandoah Tool Works currently specializes in mallets and awls, both of which you can find for sale at Highland Woodworking. Purchase a Kapex from us during February 2015 and we will deduct 10% from its regular price. It's perfect to square miter gauges and table saw sleds, sliding miter saws and even for checking assembled casework parts, frames and cabinetry. You'll be able to approach your next woodworking project like never before with our AFFORDABLE new European Workbench. All the grits, sizes, shapes and abrasive types are now conveniently organized and explained on this new single page of our website. One of our readers, Bill Scheuerell, has come up with a great alternative and we wanted to share.
It will inspire and entertain both kids and adults, and is the perfect medium for capturing the imagination of a child you would like to introduce to woodworking. Wet sanding allows the finisher to achieve a very smooth and professional looking finish and also one that truly compliments the hard work we all put into our projects.
Our good friend Morton demonstrates some of our most popular products for your benefit in these tours.
6 Fore Plane (sometimes called a Try Plane) is a size midway between a Jack and a Jointer, but has many different features than its smaller and larger counterparts, which Lee Laird provides great detail about within his blog. Steve also explains and experiments with the Dado Depth Torture Test, and invites you to do so too! It is, rather, a guide by a master woodworker to principles and practices that will help you achieve continual improvements in your woodworking. High efficiency brushless motor, tool-free FastFix Blade Chuck, interchangeable bases, strobe LEDs and auto triple guide blade system provide smooth, vibration-free cutting unlike any you've ever experienced. This month we meet Anthony Ward who was able to build a Toy Chest for his grandson Bradya€™s 6th birthday in his apartment without any major power tools, only a jigsaw, cordless drill and belt sander. Their patented construction consists of a dense network of polyamide fabric threads onto which the abrasive grit is bonded. Lastly, Steve discusses his recent visit to Highland Woodworking this past January where he hung out at our Open House and taught a 5S Shop Organization class. Today, with renewed interest in hand tool woodworking, folks are using scrub planes to add surface quality to cabinet panels, distress tabletops and even thickness boards.
We wanted to give our readers and customers a little background about where their tools are coming from and the toolmakers who are making them.
Got a chance to resaw a bunch of red oak today and it cut through the 7in red oak like butter.Thanks for the super fast shipping and a great product.
Solidly constructed from beautiful European beechwood, this bench will help to inspire and enable quality woodworking. Test-drive the newest products from top toolmakers inside the marketplace with over 45 exhibitors! This open weave, net structure means that no dust particle is more than 0.5mm from a dust extraction hole. With some sweat equity and a flea market smoothing plane, you can create a very inexpensive scrub plane and enjoy a rewarding project. The handcrafted Padauk hardwood handle is designed to be held in one of two positions: "choked up" with the hand at the edge of the steel head when maximum control is required, or near the end of the mallet for chopping out large sections (for example when reducing a background or creating a mortise). The result is phenomenal dust extraction across the entire abrasive surface and virtually dust-free sanding! The concentrated weight of the mallet head provides a focused force that will make you feel as if the mallet head is doing all the work, not you! Shapes, ornamentation, choice of woods a€“ the maker has a lot of flexibility with dulcimers.

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