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I actually already had one corner floating shelf from way back when I first decorated our dining room.
Cut out a triangle piece for the top, a triangle piece for the bottom, and a long rectangular piece for the front.
Here you can see that by cutting the edges on an angle, they meet up with the seam along the edge. I then drilled pilot holes so the wood wouldn’t split when I screwed them into the wall.
From the corner of the wall to the front is about 11 inches, across the front is about 22 inches, and the sides are about 15 inches.

I have lathe and plaster walls and the spacing of the studs are a little different, but make sure that you find a stud to screw the brace into so the shelf will be more secure.
But it was painted almost the same color as the wall, so the slight spaces did not show as much. Whether it is big or small, I think everyone should love their home and I don't think it takes a lot of money to make a space your own. I post tons of budget friendly projects and by subscribing, you'll never miss a single one! You can see more detailed photos of the different joints on my floating side table tutorial.

Walls will not always be 100% square so even if you build the shelf perfectly, you will still have small gaps in places.

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