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For the sides – The hardware store sold pressure-treated 2x12s in 16-foot and 12-foot lengths. If there are weeds or grass under the bed, cover it with non-glossy cardboard and a couple of layers of newspaper to kill the vegetation. The wood for 3 raised garden boxes cost about $150, and the 4 cubic yards of top soil they required to fill cost another $150. On the other hand, these will last a long, long time, and they will improve the quality of our Joe’s garden bounty dramatically. If your soil is decent (ours isn’t), you could use something less than 12-inch-wide planks. That newspaper and cardboard sounds like a good idea and economical instead of landscaping plastic, I am getting ready to start a raised garden, myself. We just made raised beds for your yard, too!They are not as elaborate as yours.My hubby has the same hobby as yours, LOL! You really shouldn't used pressure treated wood as it is treated with chemicals that can leach into the soil. Just curious as the why you used pressure treated wood and what kind of pressure treated wood you used?
NEVER use any wood near food that has been pressure-treated or even clear-coated or painted. But, this is all a moot point because arsenic has not been used to treat lumber for residential use (with the exception of some woods for marine purposes) since December 31 2003.
So the admittedly small risk, associated with using treated wood before that date to construct raised vegetable garden beds and frames have been further removed with the elimination of arsenic in the treating process.
However if youa€™re still worried then dona€™t used treated wood to frame your raised vegetable gardens, ita€™s that simple. I am passionate about creating fun, meaningful, and educational experiences for my two young daughters as I inspire them to be lifelong learners who live fully (and frugally). At the moment, I have 6 raised garden beds all growing organic food continuously, year-round for under $100. Cut the dog ears off of the tops of the fence pickets so that it’s an even edge and all the pickets are all the same length. After all of the boards are cut, lay them out so you can screw down the support pieces into them.
Next, screw the short pickets into the end supports to form a 90 degree corner, do the same on the other side. Kill weeds and grass around the raised garden bed with this safe, non-toxic homemade weed killer and keep creepy crawly destructive insects under control with this non-toxic, all natural bug control method. I’m actually using cedar for these boxes as it weathers better and repels bugs, but you certainly could put some polyurethane on the boards to keep them looking fresh longer. I built several of these raised bed frames about six-seven years ago, using pine fence panels.
I'm Sara, a Mrs for over 20 years to my best friend, mama to one rambunctious little man, photographer at large, Pinterest junkie and a self-proclaimed urban hippie homesteader.

A raised bed—essentially a large planting box—is the ultimate problem solver: It offers perfect drainage, protection from pests, and easy access to crops. The space he’s always used for a garden has fairly poor soil and lacks the bright sunlight to really produce. Joe asked them to cut the 16-foot planks in half, and the 12-foot planks into three 4-foot sections. For each of the 17-inch sections of 2×4, use the square and the circular saw to mark and cut a 45-degree angle on one end. In order to prevent the wood splitting during construction, pre-drill holes into the sides and anchors. Once you have the long pieces attached to the short piece, pre-drill 2 more holes from the long piece into the vertical anchors to add more support to the whole thing. Next, Joe stood the whole thing up with the 8-foot 2×12 on the ground and the short pieces sticking up in the air. Joe wanted ours at the highest in our yard so that it would get full sun almost all of the day.
Most (not all) pressure treated wood has chemicals in it and I would not want the chemicals leaching into the food that we eat! There was a time when pressure treated lumber contained arsenic (CCA) and was not considered safe for use in raised vegetable gardens because the arsenic leached out into the soil. Or line the inside with heavy plastic (but then Ia€™m sure some will worry about the plastic a€?leachinga€? stuff into the soil) or line the sides with rock or some other material.
The gardens themselves may be small or large, elaborate or simple and may hold any number of growing items.
They usually sit several inches off the ground and are often simple and inexpensive to create. I’m participating in The 30 Ways of Homesteading by The Prepared Bloggers Network to show how the average suburbanite (like me) can start a backyard garden without a huge cash investment. By using my affiliate links, to no extra cost to you, I receive a small commission to help support my blogging activities.
I used a couple of layers of cardboard in the bottom as a biodegradable weed blocker, then fill with compost soil and plant. I hope you buy more than you need right now, because gardening is catching, one bed won’t be enough!
To answer your questions, first, the hardest part of starting a garden for me was simply the hard physical work it takes to start and maintain a garden.
The cedar pickets, which are what I’m using, are also untreated and weather better than the pine.
I'm on a mission to go green, save some (a lot) of money while creating a happy, healthy home for my family.
These will be attached to the corners of the raised bed, and they will anchor the bed into the ground.
Pre-drill two holes from the 8-foot segment into the end of the 4-foot segment, roughly two inches from the top and bottom of the board.

He used 2x12s because he wanted to add a full foot of good soil on top of our not-so-great clay. Deciding on the type of garden to create is one of the most important decisions for the beginning gardener. Two things that I’m passionate about, backyard gardening and saving money… especially when we are talking about building a raised garden bed for under $12! I get 4 nonGMO seed packets every month, all year long for less than what it costs to order online. Using the 3×6 foot bed here, how many plants of each can we expect to be able to plant in a single bed? I am thinking about starting a garden with my kids, but I don’t know anyone who has a garden. I painted them a pretty light green, just one coat, thinking it might help preserve the wood some. Follow our directions, and you’ll be able to DIY the 4- by 8-foot bed pictured here as a weekend project.
If you only plant kale and spinach in your bed, you’ll have a lot as these are fairly compact plantings.
Could you share with me what was the hardest part of starting a garden when you first started? I also added some brackets so I could use pcv pipe and bird netting to keep squirrels out of them. The leaching of chemicals out of MCQ is practically non-existent and using the treated lumber for a vegetable bed is safe because the chemicals do not leach out into the soil.
Plan to plant your kale on the north side of the bed so it doesn’t blog the sun from the spinach as it grows taller.
Once I do the same thing on the other side I have a X at the top which allows me to drape the bird netting but it doesn’t touch the plants underneath. I usually try to stagger my plants to utelize the space between rows but still respecting the space they need for root growth and air circulation. Lastly, I started off using organic garden soil then I found a great deal on compost (not organic but from a trusted source in Texas) and went that direction. I want to say I planted about 8 tomato plants in my 3×6 foot bed then had basil, onions, and carrots around the edges.
Peppers need a lot of space for root growth and don’t forget to prune the first blooms off!

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