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The failure to love, to love something bigger than oneself, I think, is the root cause of American failure today.
Either that or invade Mexico, take over the country, and correct the idiotic selfishness that has reigned there for the last 200 years. It is capitalism without concscience, aggression without direction (--worse, with acute social autolysis), and control without purpose.
March 29, 2006, at 9:00 am, Bad Eagle officially declares war on los generales de la Ciudad de Mexico. Mexico exports more than 1.8 millions barrels of crude oil a day, making it one of the top ten oil exporters in the world. An unusual commentary on this is found in a movie, The Professionals (1966), when a left-over Mexican revolutionary (Jesus Raza) laments that a revolution is like a woman. And while America is promoting all this patriotism, Americans must be ready to rise up against our own corrupt government, which has obviously lost it's way, abandoned its principles as a republic, and betrayed its people.
But it isn't about being humane to illegal people who have come, willfully, illegally into another country. It's about the covetous poor, who believe America owes them everything, and about liberals who want to see America changed into something it never was, and was never meant to be. Because some businessman puts his business above patriotism, because some weak soul decides to hire an illegal in order to get ahead, or even to survive, is no cause to respect, honor, or "legalize" the illegal immigrant.
DEPORTATION: It's like another politically incorrect term, some leftover from the '60's, from the civil rights crowd.
The aversions associated with the word "deportation" are therefore misapplied to illegal Mexicans. So, when we are speaking of people's "rights" and human civility, let's not abstract the ills of the Jewish Holocaust and apply them indiscriminately to every human crisis. But, the fact that it could happen, at all, is stunning to all who fear God and take the name of Christ. It is a most staggering prospect, to know that the Creator should so imperil His honor--to the point He should allow humanity to murder Him--in full denigration and satanic ardour. The report is that Abul Rahman, an Afghani man who converted to Christianity some fifteen years ago, is facing the death penalty in Afghanistan now. I used to think conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter were a little over the top themselves, when they daily rant against the idiocies of liberalism. President Bush stuck to his guns during the attacks of liberal opinion pushers (not true reporters) at Tuesday's press conference.
Note: FrontPageMagazine interview by Jamie Glazov, with David Yeagley, about the new Bad Eagle Foundation. Of course, we would not look to ancient Greece for intruction in righteousness, but there are a few interesting points of iniquity worth noting. Of course, there are those godless academics who in their self-righteousness have declared sexual abstinence as the very cause of male aggression and violence. Onawa Lynn Lacy is a student at the University of New Mexico, majoring in English and American Indian Studies.
Whatever happens at the Miss USA pageant, Onawa has already pronounced a message of hope for Indians. But, there are two rather stunning women in the story, which, given our recent tributes to women of the world, ought to be noted on this special season.
Being Jewish is a grand and great calling, and one burdened with great sacrifice and suffering. In our eastward tour of cultural femininity and romance, we end up in Mongolia, land of the ancient war lords. It is a bit of a lonely place, it might seem, and certainly alcoholism is very common among the youth of populated areas.
In traditional anthropology, the Mongols were considered the base gene of the Mongoloid race, accounting for the descendents of Japeth. So that would give Mongolian women control of one third of female attraction power in the world.

Interestingly, the Chinese are also to be credited with the development of opera as well, though it developed much later. So in the end, we find a people quite willing to excell in western ways, but maintaining perfect respect for ancient ways.
Oriental people express their personal emotions generally with much more subtlety than westerners. There have been many dramatic romances in western media, all about the western male's approach to the Oriental female, from Puccinni's Madam Butterfly to Marlon Brando's Sayonara.
India hosts a unique culture, with perhaps the oldest written language (Sanskrit) surviving today.
Anyone familiar with Biblical history will immediately think of Vashti, Shahbanou of ancient Persia, wife and queen of Ahasuerus (Xerxes).
I attended the international Iranian Studies Conference of 2002 (at which I delivered a paper called "David and Darius, the origins of internationalism"), and I met some modern Iranian "feminists." There was a panel discussion on social models, and one woman advocated a French model for feminist reform. I notice that Iranian women outside Iran have entered the typical western mode of sexuality and powers of the visual image.
A dramatic exposition of her powers is in the young widow in Nikos Kazantzakis' novel, Alexis Zorbas, better known as the movie, Zorba the Greek (1964), directed by Michael Cacoyannis. In the Greek story, a young man becomes absolutely enamoured with the young widow, beyond his control. The widow in Zorba the Greek represents the worst of it, the beauty, the sadness, the supersition, the violence, and the passion. BY MELANIE PHILLIPS WRITING IN THE DAILY MAILThe story of 13-year-old Alfie, who reportedly has become a father by 15-year-old Chantelle, is a fable for our tragically degraded times. Alfie Patten: A product of sex education without boundaries Britain's rate of teenage pregnancy is the highest in Western Europe. Children who bear children are condemned to a kind of half-life of adultified childhood and then infantilised adulthood, with a catastrophic disruption of their normal development to maturity. A  This was massively reinforced by the approach to sex education and contraception by schools and public health professionals, who treated children as quasi-adults capable of making their own life choices. MPs broke cover for the first time to insist that Mr Clegg must go - with Vince Cable being tipped as his most likely successor. Well, despite the fact that I am starting to feel my age, this post is actually about achieving that well worn, loved, aged and antique look on furniture and decor items.
A table that was previously painted white received a beachy blue layer of paint on top of the white. My two favorite stains for aging are Minwax Red Mahogany and Minwax Early American, but any dark color stain would work just as well. Now use a dry brush technique* to brush on the stain and then wipe the excess off immediately. Once you have achieved the antiqued look you like, be sure to put a protective coating over your furniture. Now, don’t be distressed, grab some sandpaper and a brush and give your furniture an age boost! It is amazing how there are always more things to learn about painting & distressing furniture. I am one of those blog readers that scans the pictures first and then goes back and rereads. The only way to truly eliminate dents and scratches (too deep to sand) is to fill them with wood putty. If you think you can sand out the majority of the scratches, again you will need to try to match the stain. If it were me, and I truly loved the table but couldn’t live with the dents and scratches. Each one of these cases is a personal tragedy, and not just for the babies who are thus conceived.
Where this is done well, as in some American schemes, it restores sexual restraint by instilling in young people a sense of selfrespect and self-worth.

An antique gold 80’s mirror can be transformed easily with spray paint and some stain. Have no fear, one of the more forgiving ways to give your object an antique tone is to use a glaze. This is easy enough to do, but if you aren’t wearing protective clothing you might get some freckles added to your body. It sounds like there is no perfect solution to your dilemma, but that doesn’t mean it is hopeless. It is linked to premature sexual activity, creating a vicious cycle of family fragmentation and teenage promiscuity.
Then go to town on the furniture, a good example of this can be seen on thisA Trashy Coffee Table. The challenge with a new piece of wood is that it lacks the deeper darker color tone of antique lumber. I was afraid when I sanded placed down they would look weird white, but i was able to get some wood to show up and then the glaze just aged the whole look!!! That isn’t going to be easy and you may end up making the scratches and dents more noticeable.
More and more individuals are being locked into this cycle of abandonment, emotional chaos and harm. A few years ago, sex education advisers in East Sussex told headteachers who booked a youth theatre group to deliver a message of sexual abstinence in their schools not to repeat the invitation because it was 'unsuitable' for pupils. When the wood is exposed and it looks blonde and a€“ well a€“ brand spankin’ new.A  Add some stain!
THEN, to protect from further damage, I’d have glass or plexi-glass cut to fit on top of the table to protect from future damage. BreakdownBut that in turn is part of a wider and deeper breakdown of the fundamental moral understanding that once kept our society together. There has been a profound loss of the very notions of self-restraint and boundaries of behaviour, promoted from the top by narcissistic liberals and funded at the bottom by welfare benefits which cushion people from the consequences of their actions. Our society has abandoned its children by treating them prematurely as adults because it is too selfcentred to look after and protect them. The liberal intelligentsia pushed the idea that the worst things in the world were stigma and shame.
Illegitimacy was accordingly abolished, lone mothers provided with welfare benefits and any talk about the advantages to children from marriage and sexual continence was to be banned as 'judgmental'.With all constraints on behaviour vilified as 'moralising', sex became treated merely as a pleasurable pastime devoid of any spiritual dimension. Paul does not encourage celibacy, and in fact condemns those who advocate it (1 Timothy 4:1-3).
Much of it looks like propaganda for sexual licence; some of it is so exploitative it verges on the predatory. 2205-1766, so women participants may have distinguished Chinese drama even much earlier than the Yuan Dynasty.
Destructive Indeed, it is not so much education as indoctrination into ideas underlying the global family planning movement. The International Planned Parenthood Federation promotes sexual pleasure as a 'valid sexual and reproductive health need for all young people' - defined as aged ten to 24. And the first director of the World Health Organisation, Dr Brock Chisholm, believed the barrier to civilised life was the notion of right and wrong, and wanted children to be freed from such prejudices through introducing sex education from the age of nine.Many of our sex education programmes - some aimed at children even younger than nine - stem directly from these destructive and nihilistic ideas. Far from merely aiming to reduce teenage pregnancy rates, they are an attempt to restructure family life around a sexual free-for-all. So underage children are provided not just with contraceptives but abortion counselling without their parents' knowledge.
The truth is that the more sex education and contraception are provided to children and teenagers, the more they fall pregnant.

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