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The next thing will be to gather some plain brown corrugated cardboard or a bunch of black and white newspapers and place it in the middle of your new bed on the grass. The only bit of sod busting you must do is an approximate 10 inch wide trench along the inside border of your new raised bed.
The first thing you need to do here is unroll some high quality weed landscape fabric in your trench with the excess going towards the inside of the bed.
Once you get the first row of bricks done, put down a bead of landscape block adhesive and lay the second row (you may need to cut bricks with a chisel or saw to fill in the last one on a row). Fold your landscape fabric in towards the center of the bed, trim off any excess beyond a 6 inch swath around the edges of your bricks. Whether you are bordering your flower beds or building a backyard oasis, Allan Block's Garden Wall Collection brings you the selection and style you need. Please note that all Garden Collection products are not currently available in all markets. Textured on both sides, our lightest block is the right choice for sturdy, garden beds and borders that last a lifetime.
For larger, more challenging projects, AB Jumbo Junior delivers the sturdy, rugged qualities you need. If you have a larger landscape project in mind, take a look at our Retaining Wall Collections - a full line of larger block designed and engineered for full-scale construction. Retaining walls are a necessity in many Colorado landscapes due to the rolling topography of the Front Range. Personal Touch can design and install a retaining or accent wall using a variety of materials to ensure longevity, aesthetic appeal, and affordability. STONE – Stone and boulder retaining walls and terraces provide an elegant organic beauty as well as a stable, hardy form of soil erosion control. TIMBER – Although timber walls are declining in popularity, many homeowners install them for their natural appeal. BLOCK & BRICK – Let us design a visually striking retaining wall for your landscape using colored, stamped, or textured concrete blocks and bricks. GARDEN & ACCENT WALLS – These new breeds of retaining walls will add a bit of elegance and allure to your outdoor space!

Visit our Blog or Landscape Gallery for great retaining wall tips and creative inspiration! Designer: Melanie, who by the looks of things has a horse farm in New Zealand, but who no longer has a youtube video for us to watch.
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When you reach your desired height, slash open the bags of dirt inside with a knife and empty them in place.
You can do different designs and multiple tiers using the same principles outlined above, you’ll see I did two tiers with the example for this blog post.
I would definitely have this blog bookmarked for when my yard is ready for a major renovation to make way for my garden.
My parents have wanted some landscaping done for a while and I volunteered to help them come up with ideas. And how wonderful that you did this island bed with retaining brick walls using those 7 easy simple steps to follow? Our winged-back design lets you build both straight and curved walls with one block and have a Classic Cut Stone finish.
Functional retaining walls serve many purposes, such as leveling, retaining, or terracing a sloped area, to create space and usability, to maintain an existing grade, and to curb soil erosion.
Our skilled staff will make sure that your walls have strong stable bases, compact backfill, and proper drainage for outstanding resilience!
Popular types of stone include Siloam stone, granite, river rock, and moss rock – a good variety for all styles! Colored and natural timber retaining walls are affordable and versatile options for any Rocky Mountain home. These affordable walls can stand-up against what Mother Nature has to offer, while leaving room for a completely unique design! Garden walls, seating walls, and other accent walls can be used in tiered or terraced landscapes to help grade the slope,  guide guests through your gardens, and break-up or tie-together large spaces.
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If you want a perfect circle you can do that as well, I recommend cutting a board to the diameter of your circle and using that as a guide. Then you can lay your first brick in the trench, level it with dirt if needed, and move along with the second brick. Your soil is now secure and shouldn’t run out between the cracks in the bricks (too badly anyways). If there are gaps between the front of your bricks and the lawn you can fill it with any leftover soil, or leave them be and they’ll fill in eventually by themselves. We can also incorporate a new or existing water or fire feature to create an atmosphere of raw nature or a tranquil backyard getaway! Our expert designer can offer a variety of materials that will complement your garden and the style of your home.
An island bed is a bed not connected to anything, such as your foundation or property line.
You should expect some settling over time on the bed contents as the grass way underneath rots, so feel free to really mound up that mulch. The spaces between the blocks needed to be small enough to prevent soil from leaving the circle but also needed to be adjusted so that the circle fit the space. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN. When done, pile bags of composted cow manure (or whatever type of soil you plan on using) inside the bed.
Once the first row was set I staggered the second row of block and completed the raised bed walls. Well, in additional to looking better, giving you the opportunity to improve the soil, and improving drainage.

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