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I got in touch with Tony when he needed a floating projection screen for a home cinema that he was building. Sure, you can improvise on the way, but only if you know what you want your cinema room to look like at the end. Don’t get hung up on certain components, like a specific type of projector or amplifier. It’s more important to know what you want to achieve in terms of looks and performance. And since we are talking about looking at examples, I am going to show you exactly how Tony made is awesome floating projection screen. The screen has a matt white fabric with a gain of 1.0 This is a good set-up for a room with little ambient light. To ensure the projection screen was securely fixed, the wires were attached to the roof and the floor. You see how the projection screen is attached to the wires already, so let’s look at that in greater detail.
The great thing about attaching the frame to the wire connector from Shopkit was the fact that there was no drilling required. You can see an image below of the third piece installed, but the wire not run through it yet. When fixing the screen to the wires, make sure your screen is level, so you can easily align the image of your projector to the screen.

This whole cinema has a clean look, to which the floating projection screen really adds a lot.
Let’s look at a few more shots of the room from different angles, and as usual, if you have any questions or comments, do let me know!
Design surgery prize from hundreds of our classic or traditional screen door designs Storm & Screens are specialty.
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And John Palanca owners of Design Tech plans to build a screen door in Brooklyn as they covert Door. Group A wooden screen door is the most graceful selection for keeping out unwelcome guests. Get the stiles created by cutting the materials to the size of 6 inches for creating the vertical and horizontal top rail of the frame.
That’s important, because you will be spending a lot of money and time on a home cinema project.
Simply because your partner is fed up with the whole thing and wants to finally just watch a movie. Something new is coming out on a weekly basis and things get discontinued without any notice. This last part has a small screw inside, which is loosend and then tightened to run the cable through and fix it in the right position.

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