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I started by giving the shelf a sand with the orbital sander just to clean up any very rough spots and remove any splinters. Hold the shelf up to the wall to get idea of exactly where you want it and make a reference mark. Now starting with the smallest masonry bit you have (my case 3mm) drill holes into the wall on marks you marked out for shelf. Now measure the exact pitch of your holes in the wall and mark the pitch on the back of your shelf. Insert the thread bar into the hole in your shelf  until t is all the way in then mark and measure the depth of the hole.
Good work, I suggest to use TMT bar which can be hammered in both parts using drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than bar. Like many homeschoolers, my dining room is my school room.  I really want it to look nice and uncluttered, but school supplies and books and maps and computers are hard to work with.
Then we (I should say we because the kids helped me) attached the short boards to the longer boards using brackets. We attached them to the wall using 3″ screws and made sure we went into at least 2 studs. We used wood glue and brad nails to attach it all together.  It was tedious, but it is sturdy in the end. After the crown was all attached we put the top piece on (which we measured after we had the bottom all put together) and we added some wood blocks inside to give it support.
Then caulk, paint, and slip the boxes onto the wall support.  A few small screws in the top will hold the box onto the wall support. The walls in this old house are so wavy that I had to caulk where the shelf meets the wall.

The instructions here show how to build a 24-inch shelf that spans two wall studs spaced 16 inches apart on center, but you'll have no trouble increasing the length to 36 or even 48 inches. Visit a home center and survey the variety of moldings available for trim options, from contemporary to traditional.
When the glue has dried, drive 6d finishing nails through the end blocks and into the rails to strengthen the joints. When you need to countersink screw heads and counterbore for plugs, do them both at once with a countersink bit of proper size.
Strengthen the attachment by driving 4d finishing nails through starter holes in the front (E) and side rails (F).
Turn over the shelf assembly and apply glue to the exposed edges of parts B and C, then position the bottom (G), and clamp. Three simple projects to cross off of your to-do list -- just print these instructions and begin! I've been wanting some big floating shelves like that for awhile now, but don't live anywhere near an Ikea.
Floating shelves look very modern and don't take any space on the ground which is very important if you have a small apartment as I do. I started following your blog after YHL posted something about Knock-Off Wood back in January. Turn a nut onto thread bar then slip on the washer and then turn into expansion  bolt. I used it to make a spice shelf for my kitchen, using recovered construction scaffolding wood! Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! The secret is in their construction: They are built around a cleat that attaches them to the wall.

A simple, fast solution: Chuck a finishing nail of the size you're using into the drill, then use it to drill a starter hole. Sand smooth all surfaces of the cleat, then insert it in the cavity at the back of the shelf to test for fit. Apply glue to the back of the cove molding pieces and clamp them in place against the bottom side of the top (A).
Apply glue to the molding back and position at the bottom of the front rail (E) and side rails (F). Mark the screw hole locations on the cleat by inserting a finishing nail through the screw holes in the shelf and tapping lightly.
Their simple construction means you can easily make several to create an entire display wall for a collection. If the shelves are made deeper, the wall support must also be made deeper to offset the longer moment arm of the wider shelf.
Can I tell you how awesome cordless tools are… Especially for indoor projects like this one! Only an hour) I used my Corner Cat sander and my JobPlus sander to distress the heck out of these. T-MACI’m curious as to why you didn’t pre assemble the box, then slide them over your supports, then attach the shelf using screws? Meredith ShaldaHello Whitney, I LOVE these, I have appointed myself lead designer of my boyfriends abode and they would look lovely in the living room. How could I modify the instructions so that they look just as pretty without the same tools?

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