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A large flat-screen television is a must for the big game, but a large black blank space on your wall isn't quite so captivating during dinner parties. One way to get the maximum benefit from an oven is to have one that is installed in a cabinet. Apply glue to the area behind the cutouts and secure the 4-by-19-inch pieces with the box nails. Place the two end-face frame pieces (1-by-2-by-80¾) on the worktable with the long edges adjacent to each other. Apply glue to the end edges of the bottom rail (1-by-2-by-27-inch lumber) and one of the top rails (1-by-3-by-27-inch lumber). Apply glue to the end edges of the remaining rails, and place them on the lines drawn in Step 1 of this section. Paul was no help at all.  He said crazy things like—why don’t we order one from Home Depot.  And I looked at him like, perhaps you do not understand what I am creating here? We put a marble base in the bottom of the cabinet.  Paul did all the measurements, cut it absolutely perfectly, and installed it—while I congratulated myself on being a genius for thinking of it.
Not only do you reveal the most beautiful projects on your blog you always make me laugh in the process. That’s good to hear, we’re definitely going to look at quartz when we finally get around to the kitchen.

Having said that, I may ave asked for it as I uploaded a picture of a sperm and tagged him in it stating it was him in a baby pic. I think any wood will be fine for a bath, probably your bigger concern is how you’re finishing it, what kind of grain you like, etc. I guess if we had kids we might want to consider it… But the two of us are the only ones using it.
Now that I’ve gone back over the post and looked at the first picture again, I *think* I want the mirror with the sconces, too.
A soffit (also called a bulkhead) is an architectural element that's often utilized to fill the space between the top of wall-mounted cabinets and the ceiling.
Although it's possible to build a soffit with a depth that matches the cabinets, that design route multiplies the degree of difficulty for the cabinet installer. Take care to build the soffit level and square; it will help simplify installation of the cabinets. Fasten 1x4s to the back of upper and lower 2x2 runners with nails or screws, creating a ladderlike construction. Building a wall oven cabinet will vary according to the dimensions of the oven, but there are some basics that are true for every wall oven cabinet that is built. Apply glue to the edges, and place the 30-by-80-by-¼-inch plywood on the cabinet and secure it with the box nails.
Place the 1-by-2 at the bottom of the cabinet (the toe-kick end) and the other at the opposite end. Apply glue to the face edge of the toe-kick cutout, place the 4-by-30-by-¾-inch plywood on it, and secure it with the finish nails.
This morning he took a picture of an egg (one of our own) wrote my name on it, uploaded it and tagged me. Plus, once the door is open even a quarter of the way, you have access to the whole cabinet… It was a concern I had before it was built, but once I started using it it became a non-issue. Although the space it encloses is mostly empty, it's a great place to run wiring, heat ducts, and other utilities. To run a soffit parallel to the joists, you'll probably have to add nailers between the joists.

Or you could install it front and center, and cleverly conceal it behind a handsome cabinet fitted with bifold doors, as we did here.
To determine the width you'll need, add about 4 inches to the width of your monitor and divide by 2.
They all have storage space above and below the oven that can be customized to user specifications. Next, apply glue to the 23-inch edges of the shelves, place them on the lines and secure them to the end panels with the finish nails. Place the 4-by-4-by-¾-inch block behind the toe kick and secure it to the bottom of the bottom shelf with the drywall screws. I want to do something similar, however I want to make sure I use the correct or best type of wood since it is in the bathroom.
I found the same inspiration picture you used and then I remembered your DIY cabinet and came back to look at yours again. If you're framing an L- or U-shape soffit, install the first part parallel to the longest wall, then square the other soffit legs to it. Add tapered shims, if necessary, between the upper runner and joist to level the assembly and to eliminate any gaps. 1x stock Choose boards for the sides wide enough to span from the wall just past the face of the TV, as it protrudes from the wall.
Otherwise, smear a touch of woodworker's glue or construction adhesive on both sides of the shim near its tip to secure it to the framing. For the top and bottom, choose boards at least 2 inches wider than the side boards, to account for the thickness of the doors and the beveled overhang.

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