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Christopher Schwarz & David Thiel offer simple, strong and fast ways to make this important furniture component.
In woodworking magazines, books and plans there’s almost always an omission that’s big enough to drive a truck through: How to build the drawers for the project. Well that’s all well and good unless you’re like a lot of woodworkers who have never actually chosen a method of drawer-making. This tricky technique uses only two setups on your router table to cut very strong drawers that are perfect for a project that uses drawer slides. The drawers go together like a puzzle, and the interlocking nature of the joint ensures their longevity. The thickness of your materials must be dead on (check it with a dial caliper) and you must make a couple more test runs on scrap with this technique than the others.

Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. WOOD Magazine Design Editor Jeff Mertz shows you how to build super-simple drawers using only one setup on your tablesaw.
To remedy this problem, we’ve come up with four good techniques for building drawers that our editors have refined after years of shop work. But based on your skill level and your particular set of tools, there is likely something here you can use for your woodworking. If the bottom is thicker than 1?4″ you’ll need to cut a bevel or rabbet on its edges.

The downside to the technique is that you need to be very persnickety in setting up your tools; sliding dovetails do not suffer fools lightly. The back of the drawer should be 1?2″ narrower than the sides to allow the bottom to slide into place at the rear.

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