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I wrote Plotz online voxel sphere generator to help people build hollow spheres made out of blocks in Minecraft. I hope you find Plotz useful and please leave feedback here on my blog with any comments you have! 17 May 2014 02:27 by KevblogI can't quite do 600, but the new HTML5 Plotz goes up to 256 blocks. HONDA BIG RUCKUS (PS250)The Big Ruckus (PS250) was a well engineered but low selling scooter from Honda, introduced for 2005 in the USA and Canada. I reminded him that we already had a landscaper willing to have 3 guys here for 3 days to build it. We got a head start on the weekend by having 16 yards of Triple Mix soil delivered late Friday. Now, if your main goal is to build a green driveway of this type, you will not need nearly the quantities we ordered (some of it was destined for our backyard). Bright and early on Saturday morning, the Earthco truck pulled up and dropped off the chip gravel (also known as HPB or High Performance Base).
We’d already cleared, and excavated the area by bobcat (Destroy to Create ), so the first step on Saturday was to move the mountains of soil, sand and gravel into the right places and level everything out. The joys of being self-employed are that you can have a holiday whenever you want (in theory anyway). And as a neighbor, I know you must be wondering when we are going to plant the trees, shrubs and Ecolawn grass seed! Franke, your green driveway is looking very beautiful and I admire the work and planning you have done. Where there are no overlapping blocks between one layer and another, just use dirt blocks as 'joiners' and remove them later. After several years of strong sales by the smaller 50cc Ruckus, Honda responded to enthusiasts cries for a larger Ruckus with their 250cc Big Ruckus. He admitted to some dumb ideas in the past but put the blame for this one squarely on my shoulders. Well, I certainly couldn’t go on my regular 5-mile walk, or lift free weights, when there was real, physical labor to be done to build our green driveway. One neighbor walked by shaking his head then 5 minutes later returned with frozen ice cream treats. This was a little tricky as the twelve tonnes of chip was covering up the future driveway, sixteen yards of soil was where the flagstone footpaths were to go, and the six tonnes of sand was where we wanted the garden.
Well it doesn’t come premixed, so we shoveled one scoop of sand for every scoop of Triple Mix soil into the wheelbarrow. Our next step in this transformation will be to do all the planting: from the drought-tolerant grass seed, to the wonderful trees, shrubs and plants that, so far, exist only on paper. Both my neighbour and I need new driveway surfaces and I told her about the eco friendly kind that I saw in a magazine a number of years ago.

I am considering building a garage and now would be the time to replace my asphalt driveway that is deteriorating. You can then print out a schematic or use Plotz's on-screen step facility to see how the sphere is built layer by layer.
This way I made sure I wasn't going to end up having to dig out any mountains or cliffs that might be in the way. You can use a soil calculator to estimate how much you’ll need of each, based on the area to be covered and the depth of each material. Most gravel and aggregate companies can only ship one material at a time, so the delivery fees add up quickly.
I’ve never shoveled much in my life, but I remembered the laborers in 2003 who had dug deep trenches around our house for waterproofing. Proper compaction of each surface ensures a solid base that guards against unevenness and future craters. Then we dumped it onto a sheet of old plywood and mixed it like we were baking a giant cake. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Swimming Pool Design With Easy Set Pools Pool Packages Diy Swimming Pools Pools For Africa Arizona Pools Discount Above Ground Pools Inground Pool Designs Pictures How To Build An Inground Pool Building A Swimming Pool Pool Waterfall DesignsJoin the discussion on this Swimming Pool Design With Easy Set Pools Pool Packages Diy Swimming Pools Pools For Africa Arizona Pools Discount Above Ground Pools Inground Pool Designs Pictures How To Build An Inground Pool Building A Swimming Pool Pool Waterfall Designs using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. This size took me a day to make (In Real Life) although I did mine all the materials myself.
Always enter (and exit) from the top in case there are any creepers about and light up the inside with torches to stop skeletons and zombies spawning inside at night. The expensive price ($5500) and yellow-only color selection in the first year didn’t help sales either. Tip: Order in as large quantities as possible to minimize (or eliminate) the delivery fees which can equal or exceed the cost of the goods.
It was very coarse, and although the instructions from the manufacturer say it’s okay to use, it is difficult to level because each piece is so chunky. This prevents horizontal or vertical movement and provides a load-bearing surface strong enough to drive on.
I have a fairly large grassy lawn in front of my house with a driveway that borders the lawn.
Switch between Plotz and Minecraft while building using your OS hotkeys (alt+tab for windows).
Sales were again tepid which led Honda to drop the Big Ruckus from its North American lineup after 2006.
It reminded me of pushing a vacuum cleaner but I didn’t mention that metaphor lest it take the macho fun out of it. After reading about your project, I think it’s time to convince the men in our lives that we CAN do it if we really want to. I would like to install something that indicates where to drive as I don’t want people driving over the lawn and I would like a surface that can be plowed in the winter.

Back in Japan, the Big Ruckus continued to be sold thru 2007 before production ceased altogether. Overall, sales were few but the people who did buy the Big Ruckus generally rave about this scooter.
I’d suggested that we might want to hire a couple of strong university students, but no. I pretended not to notice that Bill was matching every shovel I put in with one of his own. If I chose the perma turf plastic pavers how would people distinguish the driveway from the lawn? The Big Ruckus was first introduced as a 2004 model over in Japan, so all told the Big Ruckus was produced from '04 - '07 but only sold in North America for '05 - '06. The gulag reference was a bit odd, but I took it as a compliment that I was pulling my weight.
While not making as much power as similarly sized dirt bike or sport bike, the Big Ruckus's motor was a very low stress design that has every indication of being an extremely long lasting engine. The PS250 accelerates well to 50mph, steadily to 60mph and then wanders from there to a top speed of 70-75mph. A good workout, but the green driveway still appeared to be an elusive figment of our imagination. With performance like this, you can hold your own on the highway and cruise nicely on backroads.Storage & ConvenienceWhat about the rest of the scooter? The backrest can be folded down to become a passenger seat (see below picture), or it can be folding up to give the driver big time comfort and unveil a handy storage area. Other clever touches including a parking brake, handy access to the front of the engine area and a trip odometer.
Another nice perk is that the Big Ruckus has both a centerstand and kickstand as standard equipment.
The open concept design of this scooter suits creative individuals who will be able to bungee nearly anything down in the large space behind the seat.DiscussionSo what is there not to like?
Besides the 30-40mph acceleration deadspot, extended high speed riding can be somewhat tedious without an aftermarket windscreen as the Big Ruckus offers virtually no wind protection in its stock form.
There's also the styling which always seem to polarize people into a strong opinion one way or the other.Ultimately, the Big Ruckus is a love it or hate it scooter. If you don't, have a look at Honda's Reflex which shares the same motor and many other similarities while offering more normal styling. If you hate the styling, none of the cool features like the adjustable seat are going to change your mind.

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