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Remodelaholic build custom corner banquette bench, See how to build a custom corner banquette bench from scratch to add seating, style, and storage to your dining room.. Kitchen cabinets headboard bench - repurposed life, I’ve been busy making another headboard bench with kitchen cabinets. Remodelaholic build potting bench , How build potting bench reclaimed wood windows. I knew when I bought it that I wanted to make it into a bench!  If you look closely, it was in pretty rough shape with several gouges and scratches, so I also knew it needed to be painted. It’s been raining for four days straight here, so I finally had a few minutes to take some pictures as the rain was taking a break.  I am so pleased with how it turned out! Next, I needed to attach the side pieces to the back. For this part, I knew I wanted to use a Kreg Jr. Set your Kreg Jig to the proper depth buy moving the gray sliding piece on the side to the thickness of the wood.
The big difference between this and the $100 version is this requires that you clamp it in place, while the other one has a clamp built in. After sanding the edges just a bit to bring out some detail, I gave the entire piece a coat of clear wax. Hi Terri, you could screw through the back of the headboard post into the side pieces, like I did with the top pieces of each side.
I’ve been wanting to create a tutorial on how to build a bench using an old headboard for the back and it wasn’t until I found this cute headboard at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore that I could finally do it! I then cut pieces of old shelving I stole acquired from the Rebel house remodel for the aprons. After checking for square (and luckily, it was square!), I cut three supports to connect the front and back aprons. I have never been a huge fan of spray primer but I’m finding that there are some projects that require it and this was one of them!
I used Kilz 2 primer (my other favorite) on the frame but rolled it on with a sponge roller. In the meantime, I cut a piece of plywood (I used PureBond) for the seat 3″ shorter in length and depth than the finished measurement.
The headboard was perfect for a bench transformation – love the style , the solidity, and the shape.
I have fabric set aside for the green bench… I just haven’t found the time to make the cushions! Here at Designs by Studio C, I offer DIY projects, how-to information, and furniture plans. Once I made my mind up to build something, it didn’t take me long to choose a bench for my first project.
Part of the challenge in this type of project is that headboards come in all sizes and shapes.

What better way to celebrate my new found tool independence than to break down and buy my own Ryobi drill? Over the past year my blog has created some amazing opportunities for me, I’ve opened new doors and definitely stepped out of my comfort zone!
In the next few weeks you’re going to see how I’m adding a master bathroom and closet edition onto our house. I just inherited a bed similar to this one, no familial ties, but good memories none the less.
Hi CP ?? I used a good primer first and then followed it up with 2 coats of Homeplate from American Paint Company.
Set the guide (the round thing) on the bit to the proper depth according to the instructions. I planned on using my DIY chalk paint in Behr’s Cottage White, but because this was mahogany and the varnish had worn off in several places, I sealed the entire piece with a coat of shellac first to prevent bleed-through.
I wish I had stained or painted those pieces dark before painting so that when I sanded, some dark edges would show. They rested on the front bottom piece of the original headboard and the piece I added across the front. I thought welcome was perfect for a pineapple bench too ?? Thanks for taking a minute to come visit! I don’t know anyone in real life who repurposes things, so I love reading posts like this. I made this to sell at the Christmas Market I’m doing this November, but I’d like to keep it for myself lol!
A lot of the benches I’ve seen using headboards seem to look horribly uncomfortable because the back sits straight up. There are a lot of nooks, crannies, and angles in the headboard, and I really didn’t want to find thick spots or drips of primer there! The board I used is very old and smelled like pipe smoke when I sanded so I definitely want to block the stains and smell! This would allow me to add a 1×2 to each end so I could use the router to cut a decorative edge on the seat. The tutorial on how to build a bench using an old headboard is so easy that I want to make several! I’d love it if you linked this up over at Living Well Spending Less for Thrifty Thursday this week! My local HFH ReStore has another identical to it… Wouldn’t they be a great pair? I am finally getting around to making the cushions for it in black and white, won’t that be awesome?
If you like sawdust in your hair and paint under your fingernails, this is the place for you!

I think I will have an easy time following your directions to build myself a garden beauty such as this. I have a couple of headboards waiting for their bench debuts, but I always see it as so much work. Today I’m going to share with you what I did to my pineapple bed I found at Lucketts this Spring. He did arrive just in time to hold the final piece in place for me while I attached it…BIG help!
A Kreg Jig is a tool that helps to make pocket holes, perfect for attaching things at  ninety degree angles.
I toyed with the idea of cutting the legs off of the headboard, cutting an angle in the top of the legs, then reattaching them but it really seemed like a lot of trouble. I like to use Zinsser BIN primer on some furniture projects, especially when there is a previous finish.
I forgot to photograph this step as well but see my post on How to Salvage a Piece of Plywood Cut Too Short – it uses the same concept! Of course,  I plan on making cushions for the seat and back in coordinating fabric prints… What do you think?
I am a novice at woodworking so I appreciate you running through the steps you took to get your bench…which turned out very nice! I’m guessing I might actually get to it when it is too cold for me to work outside… Maybe! I was going to pass this along to my husband to do for me, but I’m emboldened to try it myself! If you have received any of these plans from Designs by Studio C via a downloadable purchase or as part of a paid compilation, you got suckered. Excerpts and links may be used with one photo only, provided that full and clear credit is given to me and H2OBungalow with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. I decided I would make the seat a little longer front to back so that bolster or lumbar pillows could be added thus making the bench a lot more comfortable! This particular primer, in my opinion, creates the perfect surface over the old one for paint! The ReStore has another headboard exactly like it and I am considering buying it to make “twin” benches! Now that my son needs a larger (longer!) bed I didn’t want to just lose the memories but neither did I want clutter.
If images or content are not original to me or H2OBungalow, then credit will be given where credit is due.

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