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First of all, platforms are and have been available to purchase for years from a number of equipment manufacturers. How you build your platform will depend somewhat on where it’s being placed and what else is going on around it. The raised, dedicated lifting platform is the ideal lifting surface if allowable in your gym.
Once you have the rubber cut, lay it on the platform along the outside edges of your lifting surface. Finally, screw the rubber down—I only screw the corners and a few spots on the outside edges.
If you need to increase sound-dampening, you can add a second layer of rubber (and an equally thick wooden layer under the top sheet to keep the lifting surface flat). Building a flush platform is very simple, but depending on how you do it, it can be easy or a nightmare. Well, if you're a sketchy lifter, more room is better, but really you shouldn't need much or any space outside an 8' wide platform - always guide the bar down rather than just drop it from full height and it won't take strange bounces. 2 layers of rubber will definitely dampen the noise and impact more - that's discussed in the last paragraph of the raised platform section. I used MDF board for my top sheet, problem I have is if I catch some of the MDF board with a weight plate the board dents. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive B105 Backstage contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE.
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How to build a platform bed : my family loves it, We’ve been very happy with the end result. How to build a queen platform bed design ideas, pictures, To search for all words in exact order, you can use quotes around the term. It was something I had to do at the time, so I figured I’d post some instructions while I was at it. I have yet to see and use one that I would want in my own gym, especially for the exorbitant prices they go for. For example, many CrossFit gyms prefer lifting platforms sunk flush into their rubber flooring to keep that space available for multiple uses.
Its advantages are better force absorption for dropped weights, meaning less wear and tear on both the equipment and floor underneath, better noise reduction for your stupid neighbors, and it creates a clearly-defined lifting area for the athlete.

Lay two 4x8 sheets side by side along the long edges, with the seam between the two running front to back. Many people use an unmodified 4x8 sheet of plywood or MDF here, which will work, but the plates on the bar will be just barely outside the edges.
If you use plywood, you need a quality sheet with a perfectly flat, smooth surface on at least one side.
You can buy this rubber from multiple sources—the best are as horse stall mats from ranch supply companies or as rolled rubber sheeting. Get these three pieces aligned and snugged up tightly against each other, then screw the wooden top sheet down. This is enough to keep it tightly in place, and you then have no screw heads where the bumpers will be dropping, so you won’t damage them. Its advantages are its simplicity, lower cost and the ability to use the space in multiple ways mentioned above. Once you have it perfectly positioned, trace its edges carefully with a pencil, or if you’re brave, you can score the rubber immediately with a utility knife.
I have made a flush platform in one gym in which the wood was not attached to the floor and worked fine, but it was based on luck of a good piece of wood, perfectly flat, smooth floor, and very precise, tight cuts. I trimmed the top sheet of MDF down 6" like you recommended and I screwed that down along the front edge and back edge. If you use a 6' mat, put the seam toward the back of the platform and just screw the corners. I have a garage that's 5mx2.7m, if I put the platform running down the length of the garage a squat rack will go nicely at the end of it but I'm a bit concerned that I might hit the walls! It will dent and chip if it's plywood too, but the difference is that it's a lot less expensive to replace a sheet of MDF than good ply.
Rubber over the hardwood first is key, then the more layers of wood on the platform you can do, the better. How to make ampere wooden countertop aside Jon Peters away Jon Peters How to bod a Wooden You force out use wooden platforms for just roughly anything. There's naught like the feeling of seeing your nipper children smile learned that they are happy. Building your own platform(s) is pretty easy and far less expensive, and, at least in my opinion, produces a better platform to lift on anyway. This is a good solution in these cases, but it’s not exactly a platform in the conventional sense of the word. The disadvantages are the greater cost of materials, time to build, and the fact that it disrupts floor space for other uses.
Then lay the other two sheets plywood on top perpendicularly (the seam between them running from side to side). This is where additional expense and work comes into play—you can buy rubber in 4-foot widths, which can be cut in half to create your two 2-foot wide pieces if you go with a 4-foot wide lifting surface. Again, you can glue it if you don’t even plan on replacing it or moving the platform.

Keep in mind that this will reduce the noise somewhat, but dropping heavy weights will be loud no matter what you do if the lifting surface is stable and hard as it should be.
Its disadvantages are limited force absorption and protection of the underlying floor, less noise reduction, and no clearly defined lifting area to keep lifters contained. In the latter case, be careful and be sure that you’re scoring in immediate proximity of the edge. This will allow the wood sheet to fit in tightly along the top edges but slide in all the way easily and not cause the rubber to bunch. Varnished surfaces tend to be slippery, so why spend all that time and money and brain cells finishing your platform when it doesn’t work as well anyway? Keep going back and forth between just spending a bit extra for a hardwood ply for the lifting surface. I'm assuming you didn't lay any screws along the side edges of the MDF where plates will be dropping.
If you want to be able to do that, I would build a more rigid frame and expect to hate your life every time you wanted to raise and lower it. So you wish to shit a platform or 2 to give your production more levels the precis of your frame and secure it together with Ellen Price Wood screws.
If you opt to use a narrower lifting surface, you end up with a leftover piece of rubber 21 inches wide that you can’t use on the platform without having seams. Some people mix very fine sand into the finish to create a slightly rough surface… again, a lot of additional work unnecessarily in my opinion.
As for the rubber sides, did you find 8' long mats or did you cut a 6' mat and then cut a smaller 2' mat? You can glue instead, or glue and screw, but I prefer not to because it prevents disassembly of the platform for moving or repair later. It makes the bar bounce unpredictably and hard to get set up in the exact position you want when lifting.
Find proscribed how to build a wood program under a front consignment washer dryer to raise them to angstrom unit more comfortable height from home base advance expert Allen Stewart Konigsberg Lyle. Lots of screws may be a pain to remove later, but you can remove them, and they’ll keep the sheets lying flat against each other. I think so—you can use the extra rubber for other projects, or for on the floor between multiple platforms. MDF is another option, which is convenient because it’s heavy and naturally very flat, as well as considerably less expensive than quality plywood.

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