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Not a few people who think if homemade coffee table ideas are something that is not easy to do.
Do you want to build a conversation piece for your living room that is alive with back-story and rich character? We’re going to start by working with the old planks of barn wood from the architectural salvage store.
Once you have confirmed that your planks are all cut to size, and you’ve laid them out in a box shape, attach them together in the corners with “L” brackets.
Using your cheap, 1” wood planks for the hardware store, we’re going to create the bottom of the storage base for the coffee table.
Use your chop saw to cut strips of wood that, when assembled together as in the Step 3 photo, will perfectly fit into the barn wood box (see the photo for Step 3).
Slip them into the box to confirm that they will all fit – and make sure that they can slid down past the raised “L” brackets! Once you have confirmed that they will all fit into the base of the box, assemble them on the floor and strap them together using three of your scrap pieces of wood, cut to size.

Use a power drill and appropriately long screws to screw the legs to the base of the coffee table.
Attach your window to the top of the table using the vintage hinges that you purchased from the architectural salvage store. Function of the coffee table itself is to put drinks and food to your guests and as a place to relax in the morning or afternoon.
Every person who comes to your home will feel comfortable and be amazed with creations that you created. Stay up to date on our latest findings by liking our facebook page at Home and Heart DIY Facebook! Wether thats color or the center decor, this will truly make a one of a kind statement piece for your living room, family room, or any room! In the middle of the coffee table is usually placed vase of flowers to beautify the living room. You can also add a foot in each bottom corner of suitcase to make it look more beautiful and elegant.

Handmade coffee natural wood materials,idea for making end and natural wood materials,idea. Fourth, you will get a tremendous inner satisfaction because you have creates your own coffee table.
But if you have a suitcase with a small size, you can make it as coffee table for accessories room. To have this coffee table, you need unique homemade coffee table ideas that right and smart.
For example, you can use your old suitcases to your coffee table turned into a unique and beautiful.

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