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December 4, 2014 by Kristi 42 Comments I was working at the condo again yesterday, and I reached a point where I had my fill of doing the non-fun stuff, like scraping wallpaper (which I finally finished!), painting walls, caulking baseboards, painting interiors doors, etc.  So I decided to work on a fun, creative project. Then I placed a thin bead of wood glue in each groove, and glued the pieces together.  I set it aside to dry while I moved on to the other steps.
Then I lined up the second shelf with the second set of guide lines and glued and nailed it into place in the very same way.
With the backing glued and nailed into place, the bookshelf was very sturdy, so I could stand it up, and use a wet rag to wipe away any excess wood glue. I thank you for the encouragement you again project that your readers can duplicate your tutorials (I apologize about being doubtful about the time frame – esp. Love the project, but being someone who has all the bookshelves filled to breaking point I have an objection – the trim on the shelves is decreasing the height available for books and I know it would drive me nuts.
Other than that, I too find it funny that you think others should be able to finish faster than you! The trim is this case serves as more than just decoration, it adds strength to the shelves so they don’t sag over time from the weight of all those books!!
I would love to spend a week with you, just following you around and watching you at work and helping. 0If you are too tired of sweeping your books and magazines everyday from your living room, you definitely need a customized book shelve to organize them more smartly. In accordance with the desired wall space and your book shelf requirements, sketch outlines on the plywood with a scale.
Now that you have the desired measurements for a book shelf, cut out pieces using a circular saw for the frame. In about an hour the wooden adhesive will dry up and the frame ready for mounting up the wall.
Under-window bookcase - free woodworking plans, In building a bookcase, woodworkers use the same basic principles they would use when building cabinets. Build wall--wall built- desk bookcase, Learn build wall--wall built- desk bookcase unit. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
Thanks to my father for introducing me to this style of shelving, and who built a particularly fine example (using stained fir 2x4s and 2x12s, black washers, and brass acorn nuts) which is at least 25 years old and still in use.
We'd been meaning to build these for over a year to replace a bulky entertainment center plus some cobbled together shelving for our TV wall. The 2x2s would be strong enough, but there might not be enough contact area between the upright and the shelf. Want to showcase your well read nature to your snobbish neighbor, and yet short of cash supply to buy a brand new bookshelf? As always, our first pointer deals with the practical stuff you need to consider before starting out with your DIY endeavor.
We have compiled a basic list of tools which should be sufficient for constructing your bookshelf.
We already talked about your lumberyard turning the plywood into manageable boards with the required width. After drying up the parts, it is high time to cut these pieces according to the heights and lengths of the bookshelf set by you. Now, after the cutting is done, it is time to transfer the shelf measurements on to the legs, by marking them. This is a pretty straightforward step which entails the attaching of the supports to the legs. A sturdy plywood hanging strip will form as the main support of the bookshelf against your room’s wall. The next part of this step involves the fixing of the top facade of the bookshelf on the top two supports and the hanging strip, between the legs. Before this step, the framework of the bookshelf should be complete with the tightly fixed legs and supports with the hanging strip. After adding shims from bottom to top as needed, the whole framework with the embedded shelves should be structurally balanced. The hanging strip is then to be firmly anchored to the walls by boring holes along its vertical surface and then screwing them. I spent about $60 in wood and screws for each bookcase, which was pretty good considering they are solid wood and fit the specifications I needed. I started by first “painting” on some strong English Breakfast Tea.  It changed the color just a bit. Then I took a hammer, nails, and sandpaper to it to add some character.  Denise absolutely loves them and they look perfect in the spot we have them in her living room. I have been following you for a while now, and have always been truly inspired by your amazing talent…and this just reinforces all that inspiration! I get so nervous when it comes to building things from a {plan}, I like to design more in my head. Make a complete list with all the material needed for the project, as well as with their size, before going to the local lumberyard. When building a bookcase you have a large variety of options, starting with the materials you could use up to its design and shape. Smart Tip: If you want to keep expenditures as low as possible, you could use a softwood like pine or plywood that has a hardwood veneer. The next step of the project is to install the top of the diy bookcase, as well as to fit the wooden shelves into place. Smart Tip: Use a color matched pencil to fill the head of the nails or use a good wood filler. Smart Tip: Work with great care and attention, placing the pilot holes as to correspond to a wall stud. Smart Tip: In order to enhance the look of the bookcase, you should apply several coats of wood stain.

Thank you for reading our article about how to build a bookcase wall and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects.
This one explains where you need some strength & where to think about the decorative touches that can make a huge difference.
PLUS since you are not planning on using any of the items again – you can use it as a selling point that everything comes with the condo! I have been looking for a lowline bookcase to put under shelving in my pantry, but I haven’t been able to find anything to suit the space. So, here we have a relatively easy step by step guide to build your own customized book shelf.
The number of shelves your book rack needs can be decided after categorizing book section needed. One of the goals of this Instructable is to avoid the unnecessary overbuilding that I frequently see on this site, and that I see every day working in the residential construction industry. Another book lover too , we just moved and pared our collection down to about 8,000 books .
The town I live in was destroyed by earthquakes in the 1930s, but we haven't had anything significant since then. I did not see any mention of adding grooves that will ride over the all thread to keep the shelves in place. In the case of bookshelves, if you want the furniture item to be of a large height (that is above 8 ft) , lumber components like pine or oak chunks can be very costly. For this you can always take the help of local lumberyards, where they cut the pieces adequately according to your fit.
They include the pretty normal furniture oriented stuff like square, pencils, handsaw, chainsaw, measuring rule, hammer, screws and of course a set of nails. Other than that we would also need sandpapers, glue, wood shims, wood fillers, primer and paint.
For the reader’s convenience, we have broken up this segment into the chronological steps pertaining to the whole process.
Now before you start ripping these boards into the preferred lengths, the components should be sanded and then primed. To start the process, you should first measure the height of the room space (in which the bookshelf would rest) and then cut two bookshelf legs from plywood boards corresponding to this measured height. This can be easily achieved by laying the legs fitted to each other, and then using a square to transfer these marks. This can be achieved by simply applying glue on the inner facade of the legs and affixing the individual supports one by one.
Now, as the whole bookshelf is supported by this hanging strip, we should make sure that the screws are fastened at the optimized areas to improve upon the firmness of the wall secured structure. I could picture these on both sides of my TV and with her design for a TV cabinet underneath. These are fantastic and I can’t believe it took only $60, I totally need to learn how to build stuff but am so scared to try.
I build a farmhouse table for my first project (and I was five months pregnant at the time).
Would you please list (a very detailed list) of exactly what tools, or benches, or whatnot I would need to be able to complete such a project? If you want to enhance the look of your living-room or you just need a proper storage space to deposit your books, building wooden shelves is a great idea. Most of the yards have complex say that are able to cut the wood at the right size accurately, without damaging the edges.
Drill pilot holes, to prevent the lumber from splitting and add a good wood glue, to enhance the bond. A simple bookcase with a traditional design requires a significant investment, as solid wood boards are pretty expensive, but they will last for decades if are properly built.
Place a piece of 1×8 lumber between the supports, otherwise the shelves might not fit into place properly. Afterwards, join the two sides of the bookcase together, by installing the backing support and the bottom support.
Attach the bottom trim into place, made of 1×5 lumber and secure it with finishing nails. Therefore, first you have to drill pilot holes in the wooden support and countersink the head of the screws. Therefore, you need to fill the head of the screws with wood putty and let the compound dry out for several hours.
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You must have been a carpenter in a past life and your old projects are coming back in your new DIY life! There’s no better feeling than starting a project and seeing the finished masterpiece. Similarly, the required number of shelves will have a width of 14 inches, but the length can be altered as per requirements, let’s say 30 inches.
Once you have all the required wooden strips for the book shelf, assemble them for an outer frame. Turn the frame upside down and fasten the clamps at the four extreme wooden ends of the parallel strips.
Good for you for sticking to your guns; see what I mean about everyone wanting to over-engineer everything? If you need to dramatically increase the spans between uprights, or really dramatically increase the load-carrying capacity (like to hold bricks), you could use 2x material, but it shouldn't usually be necessary.
It needs to be just long enough to catch a couple of threads and snug down without punching out through the cap nut.

Thanks to your great write up I was able to follow to make a small version for what we needed.
In this regard, the bulky bookshelf is no different; since, all the components that you will need is covered by sturdy veneer plywood and of course a saw to cut it. So, you can always opt for hardwood veneered plywood, as it is more economical and has more strength that conventional wood. You should then start measuring the width of the room space, and then cut the horizontal shelves and the top facade in accordance with the measured widths. Further marks or plywood scraps can be used on the line of the edges to identify the width of each shelf. For improving the structural bearing, the individual supports can then be nailed to the leg.
Now for the fixing part, we can drill holes along its side and back edges, and then push screws through them. I will say each time you learn something new and it gets easier and easier.  The second bookshelf was better than the first.
I read your post about people not commenting and sadly have to admit-although I have enjoyed many of the ideas and how too’s on the blogs- this is my first comment. This is my passion and I am truly blessed that I get to do this job daily {happy dance} Glad you like the bookcases! I can’t WAIT for the weather to warm up a bit so I can make more stuff Bookshelves are definitely on my must do list (I swear my books procreate like bunnies). Nevertheless, there are many things you have to consider before beginning the actual project, such as the materials you are going to use or the design or the shape of the furniture. On the other hand, you could also use a table saw or a circular saw to get the job done, but the end result cannot math the quality provided by a professional machinery. Plumb the legs of the bookcase, using a hand level, before installing the backing and the bottom supports. Make a list with all the components required for the project and cut them at the lumberyard.
I'm not a very exciting mom, but my daughter was at her cousins for the week and that's the only day I could do it and have it be a surprise.
Initiate the model with two parallel strips at two separate ends and glue the top and bottom with extreme ends of the parallel strips. I've been having good luck recently with stain conditioner, stain, and Sherwin-Williams Fast Dry varnish.
In fact, the advantage of wooden bookshelves is that you wouldn’t need to make any structural changes to your wall. In this regard, it is best to choose either oak plywood (for its sturdiness) or birch plywood (for its affability to paint jobs).
However, when proceeding with the step, two things should be remembered: firstly, we should keep the recesses free between these vertical supports with the help of plywood scrapes. In case of any disparity, we can always hammer in wood shims for maintaining a uniform level. For example, you can attach a complimentary kickboard (a shelf with cover) at the bottom of the furniture, or even add nosing to finish the front edges of the shelves. They are perfect for this families home, and I’m pretty proud of myself or actually building something from plans! I LOVE the idea of building & making things but have always lacked the confidence to just do it. A bookcase with a traditional look requires a significant investment, as you need to use solid wood boards, but you could decrease the costs by using plywood that has a solid veneer.
In addition, we recommend you to make sure the shelves are horizontal and the corners perfectly square.
Now, cart the wooden book shelf to the wall with clamps fixed to the drilled screws.  Position it in symmetry and you will have your own custom bookshelf in no time.
So, put on your carpenter’s hat, and go through the brief steps for creating an indigenous bookshelf of your own. For convenience’s sake, we can also slide in the bottom most shelf along the lower support recesses for balance. And, as for the entire bookshelf, you should give a good paint job, or at least coat the furniture item with a resilient protective layer like polyurethane.
These could be passed down for generations and it would be extremely special for a young woman to know her great, great grandmother made them.
Now place the shelves at a desired divided distance of the frame with glues at all three inner sides of the shelf strips.
Secondly, the top most vertical support should be fixed 0.7-inch short than that of the total leg height. Because the shelves have length is similar to the distance between the parallel strips, they will fit perfectly in the frame.
Wouldn’t he be surprised to see the new bookshelves I built when he comes home from vacation this weekend.
Thank you so much for posting these projects, this gives me something to look forward to everyday, thank you…. Couldn't find the acorn nuts after 4 stores so I ordered them on Ebay ($10 inc shipping for a box of 50). It cost a little over $200 when done (CT prices are high) but it is much sturdier than a Melemie shelf that would have been this price.

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