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It’s sort of like getting to be at one of those awesome old school manly barber shops with Polyurethane coated wood. My question to you is, if you’re a lady, do you also enjoy log cabins or is it more of a guy thing? When I searched for a cabin type building for my two acre lake lot I found an 18×22 building with additional 6 ft porch and optional half log siding. The content and information here is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice. Best Type of Wood for a Log Cabin If I were to build a cabin in North Georgia where there is an abundance of pine, would that be the best type of wood for a log cabin? Alabama Mountain Pine log cabin - What is your opinion? I have built one cabin out of chestnut oak and loved it. Restoring Cherokee Pre Removal Cabin Not rated yetWe have found a Cherokee pre-1833 cabin in NW GA that we have purchased and need to disassemble and move to our farm.
I've come across your site via a youtube video and I have some more questions about chinking.
Building a Cabin in Western New York - What wood would be best? Not rated yetWhat wood is the best to use for building a cabin in Western New York? WHAT TYPE OF TREES SHOULD BE USED FOR BUILDING LOG CABINS? Not rated yetWHAT SIZE LOGS SHOULD BE USED FOR BUILDING LOG CABINS? Does the length of your logs determine your cabin size? Not rated yetDoes the length of your logs determine your cabin size or can you splice your logs to increase your wall length?
IS LOBLOLLY BAY A GOOD TREE FOR BUILDING A CABIN? Not rated yetI am thinking about building a cabin on my hunting land in eastern NC. Pictures of an octagon log home? Not rated yetDo you have any pictures of an octagon log home? Is it okay to use green oak logs when building a cabin? Not rated yetI am planning to build a 20x20 log cabin with dovetail notch on our property in Northeast Arkansas. Looking for good log cabin building resources Not rated yetI am just getting ready to start building a log cabin, i am wanting to be very involved in the building of the cabin along with friends and family. How do i cut grooves in logs aready up for lathe? Not rated yetI bought a older cabin.
Quick log fitting Not rated yetI built a log cabin in 1990 with a friend using the Swedish scribe fitting technique----it was awesome ----but took forever. Building Log Cabin Playhouse Not rated yetI want to try building a log cabin playhouse for my nephews - something cheap but still nice.

Log Cabin Corner Notches Not rated yetI am torn between standard log cabin corner notches and the butt and pass method. The cabin designs featured on our site are bound to stimulate your creative juices and open your mind to a realm of endless possibilities. Deep in the woods or right in the backyard, take refuge and enjoy the natural world in your own rustic retreat. CAMPERS, ANGLERS, HUNTERS, AND NATURE LOVERS -- the woodland hideaway you've dreamed of is in these pages.
From an elegant water gazebo to a traditional tipi, you'll find it in Rustic Retreats: A Build-It-Yourself Guide. The workbook also contains sections on basic building techniques, essential tools, joints and joining methods, and safety concerns, plus directions for building all types of windows, skylights, doors, roofs, latches, and locks. We were still deliberating over plans when we saw "Rustic Retreats" in a book club ad and we ran all over greater Seattle looking for it. Our little house faces due west, so we put plexi in the gable on the south side, adding sun (when we get it) and a perfect perch from which our cat can watch the neighborhood.
For anyone with space enough, but without the money to build on it, this book has so many answers.
The drawings are very detailed yet artful, the prose is kept simple without unnecessary information.
The designs in this book are so varied you will very likely find a structure that appeals to you. I found myself flipping back and forth and was inspired to use elements of multiple designs in just one structure. This book was written for people like us who dream of having a place off in the woods, in a lake or a river, or even in their own backyard where they can get away from the fast pace of the city and enjoy nature.
It begins with general info on how to build doors, hooks and windows using primarily hand tools and goes on to describe how to build 21 different structures.
Rustic Retreats: A Build-it-Yourself Guide by David and Jeanie Stiles, offers assistance for those who dream of setting up housekeeping out in the wild, snug inside their own Adirondack lean-to, ivy-covered hut, wigwam, or garden pavilion.
While we strive to provide accurate and helpful information, we are not professionals so the owner of this website disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information provided. Do not wire money in any way without first seeing the home (or other product), checking title, and doing your proper due diligence.
How do I design it? Next year I want to build a small cabin for hunting and just as a retreat.

Obviously, the design of a kids’ bedroom should be no different, and often a compromise between what the little ones want and the look or theme you can pull off is the best path forward. The old wood, unpainted and aged to a silver-gray, the solidity with which it clung to the ground, the way it silenced outside noises and thumbed its nose at windstorms, even the cozy smell of warm logs in mid-winter; there is nothing better! While most kids’ bedrooms seem to embrace the clean, contemporary look, try a fun, comfy twist this winter by giving the modern rustic style a shot. Can’t get more intimate than sharing small, simple places with your nearest and dearest. The beauty of the rustic bedroom lies in the fact that it can seamlessly blend in with other styles to create fun, ingenious new spaces. Here are 20 gorgeous rustic kids’ bedrooms that put many adult bedrooms to shame!The Classic Cabin StyleThink of rustic style, and the first thing that comes to mind are large logs and rough wooden surfaces that define the walls and the ceiling. While such a look is not natural for most modern homes, you can give your kids’ bedroom a special makeover by adding a few beams to define the ceiling and add warmth to the room.
One of the best ways to go about this is by turning the attic into a cool kids’ bedroom, as the sloped ceiling adds to the rustic style. I previously lived on the lot in small trailers (one 16 ft, one 30 ft, and an RV) so I am well acquainted with tight spaces.
Families with more than a couple of kids can also turn towards this style, which allows you to create a wall of bunk beds, complete with ladders and built-in steps! Shaping a kids’ bedroom that is both refined and rustic is a lot easier than you think, and it gives you a room that grows along with the needs and choices of your child. Instead of heavy wooden elements and weathered surfaces, opt for more modern decor and accessories.
Add a reclaimed bedside table or a wooden headboard that makes a big statement in the modern room. Bedding and pillows offer an easy way of adding plenty of color to the rustic bedroom without actually altering the overall appeal.
Also think of creative ways in which you can give the room a fun little twist with unique bunk bed designs, play nooks and ladders that steal the show!
Add a splash of pink and a plush rug in white to give the girls’ bedroom a touch of femininity, while a minimal metallic bed frame in the boys’ bedroom gives it a cool industrial vibe.

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