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With the growing demand for high end gaming and the ongoing need of trying to cool systems down so you don’t lose performance Puget system as built a 6 gallon and 12 gallon DIY kit that you can get all the parts you need to build a custom submerged PC. Christ, last time I read your journal you were programming a calculator or something - when the hell did this start? I have written many posts about Eric Mack and his various projects but nothing he has done has inspired me more nor made me more proud of his special abilities than his announcement of receiving his business degree in Organizational Management. Author, inventor, creator of the Internet (with Al Gore) and comedian, Eric has a sorded career in IT and he's proud of it. PC case modder and hardware hacker Mike Schropp's latest project, the "Bio Computer" sees a working PC put to use as a garden in which to grow wheatgrass (Photo: Total Geekdom). Schropp then went about refitting the case, a process which involved fitting clear acrylic panels so the soil in the wheatgrass bed and the interior workings of the machine could be seen. When completed, Schropp used a variable-speed fan and Prime95 to ensure the CPU ran flat out in order to carry out tests growing wheatgrass. It's an impressive and thought-provoking project, not least because of the just-plain-weird sight of a computer with grass growing out of it says something about all the screens, hard edges and wires with which we increasingly surround ourselves (perhaps less so, the wires).
I have had my share of office desks in the past, and I am always trying to find a better more optimized one. SCAN recently demonstrated the different features on their Swordfish PC computer desk, and if you ever wanted a desk that matches your geekiness, this is the one to get. So let’s get to the important part of it, how much will the Swordfish cost and when can you get one? Puget systems are a leader in custom computer systems, and STE Oil is the leading provider of Mineral oil. To date I've been using a very simple circuit where the lower 32KB of addressable memory is mapped to ROM and the upper 32KB is mapped to RAM.
It takes me back to my days with GW Basic (and later Qbasic) alone in my dark room with nothing but the white glow of the text of my Basic code for my Text RPG. I worked hard, and I managed, with God's grace, to keep my grades up throughout the entire program, graduating Summa Cum Laude, with a GPA of 3.988.
After 25+ years since you started working with computers you have a degree - and that, my FRIEND, is better then me at 32+ of computers - you "ARE THE MAN". Eric’s mind has amazed through the past year or so that I’ve gotten to know him and talk with him. Mindful Gizmag readers may recall his triple quad-core i7 LEGO PC housing that we looked at last July. But where you or I might buy in a cactus or two, an amaryllis or perhaps even go bonsai, Schropp opted to merge the organic with the inorganic, putting the waste heat from a PC to use with an integrated flowerbed. After a bit of research, Schropp decided that wheatgrass was the ideal species to grow from a PC, being drawn to its simple clean look and attractive hue. To get extra heat into the soil, a series of acrylic tubes protruding down inside the machine were introduced, which in turn proved the ideal place for a substrate to allow drainage of the soil.

It also makes a definite if somewhat ambiguous statement about waste hear and personal electronics. Of course, the features a desk has incorporated into it are of the utmost importance – especially when you are constantly under a tight schedule and you are trying to make every second count. The computer in itself is overclocked, it has liquid cooling and a whole lot of insane specs that would make gaming a lot more enjoyable and epic.
Well, you might want to sit down and brace yourself before continuing to read this since this desk starts at around ?20,000 (depending on what specs you want). You are blessed by having such a wonderful and loving family to support you in your journey. Might I remind you, though, of the saying that you use with us, "It's not over till it's over." I know that you will be great getting your Masters degree. He’s the kind of guy that never stops learning and never stops until he has solved the problem that he’s trying to solve. The years I spent studying at The Master's College have been wonderful and God made it possible for me to finish the race, despite some tremendous obstacles. He patched together a working PC from various donated machines, selecting a 3-GHz Pentium 4 processor, which is notorious for running hot. These were put in place and made watertight using a needle dropper, acrylic cement and a thin layer of silicone. SCAN recently announced that they will start selling their Swordfish PC desk, which is about as much science fiction as you can put into a desk to date.
With that being said, you will pretty much have a computer that will at least last you a couple of years, which is a long time for a computer these days. I enjoyed the weekly presentations and the character profiles that you asked us to do each week. I too have taken many classes over the years since high school, but I had to go to work as soon as I graduated & up until a few years ago it wasn't relevant that I have a degree.
Plants require water, and water and electrical devices are not the most amicable of bedfellows. You know, those epically designed computers that seem to put more attention on the visual effects than the actual specs of the computer itself. One of my earlier laptops was a Toshiba, but I didn’t stick with the brand as its ratings went down.
Having had to recently go out into the job market it has been very difficult to overcome my lack of formal education. There is a potential problem here; the Z80 uses particular fixed addresses for certain operations.
If I get this system working well enough I may design a PCB for it that could be much smaller, more robust and easier to solder than the existing system and get that professionally made up, and publish that online for anyone who really wanted to put it together themselves, but the real fun is in designing and building the hardware yourself, not copying someone else's plans. All you need to do is haul that big wallet of yours over to where they are selling this badboy and then have someone help you lift it up onto the counter so you can pay.

The choice of BBC BASIC is partially nostalgia, as that was the first proper programming language I learned myself! Thanks for the comment and kind words! I slipped the photos from the presentation to James, who included them in the graduation banquet presentation. Thanks for sharing your story and know that you are inspiring others to acheive their goals. As which 16KB bank switched in at power-on is effectively random, the easy way around this problem is to ensure that the first 256 bytes or so of every ROM page has the same code assembled on it.
My suite of eProductivity tools, along with the Getting Things Done skill's that I've acquired while serving The David Allen Company, also came in handy for managing the multiple projects and actions I needed to complete along the way.
The wiring was becoming a bit of a nightmare (I think I'll need to solder to the track side of the stripboard to fit in that other RAM chip) so for the moment the system can only access the fixed 32KB RAM.
If this looks needlessly complex, that's because it can run at either 10MHz or 2MHz and generates the E signal for LCD access.
I took every computer course I could, starting with Assembler language on the IBM 370 Mainframe and the Xerox 530 batch system. Then, the Heathkit company announced a second generation build-it yourself computer kit - the Heathkit H8 Microcomputer.
While my friends were saving for cars, I bought a computer with no keyboard or CRT, just an Octal keypad and a set of 7-segment LED displays.
With the help from my college professor, I rented my first office and started my own computer consulting business. I began consulting and training at the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force base. I guess you could say that while my formal schooling stopped many years ago, my education has been focused and continuous.
I also wanted to show my daughters that even though dad had a successful company, a university education was to be highly regarded.
I did not see how I could spend the money for tuition and take additional time away from business development in order to study.
I wasn't too sure about the timing, but knowing the wisdom of my wife and her track record, I agreed to do this. The Lord unmistakably opened several doors and a few months later, with letters of recommendation from my pastor, friend and client, David Allen, and a few others, I applied to The Center for Professional Studies, at The Master's College.

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