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What radius of blade does it use?  It might be better with an electric version instead of internal combustion? Have you tried anything heavier - say a 7x9 RR tie?Hydraulic would work better as you could start and stop the chain for each cutting action ? thus reduce the wear on the chain and bar, etc.
More updatesScrout: Yes, my engine is going to be hanging out on the open end of the frame when sawing at the extreme edge of the tracks. OK, here is the first real big day for the chainsaw millI needed six posts for an outdoor horse shelter I am building in a few weeks, so its time to fire up the chainsaw mill. Yes some mechanical help is required to load that frame onto the truck rack, as it is about 350 lbs. No, you heard right, 5 hours of work, 25 minutes of actual saw blade making chips and 4.5 hours of take the tractor get a log off the wagon with the log tongs and place it onto the milllook to find the 6x6 inside it, turn it a few timesturning the logs for each cut redogging the log downadjust the blade heightrestart the engine make the cutthen move the cant and put it on the truckThis was the first time sawmilling and the first time for me even to be around a sawmill.
This whole sawmill idea popped into my head in late October, research and design in November and construction start in mid December through to spring. Wake up Saturday morning, get everything packed and head out on the road to the in-laws place.

This is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for, thanks again Hilltop, you have been extremely helpful to me. Eventually I'm looking at getting a smallholding and a small mill is a high priority on the purchase list. I took a chainsaw clutch hub and got a chain sprocket that had the same bore and was about the same size. When the tightening force of the bolt is applied it will only be on one wall of the tube, so I should be good there.That should take care of it. The oil bottle above is presurized to 5 psi it has a selonoid valve that open when the motor runs and the pressurized oil flows thru a needle valve for the bar lube.
I have drilled the blade mounting holes (not in pic) with a brazed carbide concrete drill bit. Just a basic bottle jack with a set of scissors to hold the top plate parallel to the bottom plate. It is held on the shaft with a set screw so it is easy to remove to replace the hub.Hydraulic power would be easier.

A pump is in orderToo much power for a single B series belt - The belt on this is a Dayco BP series and after all of this cutting it is cracked 90% through in one spot and shows a lot of heat wear. It runs on less power that a circular blade and you can be farther away.Was not an easy decision to go with the chain but it works. When I was pushing the saw through the log, I kept enough forward force to keep the engine on the edge of stalling out.
Swing blades mills typically make straighter cuts, this is partly due to the ease of sharpening so you always keep your blade sharp. Way too much demand on the belt and the small pulley would get too hot to touch after 45 seconds of use! With blade mills you often make smaller width and depths cuts this makes them straighter as well.

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