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Bird Houses also play an important role in the conservation of birds in heavily populated sub-urban areas where very few natural nesting places are found. Wooden Bird house can either be used for decoration, or you may be trying to attract certain types of birds. After building our first attempt we realized that we needed A LOT more twigs and grass to fill the nest out.
Birds have different physical and behavioral needs thus there is not one type of wooden birdhouses that would be suitable to all. If you want to attract a specific species, in most cases, you will need to build or buy a specific type of bird house.

The types of birds that will nest on a yard or property are largely determined by the habitat so many decorative wooden bird houses can be used. Most bird houses are square or rectangular and feature an entrance hole, keep in mind the size of the box and the size of the entrance hole will attract certain species. If particular specie is preferred, then the house and the environment should be ready to welcome it. It makes no difference whether the wood is slab, rough-cut or finished, as long as the inside has not been treated with stains or preservatives. There’s no need to paint cypress and cedar, but pine and plywood houses will last longer with a coat of water-based exterior latex paint.

Reflective metal makes sense for martin houses up on a sixteen-foot pole, but when it’s tacked onto the roof of a wood chickadee house.

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