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It was only a matter of time before Philippe Starck turned his mind to such a popular, desirable and useful object as the iPad. As one of the best-known contemporary designers in the world, Philippe Starck has placed honesty and integrity at the core of his designs producing quality products with longevity & durability. Jean Prouvé developed the Compas table in various models around 1950, applying the construction principles that he is known for. Jean Prouve (1901-1984), architect, engineer and designer, was endeavored for using highly-developed technologies for metal processing to achieve innovative constructions and forms in his design and architecture work.
The oiled solid wood table tops & powder-coated (smooth) molded sheet steel frame in 5 colors give Compas Direction an individual touch. Since 1979 he has taught and done research at the Florence Faculty of Architecture; he is master-professor at Domus Academy in Milan and at the Universita del Progetto in Reggio Emilia.
They had two more huge successes in 1994 with Jasper Morrison?s ?Bottle? and the ?Lyra? stool from the Italia Group, their bestseller.
The resulting creation is a lamp that satisfies our daily need for information, entertainment and always-on connectivity.
The top is offered in aluminium, stem in extruded aluminium, base in zamak to increase stability and it is offered with a chrome-plated finish. He seems to understand, better than others our dreams, our desires, our needs, and our responsibility to the future, as well as the overriding need to respect his fellow citizens by making his work a political and civic act. 1949) has a wide range of design, but is very well known for his consumer goods and interiors.

Its origins lay in the energy of Arturo Eisenkeil who, in 1959, was seeking to find applications for a new, plastic-based material that he was importing to Italy from the United States. All share elegantly splayed, narrow legs in metal, a formal reminder of a compass - in French, "le compas".
He played a decisive part in developing construction techniques using light-weight prefabricated parts in architecture, making use, among other things, of insights from the airplane and automotive industry. With its compact dimensions, the table is ideal for the contemporary, largely paperless, home office, where it cuts a fine figure.
He grew up in Nancy, France surrounded by the ideals and energy of "l'Ecole de Nancy," the art collective to which his father, Victor Prouve, belonged.
The fluid-shaped plastic seat allows for comfort and the 5-star swivel base, with gas piston height adjustment, allows unrestricted movement.
Two years later, the ?Bombo? stool designed by Stefano Giovannoni would gain enormous success and cultivate an imitable style. He was educated in Paris at the Ecole Camondo and founded his first design firm, which specialized in inflatable objects, in 1968. Called ?cocoon?, it was a spray-on plastic coating that Gavina and Cassina recognized as having potential for lighting design.
In his Ateliers Jean Prouve, the company he founded in 1947, he started not only producing light-weight components but also his own design drafts.
Its goals were to make art readily accessible, to forge links between art and industry, as well as between art and social consciousness.

He has worked with companies like Alessi, Flos, Magis, Seiko, Pulsar, Cappellini, Kankyo, Saab, etc. From the outset, Flos established its reputation through its innovative lighting designs from Achille Castiglioni. He has worked both independently as an interior designer and as a product designer since 1975.
His designs reveal knowledge of the materials at hand, a commitment to collaboration between artists and craftsmen, and an attention to evolving technical developments. After designing the private apartment interiors for French President Francois Mitterrand in 1982, his career began to climb significantly.
In 1947 he built the Maxeville factory where he produced furniture and undertook extensive architectural research on the uses of aluminum. Though he used sheet metal extensively, he rejected the use of steel tubing which was popular with the concurrent Bauhaus movement.

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