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When it comes to choosing the doors for your side return extension, here at Build Team we’ve found that bi-fold doors are generally the most popular option. However, it’s well worth taking a look at the alternatives so that you can weigh up your options and decide what type of door is right for you.
If you are keen to retain the period feel of your home, then traditional timber framed French doors are a good choice for Victorian properties. If, however, you have more modern tastes, then Crittall steel doors might be a good choice. One last thing to bear in mind is that a level threshold will enable smooth entry from the inside to the outside and is a good choice if there are elderly or young members of the family. This entry was posted in Energy and Performance, Exterior Design, Interior Design & Layout, Uncategorized. DEAR MICHAEL: Installing interior french doors, assuming you’re a real rookie carpenter, is going to sap you of every bit of skill and patience you have at this point in your DIY career.
The reason double interior french doors are so hard is that you have additional tolerances you must satisfy to make the install look professional. The first thing to get right as you begin to tackle your double interior french doors is the rough opening. Since the actual doors in your new french doors are undoubtedly perfectly square, this means that if the reveal or spacing in between the doors and the frame are equal, then the overall door frame is square. Not only does the rough opening need to be square and plumb, it’s also very important that the opening is not a helix. You’ll also have an easy time if the floor under the door unit is level from one side of the opening to the other. Once you get the frame and the door jambs into the opening, tack it in place with 10-penny finish nails.
After you’re satisfied that the door is installed and the spacing is perfect, I recommend installing a hidden screw under the top hinge of each door.
You’ll also need a nail set tool to drive the finish nails below the surface of the door jamb. Once your french doors are installed to your satisfaction and that of your significant other, you need to be sure they don’t warp.
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On this job Erickson Renovation removed the old existing deck that was in bad shape and built a new one. Sign up to our mailing list to receive regular updates on breaking news and our latest activities. This is because they enable you to completely open up the room, allowing natural daylight to flood in and creating a seamless flow between the inside and outside space. Although softwood is a cheaper option than timber, it will need a bit more upkeep in order to keep the material in good condition. They are long-lasting and particularly durable and offer a contemporary look with sharp, clean lines. These are worth considering if you want to maximise the amount of space and light in the room as they enable you to have a much bigger door leaves than with bi-fold doors.
This is whereby the track that the doors run on is flush with the floor and the internal and external floor levels are the same height. You don’t necessarily have to opt for bi-fold doors in your side return and remember you can discuss the various options with us here at Build Team.
Since I’m a rookie carpenter, I’m intrigued by some prehung interior french doors I saw at a lumber yard. The reveal around all the doors and in between the two doors needs to be consistent and as equal as possible.
If you can see the hinge side of the doors, look to see if the reveal or gap between the doors and the jambs is pretty close all the way around the door.
It’s always better to have the door jambs sit on top of a finished floor instead of installing the door and then trying to butt up flooring to the door jamb.
It’s imperative that the two door jambs are installed plumb, parallel and in the same plane.
If the floor is out of level, you’ll have to precisely cut down the door jamb on the high side of the floor the amount it’s out of level from jamb to jamb. I prefer to use a 2.5-inch-long screw that’s driven through the door jamb into the rough opening framing lumber. Be very careful as you hammer the nails so the head of the hammer never touches the surface of the wood. It’s imperative that you paint the top and the bottom of your wood doors with a minimum of two coats of paint.
Following your advice, I was able to install them such that they were level, plumb, and square.

To do a french door, you just add one more step which is making sure the gaps between the doors are consistent. They also installed two French doors with screens to replace the existing sliding doors, and they performed extensive siding repair, removing the damaged siding and installing new siding, caulking, priming, and painting to match the existing house paint color. Timber doors can be painted in the colour of your choosing to ensure that they match the other windows and doors in your home.
They also help to maximise the amount of daylight that comes into your side return as bigger areas of glass can be incorporated in their design compared to other types of door. I prefer to have my rough openings at least one-half inch wider than the overall unit size of the door. If you can make the rough opening so the vertical rough studs are plumb it will really help you.
If one leg of the rough opening is not plumb then the two doors, when closed, will not be even at the bottom. If you don’t do this’ you’ll have to shim up the one jamb off the finished floor creating an ugly gap. You’ll have to open and close the doors numerous times as you nail to constantly check the reveal and spacing between the doors and the door jambs.
This paint significantly slows the absorption of water vapor into the long vertical stiles of the doors. My local buildimg supply co ordered a custom set of doors in casing with jamb The doors will be installed in the current opening to my halllway hallway. Also, they won’t take up any of your inside or outside space, which is particularly good if your garden is on the small side. What else can you share that will help me install interior french doors like you might do it?
If the jamb is bowed or the gap is wildly different, look at other doors that may be in stock. There’s tremendous tension on the top hinge, and the screw will anchor the doors to the rough framing. I like having the rough opening one-half inch higher than the the door frame’s overall height.

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