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Because you’ll need to cut hooks into the front and back panels so they can hang on the end panels (see drawing, opposite), the dimensions in the cutting list (bottom) include the extra length for the hooks. The final parts you must make are the solidwood strips that act as vertical divider tracks and cleats to support the shelves and fasten the tops. Attach the vertical divider tracks and various cleats to the inside faces of the front and back panels and tops with glue. I applied satinfinish waterbase paint to the doors and burner circles and satinfinish waterbase polyurethane to the rest of the front, back, ends, tops and shelves. I used real replacement stove knobs (available where appliances are sold) to add a little more authenticity to the play set.
The tops keep the front and back panels seated in the end slots and are secured to the front, back and end panels with windowsash locks.
When all of the parts are in place and the tops are locked down, the kitchen is surprisingly stable. March 1, 2011 by dailygnome 8 Comments Last Christmas we searched around for a play kitchen for Hadley and not finding one we liked (under $200) Jason set out to make one himself. We also found a set of coasters perfect for burners and a stainless steel bowl for the sink. In the hope that sparking kids’ imaginative play will help them grow into  enthusiastic helpers when they’re teenagers (hey, a dad can dream), I designed a kitchen play set with just enough detail  to make it realistic without being cumbersome.

I used 1x aspen because it matches the color of the plywood, but you can use any relatively knotfree solid wood. Most consumer finishes are childsafe once they have cured, but I still prefer to use lowVOC finishes to limit offgassing (the release of fumes during and after curing). Attach the sash locks with the screws provided, being careful to position the parts so they align when the top is in place (photo 6). Trace the perimeter of the bowl on the countertop and measure in the width of the lip to mark the sink cutout line.Cut the bottom profile and hand holes out of the ends and the openings in the front panel, countertop and oven door with a jigsaw and a guide fence. Install the faucet in the two faucet holes you drilled in the countertop and secure with the nuts included with the faucet.
I also encourage you to be on the hunt in your local Craig’s List for a complete kitchen set. Then sand all of the parts smooth, using progressively finer sandpaper (ending with 220grit). Most flushmount cabinet hinges are snapclosing, but I was able to find one flushmount freeswinging hinge from Lee Valley Tools (see SOURCES ONLINE). AC plywood, although the panels might not be as flat and you will probably need to fill voids along the edges. If you plan to make more than one play set, you might want to create templates for each opening and use a router with a template guide to cut the openings.

You can use many methods and jigs to make circles; I used a jigsaw because I needed only two circles. Then attach the small cabinet handles to the freezer and undersink doors, and attach the large handles to the refrigerator and oven doors. If you plan to cut several circles, you might want to use a faster method that will produce consistent results, such as a circlecutting attachment for a router or a circlecutting jig for a band saw.
A set of handy grandparents made this kitchen for Milla using an old TV unit (found on Craigs List for $30) as a foundation. Amy saysDecember 9, 2010 at 11:57 amI have always lived the idea of a play kitchen for my kids so when my parents made this gorgeous one for Milla I was more than thrilled!! Stephanie saysDecember 9, 2010 at 5:31 pmMy mom made this fab kitchen from these plans bought on Etsy.

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