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I made a Fire Extinguisher Bracket (Holder) out of a scrap piece of 3" ABS plastic pipe. In the process (now completed) of creating a pull out shelf storage box as can be seen elsewhere in this forum. If anyone wants to take this up as well and wants access to the Photoshop file I created, just PM me with your email address. I also trimmed back the drawer bottom, front, and back pieces about another half an inch to allow more room for drawer slides if I want to install them in the future. Great thing is is the shovel also works as a handle for closing the tailgate from the inside without crushing your fingers.
A little different from the rest but i wanted a way to carry fishing poles without them sticking straight up in the air like all ive seen.
3 inch Zone suspension lift, Rubicon Express adjustable front track bar, 1.25 inch body lift. These are a great base for a rack project, and if you have one of those coupons from a magazine and catch a sale, they are dirt cheap. I have one sitting, waiting for when I have some time, to make a behind the rear seat rack for my LJ. I cut the basic shape with a skill saw and sanded with a belt sander (working the roller end of the sander over the shape.

We used this design to hold larger cylenders like oxygen and breathing air at the fire department. It has all the dimensions that will fit in the back of the yj, at least my 95 yj but I assume all yj trunk areas are the same?
I didn't account for the lock module on the door to go in as far as it does when the trunk door is shut so it pushed the whole box back a couple inches. I just used the bolts from the seat, lined up the bottom sheet to the seat holes, marked, and drilled.
I used one of the spare tire spacers to support the jack and keep it from bouncing (the one on-top is just to show what Im talking about). I have from time to time have to carry fuel and water so I am looking to mount 2 jerry cans somewhere.
Thinking of making a mount that goes thru the center of my spare wheel and mounting one jerry can. Going to frame it around the actual box which will be made out of 8x4' sheets of MDF wood (I know it's not the best, but it was the cheapest for what I needed). You can't see all the layers in the images below, but it is very detailed with each piece of wood in there. Now the back of the box is not flush with where the trunk drops off to the front seat area.

You'll have to keep the top sheet off to install it to the tub, or make the top sheet hingable. I can ratchet strap the hitch hauler and it stops it from bouncing around and doubles the amount of weight I can carry.
How I was able to fit those sheets of wood in the back of my jeep and drive it home with a burnt out clutch is beyond me, but I did. I wouldn't recommend to use wood though, I took it to the dunes and accidentally went airborne.
I'm not sure of the exact measurement, just grab a tape measure and measure from the front to the drop off. Make sure it will clear that lock bracket and the brake light sensor bracket on either side of the trunk door when it is shut.
I actually just trashed all the wood and I'm planning on starting over another time with all aluminum.

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