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With gracefully arched back and a variety of beautiful finishes, this Toy Chest is a great fit with just about any decor!
We spent most of yesterday running to Orlando for two different dental appointments, so I don’t have much interesting to tell you about that. I really liked this vintage flatbed truck towing a vintage Airstream trailer that Jim Swan photographed in northern California. Neil Hansen sent me this strange double truck camper that he spotted, but didn’t say where it was. Phyllis Schell saw this log cabin bus conversion parked on a street somewhere and thought it was worth sharing.
The log cabin theme carried over to this homebuilt camper that Rosalind Clifton found in Cody, Wyoming. Here’s another nicely restored vintage truck that’s been converted into a one of a kind camper. Here’s another memorable Class C that my pal Joyce Space found near Shelter Island in the San Diego area. This school bus conversion that longtime reader Ron Butler saw in Florence, Oregon brings back memories of the 60s, though folks say if you can remember that era, you weren’t there. It’s been a while and I’m not sure who sent me these last two RVs; this interesting truck camper built like a railroad caboose (top), and the tri-level contraption below.
Keep your cameras handy and the photos coming in folks, maybe we’ll have another round of weird and wacky RVs to share with you one of these days. The log camper is also in Cody Wyoming, the same guy owns them both (the truck and camper).
My homemade hammock is put to shame with these lovely products, I have a kitty that loves to swing ! It’s the perfect bed for any cat, and I can see my 15 yr old male lounging in it for the rest of his days, only bothering to get out to eat.

KidKraft® offers up some of the top-constructed Toy Chests available.The all-wood construction provides "heirloom" durability for a budget-conscious price, while the safety hinges on the flip top prevents it from slamming shut on your child's fingers.
I planned on putting accessories in the box so I needed to make the box wide enough for people to be able to see them. A while back I posted a blog of pictures of oddball RVs that we and our readers have spotted around the country and asked readers to send me any pictures they had of unique RVs they have seen in their travels.
John Lynch sent this picture and the one below, of a homebuilt Class C motorhome with a view to die for. If you Google it you’ll find a site the owner put together detailing the construction. Their newest product, available for the first time today, is the environmentally-friendly and affordable SnoozePal™ cat hammock-in-a-box.
I wanted a hammock for my cats, but they range the whole house and there is not a cage bars to hang a hammock from. It’s very practical in that it can double as a side table or I could put a little cushion on top so the kitties can share it. I have seven cats, a Scottish Fold named Madge, a Munchkin cat with very nice legs named Chicken, a Cornish Rex named Roy, a Ragdoll named Choyaka who is my personal favorite , a Sphinx named Sphinx, and three kittens from ze Munchkin cat’s litter named Greg, Murrey, and Jeff. I also put duct tape around the edges of the box so it was more stable (I used hot pink duct tape). Please leave a comment on this post with your feedback on the SnoozePal and you’ll be entered to win. On the other hand, you may look around and spot a Costume that changes your Costume plans completely. Kitty can sit comfortably in her hammock and survey her surroundings through the porthole windows on both sides, and the box is strong enough to support a cat or two on top as well. We are unable to ship factory direct items to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or APO or FPO addresses.

The SnoozePal is easy to assemble, the hammock is removable and washable, and the cardboard is, of course, completely recyclable. If an international winner is selected, Cat Above would be happy to send the SnoozePal if you’ll pay the extra shipping. Then I hand painted the pictures on the box free-hand (I've always been an artist so I draw pretty good). Then I put little holes in the cardboard to hold the tiara in place then I used craft pipe cleaners to tie it. I couldn't find a pink one large enough so I painted a paddle brush and used the pipe cleaners to tie it to the box. I put pieces of cardboard on the back where the slits were for support, so that it wouldn't give or break while I wore it.
I used white belting for the straps and attached parachute clips to make it easy to put on and off. Measuring is important in order for the box to be comfortable enough to wear and walk around in hands-free. I made the straps a little too high at first and had to make last minute adjustments so my head wouldn't hit the top of the box.
For my outfit I wore a wig and blue contacts to look Barbie enough because I look nothing close to her.

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