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Whether you need them in the garage, laundry room, wood shop, utility room, pool house or wherever else you can imagine, utility shelves are incredibly useful.
With the plywood for the shelf cut, the next step is to begin the installation of the shelf brackets. If you intend to install the shelf brackets onto a concrete wall, you'll need to pre-drill holes for the anchors.
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The people who come over to Portugal to buy a home, holiday home, make a new start, get back to nature. Only a few (like the 2 boys looking up) behave in a way that will give them what they want in Portugal.
Then there is subtle hard to spot things like the sewerage system contaminating the homes water supply. Having rescued a couple of stopped building projects in the past and suffered the hassle of sorting them out it is not something that Castelo Construction get involved in anymore. The monsoon like rains we are having are causing problem from flooding homes to even knocking the down. On a slightly less serious note but still terribly inconvenient is water from rain coming into your home from roof terraces, verandas adjoining buildings and broken roof tiles to name but a few causes. Although it only took us 20 minutes to resolve the problem our client could have done with out the stress and cost of redecoration that was required.
Most of us want our homes built to a high standard and to the highest quality that we can afford but what happens when the money is virtually unlimited. Lets take the top end of properties and again numbers here are very subjective I will give it 9.5 out of 10 because nothing is perfect.
The additional points are due to the very high quality of materials and design which usually means that installations can look seamless and a top interior designer will take them up to a new level with creative use of colours, textures and materials even playing with light both natural and artificial.
I always wonder if when someone lives in this type of environment if they actually use all the toys which they have at their disposal or even appreciate the difference after a while. I actually already had one corner floating shelf from way back when I first decorated our dining room.
Cut out a triangle piece for the top, a triangle piece for the bottom, and a long rectangular piece for the front. Here you can see that by cutting the edges on an angle, they meet up with the seam along the edge. I then drilled pilot holes so the wood wouldn’t split when I screwed them into the wall.
From the corner of the wall to the front is about 11 inches, across the front is about 22 inches, and the sides are about 15 inches. Exposing plaster can be tricky, depending on what’s covering it and how well that cover is adhered.

Once the paint was all scraped off the plaster in Wilder’s room, I wiped off the walls with warm, soapy water and patched a few holes. STEP 2 Fill nail holes and any seams between mdf panels with wood putty, let it dry, and then sand lightly with fine-grit sandpaper.
We installed a small shelf to bridge the transition between the chalkboard wall and the plaster.
I love everything about it: The exposed plaster, the half wall of chalkboard paint so your little one can freely write on a designated wall, the benign woven taureau (I live just north of Spain, and bullfighting and all that taureau-mania exists here, in its own French form), the gorgeous bed. Not sure of real age but we bought the house 15 years ago and have not done anything to the dark grey finish. If the pool was out in the open with direct sunlight on it all day it may bother me more but we have so many trees blocking the sun the bottom always has light and dark spots anyway. However, there is a lot more to building a strong and yet aesthetically-pleasing utility shelf than attaching some wood to a couple of shelf standards.Who says utility shelves have to be ugly? Using an appropriately-sized masonry bit with a power drill, drill the holes at the locations you marked in the previous step.
It may be that most people are not sure what they want, just want to get out of their past lives or need a rest.
A blatant disregard for Portugal’s planning laws and the consequences should you be the muggins that gets caught.There are dozens of blogs and forums where people openly talk about doing things without planning permission, building licenses or architects drawings. I am advising them to do only the work that you are allowed to do when building or renovating a home in Portugal.
Keeping rain out of old stone homes in Portugal is a must as they can be demolished by the rain!
Once the pool was large enough it started to enter the bedroom through the ceiling light fitting and also into the kitchen via the electric wall socket.
How much better is the home where the quality of materials, high quality equipment, fit and finish is of the very highest level. The combination of materials and the attention to detail often remaining unseen by the home owner.
Even something as mundane as interior wiring circuits ,lighting, sound, automated shutters,blinds,windows,locks.
I have lathe and plaster walls and the spacing of the studs are a little different, but make sure that you find a stud to screw the brace into so the shelf will be more secure.
But it was painted almost the same color as the wall, so the slight spaces did not show as much. Whether it is big or small, I think everyone should love their home and I don't think it takes a lot of money to make a space your own.
I post tons of budget friendly projects and by subscribing, you'll never miss a single one! But the colorful plaster I found in my son’s bedroom of our 1905 fixer was beyond my expectation.

As an added bonus, paneling protects the brittle plaster from bumps and dings and, in the case of my house, tonka truck head-ons. We were lucky that the paint in Wilder’s bedroom was already peeling and came off easily with a paint scraper. I used Benjamin Moore’s Chalkboard Paint, tinted to Onyx (to match the color we painted our hardwood floors) and applied with a low-nap roller. In this set of free woodworking plans, learn how to build simple, strong utility shelves that are quite attractive and will show off your woodworking skills as well.
For attachment on a concrete wall (as shown in the image on this page), use appropriate anchors and screws.
It could be that the lack of Portuguese language is holding people back from asking or perhaps the drive to save money or to be independent.
Some of the work will require a builder with a license and insurance some will not (do you know for sure).
You can see more detailed photos of the different joints on my floating side table tutorial. Walls will not always be 100% square so even if you build the shelf perfectly, you will still have small gaps in places. You guys probably already know this, but make sure to check old paint for lead before scraping it (we used a home kit like this one).
A clear sealant would keep the plaster from getting dusty and from falling loose as little particles when touched. We glued it to the wall and then secured it with brad nails using a nail gun and air compressor.
You will never get a completely uniform color, but they should be able to get it reasonably close. Forgot my back yard is shade more than half the day and was affraid the midnight blue would look navy at those times.
And if you like the look of plaster but don’t have an old house, there is a plaster compound that can be skim-coated over drywall. The TV engineer and a painter had been walking on the roof tiles without protecting them and as a result the roof was leaking in ten places. The numerous layers of wallpaper have been removed in most of our 17th century apartment, and the plasterer has started to repair and smooth the walls for painting. They must have heard the tiles crack but ignored the problem and left it for the home owner to find later. Part of me likes the walls as is, but there are so many really big repairs (like all-new wiring, placed in pipes in the walls, rather than strung down the walls and around the floorboards, like so many extension cords).

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