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You don’t have to stain the wood, but I felt like the color would hide some of the imperfections (which it did). I ordered some tea candles from Amazon, dropped them in the holes, stuck four felt pads on the bottom of each votive, and the wife wrapped them up.
Not bad for a project that doesn’t take much time or effort, but results in quality gifts.
Chad Chandler is a strategic marketing consultant and web developer to small businesses in the Upstate region of South Carolina.
You will learn all about one of the most exciting, mysterious and sacred trees in the world and the gorgeous Madrone wood hidden inside.
You will find here a wide range of wood craft gifts that showcase its secrets and inner beauty. And you will thrill to see the amazing habitat and blessings of visiting this part of the BC Gulf Islands. If you are looking for very special wood wedding gifts or wood craft gifts, then Arbutus Arts is the place for you.
If you love wood products, then these wood carvings made from the Arbutus tree will delight you as it has many thousands already! You can be sure you can find a rare and special gift that will be treasured for years and years. Our Arbutus Arts Culinary Collection features spectacular wood polished to 3000 grit for exquisite beauty. Our utensil products are ideal for both serving and cooking as the Arbutus tree wood is so hard, and will last for a long long time.
There is nothing better than wood as the finest material for cooking and serving your food!

Wood, non-scratch serving utensils are also ideal non-stick utensils when kept well oiled with a food safe wood finish. We save the very rarest Arbutus wood selections for our wooden sculpture, jewelry, earrings, pendants and keychains. Be sure to check out our West Coast Whale Knife, made in the shape of a whale to honor our killer whale friends, also known as Orca Whales, that the Arbutus Tree watches down from its heights on the bluffs overlooking the sea. Made from forest fall downs and dead branches and trees, and from salvaged sources, you can be proud that your gifts come from the most sustainable forestry practices.
BC or British Columbia's Gulf Islands are home to the rare Arbutus Tree and its cousin the Manzanita tree. So enjoy your stay and learn all about the Arbutus Tree (Madrone Tree), Arbutus Wood and of course BC's Gulf Islands and our own Gulf Island, Cortes Island, at the entrance to Desolation Sound. Eco friendly gifts that you'll love made from the sacred Arbutus or Madrone tree - completely earth friendly products using dead trees, branches and forest blow downsFind your left handedness solutions for the kitchen here! If you love the Arbutus Tree or if it is one of your favorite trees, then check out these tree poems! When I first started carving wooden spoons, you would have to say I was making very primitive wood crafts! All about food safe wood finish for your wooden utensils with walnut oil wood finish or mineral oil wood finishGulf Islands British Columbia: My Favorite Islands!
Subscribe to Arbutus Arts NewsletterQuestions and Answers about Arbutus or Madrone trees and wood, and Manzanita! Here are a few creative ways to use wood for Christmas decorating, and all using supplies from around the house.
When all else fails, a wood sign with a favorite quote or scripture or verse from a song always always works.

If you're new here or enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing by email to receive updates in your email inbox. The first post of this series is a DIY gift guide as these gifts take the most preparation time. Its wide range of grain colors and textures is unmatched, yielding strikingly beautiful wood gifts to the delight of many.
These eco friendly gifts are ideal choices for those special occasions demanding something unique or for a souvenir from the coast of British Columbia. Sometimes it makes me wish I sold chocolates so you had to come back for more all the time! Add a wood cheese spreader to wine and cheese baskets or corporate Christmas gift baskets for an exceptional gift. These wood crafts have thrilled thousands here on BC's West Coast Gulf Islands and now at last we can bring to the world our fine wood art through this site.
See Canada's Matterhorn - our Mount Denman - which hovers majestically over the fjords and inlets and islets of these protected waterways.
Making gifts yourself take a bit more effort but the result is an unique and personal gift which will definitely be appreciated! Our wood servers and salad sets will make your bowls and serveware stand out with the glory of fine wood. Made from Arbutus hardwood, these knives are great for buttering your toast, spreading soft cheese and pate or adding jam!

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