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I have raised Mountains for some time now and are my favorite out of 8 different breeds I raise. That is one cool looking coop!  Nice work, you should be proud of yourself and your grandkids will have so much fun with the chicks.  Lifetime experience! KirstenPartner to Vanessa, prouds Mommies to Emmett (5) and Harrison (3), 2 Shih Tzu's (Ruby, 10 and Maxie 2), 3 Buffs(Big Bertha, Millie and Ellie), 2 Araucanas (Joo Joo and Ms. Whether you’re a crossfitter looking to get in more gymnastics skill time or someone looking to outfit your home gym with a new piece of equipment, parallettes are a great option.
I hope the video is self explanatory, but if you have any questions about how to get these parallettes together, let me know.
If so, click the the orange button below to get my free guide detailing the only 5 pieces of equipment you need to turn your garage into a world class strength training facility. We decided to try and make our own bucket deer feeder since there seems to be a lot of interest in feeding deer as well as interest in building your own homemade bucket deer feeder without spending a lot of money.
This is what our bucket deer feeder looked like when we took it down to put on the spinner feeder. Return from the Bucket Deer Feeder Page to the Deer Feeder Page.You can take a look at Ryan hanging the bucket feeder with the spinner feeder here. Maybe some where closer to home.Sunny LOL Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink?

My Mom always had chickens when we were kids growing up, and my children loved to go to Momo's house and the chicken yard was a big draw.
Is it heavy enough to not get blown around much in a storm or is it secured to the ground somehow?
So now that I have grandkids (four of the little critters) I wanted them to have that experience at my house. I bet the 3 inch stuff cost you.    Two suggestions-  put in a 3x2 tee with a cleanout adapter and plug in.
So after salvaging a brooder from a friend I took the two oldest (4 year olds) to the feed store and let them pick out some chicks.
Contact me for hatching eggs and a link to my website.God Bless America!  If you can't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them!"Science and religion are not at odds. You will always be in our hearts.Happy are those who dream dreams and do whatever it takes to make them come true.
Watch out for those sharp rocks there, friend.PVC Innovation World Might as well be comfortable out on the water right? They were all named, even had to make name collars for them (which of course did not last long).  The next step was to design and build a chicken yard. What could possibly go wrong?Jokeroo This homemade boat made out of plywood is quite a work of art.

I then divided the length up by 48 inches and drilled 1" holes into the top of the 3" pipe at predetermined distances. I also spray painted all the white pipe black to maybe protect them from uv rays that might weaken the pipe.
Lastly I attached some hot wire insulators to the 3" pvc pipe around the outside of the pen to keep the mean critters away. You may be able to see in the background of this pic, the feeder I made out of a leftover piece of 3" pipe and and elbow. I had to angle the tube to get the elbow where it would hold the feed.As the chickens get bigger I will tweak up with nests boxes and such but right now I moved their brooder cage in there attached a ramp for them to go in and out as they please. I  am proud to say that except for attaching the chicken wire to the top half of the coop I did everything myself.

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