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Sandy Sanderson, a talented crafter living in Hamilton, New Zealand, noticed that those empty beer cans don’t just have the fate throwing away.
If you think about it, machines and computers are like us in many ways — they have brains (processors), eyes (cameras), ears (microphones), etc. Hi this is my second instructables, so kindly accept me as a minor.OK so this is the 3D printer I made which so simple, portable and cheap. After I bought my first printer and began printing for friends, I felt I could use a 2nd printer. Saw a similar design on the internet (can't remember where) and thought 'that is cool, I wonder if I could make my own version'.
Welcome to my Tutorial.This tutorial will help you to make your own 3D printed and finished Holy Grail like the one seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. A lot of small 3D printers do not really come standard with a solution for actually feeding the filament into them. During STAAR testing, teachers place these small flags on the outside doorframe to signal the hall monitor they need a break.
In the process of upgrading my 3D printer and preparing to build my own, I decided that I also needed to design the ultimate extruder.
Thanks to the good folks at The High Desert Maker Mill, I recently learned how to use Fusion 360 to make this tiny turtle flashlight that doubles as a car deodorizer. For a matte finish to your Z-Corp powder print, use epsom salt and water to cure the print.I love the look of powder prints, but of course they are so fragile.
This is my attempt to build the most advanced Pip-Boy 3000 on planet Earth, and I believe I've succeeded. I had an injury before and have trouble placing my palm flat against the floor (see the video).

Alright, before I get started describing this Instructable, this is a continuation of a previous instructable that I posted a year or so ago about 3d printing lego figures and finishing PLA prints. I would like to share my experience in 3D printing on replacing the wooden cork used as table foot.
This is a small size power supply with low cost and easy to make that only taking about 5 more hours. This is a minimalist solution to make panorama and VR picture, you just need one GoPro or Xiaoyi action camera to make a perfect panorama spherical picture.
The Flying Manatee flaps its wings in reaction to motion.It's a great project to get you started with simple DIY maker projects. This is one of my favorite cardboard projects from Ikatbag - a tiffin carrier with a working holder . Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. In an accidental opportunity, Sandy started to build up his incredible model car using dozens of recycled cans and tool kit. Of course, if you have no time to make them, you can also pick up your favorite one from can car store. Machine Senses is a series of artifacts that aim to reverse the perspective on how we perceive technology.
The wide base and belt clip make this a great accessory for fishing, golfing and other hands on thirst inducing activities.
Aside from the blue paint used on the panels, all of the pieces were 3D printed and not painted or finished in any way, the multiple colors are from swapping filament colors mid-print.
It consists of 42 articulated parts, which are connected by an elastic cord.His name is Braq.

Making your hardware by yourself achieve the dual goal to get a suitable piece of hardware and to reduces the overall cost. Someone once said that a good gift is something you wouldn't have bought for yourself, but you enjoy it, need it, or at least use it. Before I picked an overall style for the design, I wanted to determine which gear had the best grip and could apply the greatest amount of torque on the filament. Usually in my Instructables, I just walk you through the process to repeat what I have made. Are you tired of traditional Easter egg hunts with real eggs you have to try not to break while you color them? And he also added tons of details to his can car like wheel nuts, suspension components, brake hoses, lights, and more, in order to achieve realistic effect. Instead of buying more tools I decided to design a handle that would work with my existing wrenches. Or maybe you're tired of worrying about what the one or two eggs you didn't find will smell like in a few weeks? She’s the mother of three children and is constantly making them fun play items using recycled materials.
Also, she is totally supporting my theory that a kid would rather play with the box something comes in than the toy itself .

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