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Another feature worth mentioning regarding Desktop shortcuts is Desktop Icon Settings, which is an old Windows feature.
And for those of you who aren’t old enough to remember, Microsoft used to allow a massive number of right-click functions. The trick is to LEFT click on the app and drag it to the desk top unlike previous Windows where you right clicked to drag. In Group Policy Editor, you can set different kinds of software, computer and user policies, such as setting up off time, adjusting network speed limit, blocking access to the Command Prompt, changing user and group name, etc.
On the Desktop of the computer, right-click a blank space, tap or point to New in the context menu and select Text Document.
Therefore, no matter when you want to open Group Policy Editor on your PC, you can double click the group policy shortcut to open it immediately. To get started, right-click a shortcut icon on your desktop followed by clicking the Rename option and delete the title. Now you should press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard and type 255 (while still holding down the Alt key) using the the right numeric keyboard. Once you’ve entered 255 press Enter key, and the desktop shortcut icon will have no title text under it as demonstrated in the screenshot below. Of course, you can rename multiple items in a similar fashion by removing the text from almost all the desktop shortcuts you have.
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That folder is only accessible if you elevate in Windows 10 - Im' not sure how to elevate "explorer.exe", but you can copy the shortcut using pwoershell or dos "run as administrator. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged shortcuts or ask your own question. What should I do if I want to work in computer science but my advisor actively despises the field? Can the US military seize a country which has the ability to kill anyone based on the victim's name and face?
Now you just need to open the Start Menu (click on the Start button in the lower left corner), find the item you want to create a shortcut to and simply drag it and drop on the Desktop.

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Furthermore, to realize these settings, you have to open the Group Policy Editor time and time again. It gives you instant access to frequently used programs, files and folders, and you can organize these shortcuts however you please.
It should be noted that you must the numeric keypad keys only and not the ones located to the top. The icon of the item will remain intact while the actually text will automatically disappear.
However, following the first rename command, you will need to enter the Alt + 255 command twice when remaining the next one in line. The thing is I only want to remove the shortcut arrow from specific shortcuts and not from all of them. I dont really find this particularly helpful but since you wrote a whole article for a small tip, shouldnt it be more convenient?
It would be at the convenience of your complaining and dissatisfaction regarding the effort the author went through.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Any file or folder deleted by you is sent to Recycle Bin from where you can restore any deleted file or folder. It works for almost all items displayed on the Start Menu, including programs and features you can find on the main list (left part of the Start Menu) and tiles (right part of the Menu). Click it, and you’ll be presented with a Themes window with a link to Desktop icon settings. So, you may be in consideration of finding out a convenient method by which you are able to open the Editor instantly.
By default, the Windows desktop displays a title below every shortcut icon you create, which lets you quickly identify items you want to open. Make sure the Numlock is On on your keyboard and enter 255 with the little number keys next to the regular letters.

For some shortcuts, you may see the “File Access Denied” dialog window, upon which you can simply click “Continue” to finish renaming the shortcut. It’s because the Alt + 255 character is basically a blank name  and Windows doesn’t allows you to put same shortcut filenames to two files.
You can customize storage space allocated to Recycle Bin and you can even bypass recycle bin for direct file deletion on Windows 7 PC.
From there you can put and remove This PC, User’s Files, Network, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel icons. In this case, you can try to make a group policy shortcut on the desktop of your computer, and use it to directly enter the editor. Whilst one can easily rename the shortcut icons, Microsoft’s operating system doesn’t offer an option that removes shortcut text altogether. Therefor, for the third icon enter Alt + 255 three times, four times for the fourth icon and so on. For easier access, you can create Recycle Bin shortcut icon on desktop and even place or pin it to Windows 7 taskbar for quicker access.Create Recycle Bin shortcut icon on Windows 7 desktop1. If you want to simplify the display of icons on your Windows desktop, for let’s say, spruce up the aesthetics, you can remove these labels from desktop icons via a simple trick. After you’ve renamed all icons on your desktop, it will look like the ones shown in the screenshot below.
Clicking that icon will open Recycle Bin on your Windows 7 computer.Change icon image of Recycle Bin shortcut [optional]1. Then select icon image of your choice (preferably the default recycle bin icon image) and click OK button. Then click Apply button to change icon image of the Recycle Bin icon to the selected image.Add Recycle Bin shortcut icon to Windows 7 taskbar1. Shortcut Icons A allow you to quickly access various applicationa and features of Windows operating system.

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