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You can get the inspiration from these awesomely PC builds to create your one or get awestruck. Recently boosted by ASUS GTX 980 graphics cards and the 34-inch widescreen monitor, L3p D3sk is one of the visually coolest PC rigs available for gaming.
Made by the father of Reddit user DrKuha, this PC rig is entirely built from solid red-wood obtained from the remains of a 100 year old water tower.
When Reddit user recoilfx’s wife demanded tidiness, his desire of a fully equipped flight stimulator gave rise to this baby.
Dewayne Carel wanted to bring a piece of the game Fallout 3 into the real world, and thus was created Fallout 3 Case Mod. PDXLAN 2015 winner, Cosmos Cruizer is a modification of the Cosmos from Coolmaster and the hot orange color gives it an edge. Creator Mhike Samsin wanted to utilize the classic monochromic color scheme to create a customized designed case with a minimalist outlook and the end result was Project Sabertooth which ultimately won the Cooler Master’s 2013.
A custom made keyboard inspired by Pink Floyd, seven monitors and an array of laptops, well that sounds like a piece of gaming heaven and is made by Dr_Nic_T61. 2,400 wooden blocks of 1 inch each has been combined to form this set up which is inspired by the Cecil’s airship from the Minecraft episode Final Fantasy IV. A while ago a client came to NAR Design with some very specific details of the gaming PC that he wanted to build.
We worked through each individual part and suggested some changes including the use of an Intel 330 SSD (Solid State Drive) and the Seasonic PSU (power supply).
The build was for both performance and aesthetics – it needed to look good and perform well so the use of the giant BitFenix Shinobi XL case with side window was chosen.
Choosing the “K” model Intel i5 processor that is unlocked for overclocking allows plenty of room for tweaking and combining this with liquid cooling provides the best opportunity for stable performance.

After discussions around GTX670 model graphics cards the EVGA GeForce GTX 670 was chosen due to its clean lines.
The components in place taking full advantage of the BitFenix Shinobi cable management system. The CPU filter slides out from under the case (above left) and the Intel Guy (thanks to the Intel Technology Partner Program) signs off on the build with a photo through the window (above right).
The best simple article from custom build computer showing you the easy steps to build a Custom PC Case. We can design and build a custom system to meet any budget to help you get the most out of your next computer. We’ve searched all around the web, like communities and contests to scoop out some of the best PC builds for gaming purposes and showed it here.
We have picked some of the greatest PC builds from Reddit, which are stunning and you could also try to build one like this. Influenced by the neon green and black colors hosted by NVIDIA, Etienne Hostein has created Green Way with 3 way SLI setup of GTX 970 GPUs and water-cooling system for an enhanced gaming experience. Made by a Thai fisher and loaded with Intel Pentium G3220, Coolmaster V8 GTS, Asus H87i-Plus and Coolmaster Hybrid Pro, this rig won the 2nd place in Cooler Master’s 2013.
Flying Coffin is the ultimate flight stimulator which is compact yet fully rigged flight stimulator which can be completely stacked away to het a tidy home office.
Loaded with Asus Rampage III Extreme mobo, 4x 120GB Corsair Force GT SSDs, extreme water-cooling, 2x AMD HD7970 GPUs, 6x 2GB Corsair Dominator RAM and Intel Core i7 950 this is bound to provide players with a never before experience at a cost of about $5000. Utilizing perused medical arm chair handle to create a flexible monitor stand is a class in itself.
It has been created by Thorkon who is quite popular for his Minecraft themed customized cases.

What started as a joke has made into our list of favorite because of the excellent utilization of space. This case has two 230mm fans, one in the front and one in the top as well as a 120mm fan in the back, however the choice of the Corsair H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler meant that one of the 230mm fans would be removed. Some of the materials you require include windows molding, silicone glue, velcro, aryclic window, 80-mm fan and a fan guard. If you want to paint it, you need to wait until the window is cut to avoid spoiling the paint job. It is loaded with all the specification of a desktop, but gets connected via a single cord.
This truck shaped rig can be transformed into a robot with movable limbs by simply tugging and twisting.
The acrylic panel you use on your window does not matter but you can choose to use genuine glass to reduce the weight of the case. Smaras brei»?MegaTobias21: Hello, very nice video but would now like to ask the first tablet which is used in your car I am interested in particular how the plate to fill and whether the car all the one which Tablet PC use, or could have a Nexus 7 because the car mainly used for plate listen to the radio, navigation, listening to music via usb sticks and 2 but it could be next plate will be filled and that would not be too quickly emptied what you need if you could gave some information about all of thisi»?onehitter151: What about wifi? And how would i separate the lows, mids, and highs,, : ) i guess i could buy a separate crossover to do that.

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